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V-Ray For Blender Getting Official



V-Ray for Blender has taken a major step with Andrey Izrantsev, developer of the V-Ray for Blender add-on, has now joined the Chaos Group team.

bdancer writes:

We believe that the open source community plays a strategic role in the development of the computer graphics industry. Bringing our decade-long experience and innovation with the efforts of the open source community, we are devoting resources toward the development of V-Ray for Blender.

Andrey Izrantsev, the developer of V-Ray for Blender, has recently joined the Chaos Group team and he is working actively on the better integration of V-Ray and Blender. Blender artists and designers can now utilize the full set of features included in the V-Ray rendering system.

Check out the V-Ray for Blender product page and join the Blender community on our forum!


  1. Kirill Trideshny on

    Although I've got used to Cycles, the V-Ray's close friendship with Blender is a very valuable frontier!
    Now (on some demands) I can use Blender instead of Max to create "architecture standard" scenes. And nobody will blame me for this! :) Thankfully to Andrey Izrantsev!

    • I so often said Blender is great but it lacks a render engine that is professional. Max and Maya are used a lot but nobody uses their internal render engines.

      Now a Blender VRay combo makes Blender as a free platform very attractive when you only need to by a professional engine like VRay.

      This is really great news. It would be amazing if also could utilize the node editor.

  2. I've never used V-Ray, but of course have heard tons about it. So how much faster is it than Cycles? Someone's done some testin' right?

  3. So, if you believe that the open source community plays a strategic role in the development of the computer graphics industry, why not make the whole VRAY package open source and make it available for everyone, the same way blender is and not just give away the exporter trying to convince us to buy your outstanding and very expensive software?

    • because people need to make a living. The people at chaos Group are passionate people, they work with the people using their product, and provide great support for businesses. if it were open source, they would not have the same people working for them.

      This is one thing that shits me, the attitude that because blender is OSS that everything else has to be. There is a place in the world for commercial enterprise AS WELL as open source. and they work well together.

      • people need to make a living...Yeah, tell me about it.
        The people of Blender are passionate as well, and put a lot of time and effort on their product and still willing to simply, give it away for free for everyone to benefit from. same for the people of Krita, Gimp, InkScape, LuxRender, Yafaray, Open office, Linux and many other projects, some will call them saints, other will call them suckers. it's all a matter of point of view.
        What "shits" me is that the good marketing people of ChaosGroup see in the open source community a growing marketing potential without having any idea what open source is really about.
        This is one of the reasons why I choose to work with open source, to get away from the dragon-like attitude of commercial software. I'm simply provided with the tools that I need to make my own living, and in return I give back any support that I can. So, ChaosGroup, Thank you, but I made my choice already.

        • Mati, there is no such thing as "free". There is only subsidized, which means that someone has already paid for what you're using with their time or money. Blender is literally worth thousands of dollars/euros, and its only possible because many people decided to give away their most important resource, time.
          We're incredibly lucky to have so much choice when it comes to open source software. At the same time, it feels like a waste of time hating anything thats not OSS. I mean, I can't hate Cycles because it runs a lot better on CUDA than OpenCL.

          If this Chaos Group plugin makes anyone think: "Hmm, perhaps I don't have to use Max or Maya to get access to Vray", then I believe that that's a good thing.

        • Why do you expect everyone to give every software for free? Because you can't afford it? Do you know what real professionals do? They work, using what they have, to get what they need.

          Even Blender professionals put in a lot of costly time into developing Blender, and look for some aid from donations and profits to do so. There's no such thing as "free."

          Nobody's forcing you to accept V-Ray--it's merely there available as
          an option. So you can just stop acting like someone's trying to pour
          their product down your throat. If anyone's displaying any "dragon-like
          attitude" around here, it's you.

          By the way, just because Chaos Group is selling a product DOES NOT mean they don't really know what open-source is about. YOU don't truly know what open-source is about.

          The philosophy of open-source does NOT necessarily demand that you give away your product for free. Open-source software does NOT demand that all software that works with open-source software be free and open-source as well.

          There are various open-source products that are commercial but still open-source. You bring up Linux, but fail to mention distributions like Red Hat Enterprise Linux. By the license terms of Blender, we can also sell addons, which is a great option to help steadily support the development of those addons--since most people don't donate.

          I've supported several of such addon developments, which was looking for a certain level of financial support before releasing it freely--you can thank people like me who helped its development along and helped make it freely available. You can thank the people who buy products in the Blender Store who help support Blender development. It's funny--I don't see you penalizing Blender Foundation for selling commercial products.

          Also, open-source is NOT about going against commercial enterprise. When will people like you learn this? Commercial enterprise is NOT evil. It's all about how you do business that determines the nature of business ethics, but selling a product ISN'T wrong.

          Open-source philosophy is simply about one thing: It's about making available the code of the software, whether it's something free or not. That's why there's the term free and open-source software, to specify the difference.

          Though, even then, free and open-source software is NOT about being competition for commercial options. It's the developers own personal decision to give their work away for free. But they're NOT obligated to do so, just as much as other people are NOT obligated to give their work away for free.

          But that's the problem with many FOSS users in general. You give them free options available with FOSS, and they selfishly start demanding EVERY to be FOSS. You're the most selfish kind of software users. You want everything free, and more times than not, you don't contribute a thing to even the free and open-source software. Not in donation, not in code, not even in a fair opinion. All you do is mar the community with nonsense.

          It's people like you who will always keep Blender unrecognized as anything more but just a home to a bunch of novice dabblers. You make it hard for the professional world to respect Blender when so many people like you complain about other people making an honest living with commercial software.

          As someone who uses Blender in my pipeline, a working professional, a small business owner, and a programmer myself, people like you make me sick. You have the biggest sense of self-entitlement, and it's so unnecessary. You have the poorest attitude that hinders the entire Blender community.

          Just use what free and open-source tools that are made available to you, and work hard for what tools you may desire but don't have. If you don't want those tools, don't use them™. But don't try to brand Chaos Group as wrong for what they're doing. If anything, be grateful that Chaos Group even made efforts to officially support Blender--people like you are enough to make anyone turn their nose away..

          • well, thank you, but I think you've gone way too far and judge me too harshly. I've been working as a professional 3d artist for many years. For a long time I used 3DSMAX with VRAY so I know VRAY very well. about 3 years ago I switched to Blender for many reasons. I'm not expecting for everything to be open-source or to be more accurate - FREE, meaning no charge. On the other hand, I had quite a bad experience with commercial software, and mind you, it's not that perfect and the interests of commercial software are not always to provide you with the best product there is with no flaws. so I took the liberty of being a bit cynical. well, I guess I was totally misunderstood here. so I do apologize if I made everyone mad, and you especially since I made you sick. We will discuss it no further.

    • Uhm I hope you know that Blender is a cool 3d app but hardly offers the same depth as a commercial application when it comes to rendering right now.

      Because of this lack Blender has a hard to time to be used in certain areas. Yes there is Yafaray or Cycles but that does not compare to VRay for architecture rendering.

      So Blender having the ability to be used with an industry standard render engine will make it dramatically more usable to professionals who need more that the OSS render engines.

    • Hello Jesus, I just want to update you on my installation of Vray for Mac. There is major problems and after 4 days of troubleshooting I'm giving up. Andrey has not been heard of in 3 days, ChaosGroup is on vacation so their support tickets go unanswered, and to top it off, my sales guy here in the US is out sick.
      From ChaosGroup's website they make it seem like you download .dmg, open, install Vray Blender and you are done. But that did not happen, and digging deeper into the web I find an installation procedure that was approved by Andrey that says in the beginning, that only one version of Vray for Maya works, all the rest do not.
      To me, they have overstated and underdelivered. I'm out.

        • Yes, they replied that they were on vacation during a national holiday and were ready to to teamviewer (where they run your computer remotely) to trouble shoot. Unfortunately I have sent back my dongle.
          I'm not going to be ready to jump back in until they seem to have their installation guide corrected, broken link fixed and other people are using it smoothly. I think the problem is the same problem why 64 bit does not use the frame buffer window to show progress, only 32 bit versions, and that is because it has not yet been ported to Cocoa.

  4. I always wished for Andrey to be hired by Chaos and reading that they did is actually impressive news. This is great for both for Blender as well as for Andrey.

  5. Nathan van Hulst on

    This is indeed wonderfull news. Not that Cycles isn't good, but that a commercial software company is actually willing to develop for something that's opensource. Few years ago, commercial companies like the way how opensource develops, but if you really ask them behind the screen. They usually say it's garbage. Well this shows, they take it serious. Besides that, it's another batch of users to give feedback, produce artworks and such.

    Overall, gratz. Wouldn't have thought this back in 2000 :P

  6. I find it wonderful. I´m very enjoyed that Blender have a cooperation with VRay. That is a point for me to buy VRay in next time.

  7. This is awesome. I'm unable to use (buy) softwares for very obvious reason but making Blender work well with other software like V-Ray helps makes Blender more flexible. It is great that Blender get another step in fitting well with other softwares.

  8. Muhammed TAN on

    Can't work it in Windows 7 - 64 bit. I downloaded official version - blender 2.73 with vray additions - . Engine doesn't show up + When I search for an addon it says " One or more addons do not have UTF-8 encoding see console.."

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