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Spandau Ballet Music Video Cover


By Bac Dam.

Bac Dam writes:

Hi fellow-blender artists,

This is a music video I made fully in blender, for my friend's cover of Spandau Ballet's song True. The story is based on the concept "Love is love" and that it comes from all shape and colours and should not be discriminated against. It took me 3 and a half weeks. This is more of a showcase of most of Blender's tools though I tried to incorporate some sort of storyline. Have a watch and let me know your thoughts!


    • i love u´r inspiration but the world had to be "Real"

      the rest of the animation is really fascinating


      &... thanx 4 sharing

      • Thanks LightDash for the comment!

        I'm sorry to bother but would you mind extrapolating the "real"? I would like to know your thoughts so I could improve on my next vid.

        • hi my dear friend, sorry for late reply, thank you for replying and you don´t bother

          mmmm answering to your question, i´ll gladly tell you

          your animation is really awesome indeed but when the world appears, the word HAD to be REAL, because in fact if we think what we can make as an animation, the animation can be anything but the "world" ONLY can show what it takes

          note: what I said can be interpreted easily as a poem, so it is NOT so easy to understand

          so.... hope you understand, like i said before, it is not easy but try to read it twice and you´ll understand what that poem says

          in conclusion... your animation was really impressive but... one thing missing


          • HAHA the depth of your thought is beyond me but I do understand partially. Thank you for the time you've taken to reply! Hopefully, I can compensate for that missing element in my next vid!

            Thanks again LightDash!

  1. Touching and beautiful! With the animation you took the meaning of the song to a whole new level. Thank you!

    • Thanks Sanne for your kinds words, I'm glad you enjoyed the video! It is every animators' dream to be able to entertain his audience!

  2. Three issues that hit me. The rocket ship was a different render style from the rest of the video. When you had your date showing the passage of time, the years moved too fast. It went from 0 -9 several times before the decade changed. They should be in sync.Timing seemed to drag at times... Other than that I loved the style and design of this. The animation was simple and clear. A very powerful message. Great job!

      • Hey Talmore! Thanks for pointing those things out. I wanted to copy the launch of the Apollo 11 in 1969 so I had to go with 3D instead of the flat 2D style for the rest of the vid (I hope that's what you were referring to lol) And also in the words of Neil Armstrong " small step for man, one giant leap for mankind..." I try to signify it was a beginning of a bigger chapter in Martin and Hariet's (the characters) relationship.

        LOL yeah the clock sequence was out of whack. I tried to make it rotate the actually degree it would in real life over those timelapse. But the f-curves goes all funny at parts. LOL I tried to sync it but my maths was really poor.

        "...the arts challenge the technology and technology inspires the arts, ..." John Lasseter, Pixar

        Thanks for your comments, i will take note and improve with my later vids!

        I will post a breakdown soon to share with the community! Hopefully everyone will learn something and I will learn new things from everyone!

        • Your welcome,
          Its great to see someone take constructive criticism well. Its your art, the final decisions belong to you. Crits are only subjective views of others that may or may not be valid. Everyone has opinions and you can't please all of them with your art. At some point you have to be true to yourself.
          On a side note: I want to congratulate you on completing a project. I have tons of abandoned projects and very very few "mostly complete" ones. I am always impressed when someone has an idea and carries through with it. Good? Bad? Its done! Years from now you may look back at your early work and see tons of flaws, but its part of the process.
          Great job!

          • That's the only way we animators can improve. By listening to our audience!
            "...we artists, we love praise, yet we love truth better..." Henry VIII, from A man for all seasons. That quotes fit well with this situation and convey my gratitude for your sincere comments!

            Cheers Talmore!

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