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Tutorial: How to Make Cherry Blossom Flowers



Blender Guru has spring on its mind and explains how to create this beautiful blossom scene.

Andrew Price writes:

I recently experienced cherry blossom season in Korea and was so inspired I decided to make it in Blender.

In the tutorial you will discover:

  • How to model a Cherry Blossom Flower
  • How to make translucent materials
  • How to use DoF effectively

Hope it's useful :)



  1. i greatly appreciate your work BUT 1 hour and 33 minutes ? mmmm i think you need experience making tutorials, you make a lot of tutorials and i ( we ) greatly appreciate them, we do, but please.... it´s a long time, don´t you think ?

    i´ll teach you, for next time

    when someone is trying "to teach", you gotta have these simple steps, i´m a teacher and i´ll let you know for your next tutorials and make the tutorials like a real pro

    i don´t make tutorials because i don´t have much time but i already said that i´ll make tutorials in future ( about 3 or 5 month from now )


    1- cover what you are going to teach ( teach what´s the final result ) but short ( 10 seconds or less )
    2- teach the tools, what they need for making what you made
    3- steps for making the final result ( every step, it must be in order ) a short explanation ( 10 seconds or less )
    4- nodes at the end ( if you used nodes, then show them how to set up ) if you didn´t use it, go to next step
    5- details after to what you were teaching
    6- and that´s all

    that´s how an expert must teach, stop.... i respect how you are and the person you are, but these tips is for making the tutorials better and better and better every time

    i love the tutorial you made but that tutorial i can make it in 35 minutes or even less than that, when you were teaching in photoshop ( whooo ) you take a lot of time for teaching for god sake hehe, this is NOT an insult, this what i tell you ( it´s for good ) for US, i loved your other tutorials ( AMAZING ) KEEP IT UP CHAMPION !!!!!!!

    Thanx a lot 4 this 1

    God bless u


    • An hour and a half is not long at all, video tutorials are meant for learning, not for just following the tutorial. I think your tips for making tutorials are what you use, not experts.

      • hi Dominick Villano, that´s the way you think, a real pro thinks better than that, sorry but this is the truth, not yours

        if i teach, i did it with respect because is for making the thing go good and not wrong

        if someone´s teaching, that person gotta make it well, andrew price gives us outstanding tutorials and i appreciate it, but my tips is for better and that´s the way it is, not your thoughts, sorry, a professional makes it that way

        when you talk, try to substantiate what you say, like i did it

        • Don't be so rude, you think your a big shot, and please try not to say that your opinion is true, people have a right to teach without someone else telling them how they do it. Andew is experienced, but it seems like your not.

          • mmmm sir Dominick Villano

            your opinion is not valid

            and i respect andrew, but he is NOT a professional but i tried to be nice, but with you i can´t because you think you are God

            Disregard, i won´t talk to you again, it was not a pleasure and first LEARN from others because you know nothing

            as metallica says ( where´s your crown king nothing )

            LEARN and after you can TEACH, and if you think i know nothing, that´s your opinion, i didn´t want your opinion ´cause you are newbie

            hey ( i´m not troll like everybody says in this site ) i tried to teach for good, but people like Dominick doesn´t help for good

            and if someone have a question, ask to Dominick because he knows more than us, what a shame

            hey HELP each other, and don´t make things worst

            i hate people like you, when someone is trying to help ( people like you ) doesn´t help and make things go wrong

            be polite, learn from others, teach well, try to be HUMBLE

            and i´m not gonna waste my time with you, i prefer teach but not people like you

            what a pity!

            i´m not rude, you are rude with your words, be humble and respect

            and don´t reply me, don´t talk to me again

          • I got tired of always being respectful and see others believing that they know it all

            i don´t know everything, and when i know something, i try to share it, but what for ?

        • Mister LightDash, if you cannot accept someone else's discussion, then you have no place on this forum. You're being extremely rude by dismissing everyone else's opinion because 'you are professional'. Be open to discussion, be open to other people's point of view. If you're not, please stop participating here.

          • you mister bart

            if it comes from you mister bart ( i already knew that you are going to write against me, i knew it b4 you do it

            you mister and mister dominick ( i think you are wrong ) because i´m not rude, i try to help, but at the beginning you didn´t want it mister bart

            i think you are going to delete me, if i were adminstrator, i´ll delete you at the moment, you don´t know how to handle this site, but i´ll let you be

            and i´ll keep participing because I'm worth a lot more than you and i´ll HELP the others

            and STOP replying me because i don´t like you mister bart, thanx... and BEWARE... don´t delete me, because the only thing i WANT is HELP !

            what a patthertic, what you wrote dominic is not worthy, if someone else try to rescue you, do it for yourself

            i´ll help and stop saying stupids things and don´t reply me someday, right mister bart or you mister dominic ?

            i accept opinions, but from decent people c´mon 4 God sake

            i have no place in this forum ? puffff don´t make me laugh

            i don´t want to read any line from you mister bart, hiope you get it, i think you went to school and i think you already know what i wrote, then do it and DO YOUR JOB WELL

            i noticed that you deleted other people ( and they didn´t do something wrong ) and you deleted them anyway

            i think you´re gonna do the same thing against me because you don´t tolerate this kind of discussion, am i right ?

            r u open mind ? then face it !

            no one is free from sin, are you ?

          • i accept opinions, but from decent people

            what Brian Lockett wrote is right, he wrote with decent words, that´s the way it is, and not as dominic did

            that´s why i wrote those words, do you get it now mister bart ?

          • cheack out what i wrote to Brian Lockett

            and check why i wrote that way to dominic

            there are many differences

          • i don´t know what to do or say, i need to take a break right now

            so sorry

            i really feel sorry

            I apologize, lately I've been under a lot of pressure and i explode for no reason

            i´ve been working for 1 month with no breaks, from Monday to Sunday I work 18 hours a day

            and i explode for no reason, I have headache and depression

            i hope you understand, let´s enjoy our best software and learn each other

            Bart and Dominick please reply me as soon as you can, i wish to fix this and try to have peace

            tomorrow i´ll go to church for being in peace with myself, i have a lot of pressure, my parents are ill and i have to work for paying medicines and other things

            hope you understand, i´ll take a rest because i´m really tired

            this life is not fair

    • I don't think your suggestions are bad advice. I think your suggestions can be helpful. Though, I think you're rather applying something relative as something absolute.

      If it's an informative 1+ hour display of information, I'm willing to sit through it. Sometimes I actual look for video demonstrations and tutorials that are about an hour long or so, especially if the results are nice enough. The benefit of video is that I can skip ahead what parts I know.

      Though, I would say that tutorials are not a one-size-fit-all sort of thing. Some benefit from terseness, while some others benefit from going into more detail.

      • hi Brian Lockett

        i appreciate what you wrote, i liked it while i was reading it

        thank you so much for those words, i agree, and... my tips are very necessary in many aspects, trust me

        c u later


  2. I like that Andrew does a complete write-up of his tutorials. It makes it easier to reference at my own pace.
    I may not complete the full tutorial, yet I'll go through the bits about transparency-mapping & DoF for sure.

  3. Look like a great tut with heaps of info. Looking forward to checking I out! I gotta say though, the above criticism is freakin hilarious!

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