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Turkish Blender Tutorials



Hakki Riza presents a series of Blender tutorials for our Turkish community.

Hakki writes:

I was always depend on Turkish and Turkish People, as a Turkish boy. Three years ago, it was a surprise to meet a free, safety and useful software, called as Blender.

When I firstly downloaded Blender and tried to use it, there were only three Turkish Blender Tutorial. And in two of them there was no even voice.

After this hard conditions, I learned English and Blender. And I decided to teach Blender for my people.

There is no so many Blender user in Turkiye. But the count is increasing each day. And I want my people learn Blender ( because it is open source ) in our own language, Turkish.

I want to do this and I want this as soon as possible. Because learning something in a foreign language is not even be considered. So after that moment, you will find one or two Turkish Blender Tutorials each week.

In I am posting the tutorials and I hope this will be helpful for Turkish people, who want to learn Blender in Turkish :).

You can visit to join our Turkish forum, every tutorial request welcome :) .

You can also send me e-mails to contact with me: [email protected]

Also visit our Facebook page.


H. Rıza

"Eğitim, Türk Öğretmenler tarafından Türkçe Verilmelidir.."
"Education must be provided in Turkish and by Turk teachers."



  1. Always good to hear Blender being used in more and more countries. I'm randomly curious how many Blenderheads there actually are in the Turkish Blender Community :).

  2. That is very beautiful ,dear Hakkı . Teach them people .

    Oh yes , When It comes to Atatürk . It is not '' Turk Teachers '' brotherman .
    It is Turkish teachers . How I wish the quote was timeless ,but it is like blender version 2.42 . Look ,how beautiful Blender did also, teach you English , and... that is golden .
    Well I must say I do admire your will ,to teach this beautiful tool to your people .
    I hope to see Blender meetings popping up in Istanbul soon .

  3. Nice to hear that someone is working hard to provide tutorials in Turkish for Blender. Though, Riza, keep it in the context. No need to address Ataturk's beautiful words which is all about the national educational system of the country in the early 20th century. The way you are putting your effort in an historical and political perspective sounds utterly absurd and childish. What you're doing is just creating some quite basic tutorials for beginners in your spare time. That's all. And what's more, we are living in the 21th century. And Blender is the product of an international community of good people. So globalism plays a big role on it. You're saying you have learned English and Blender but you still have a long way to go. So advice your friends and the "Turkish people" (Eh?) to keep learning English and Blender more and more that we (Turkish people :) ) will provide new and top quality contents in English so that Turkish users can provide something new for international Blender community finally.

    Think about it.

    • eh, while I was writing the quote, I tried to explain why I started to do this work, that is showing "my perspective" :) .
      I am teaching blender, so I must start from easy of blender. and it will be a harder level.

      and I really like your idea about the advice, I can even write a short article for this on Turkish forums :) .

  4. Hey guys,

    I'm travelling to Turkey (lara, near Antalya) on the 13th of december. Any blenderheads around that area? If yes, could you please post some additional information?

    Thanks. Greetings!

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