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New York: Blender Training for Teens


The Digital Arts Experience in Whiteplains, NY, is offering an intense Blender workshop for teens.

Cristina Calabrese writes:

I'd like to submit our course for 3D Animation using Blender to you, that will be conducted at The Digital Arts Experience in White Plains, NY.

Coinciding with the school year, this course serves as an after school, extra-cirricular enrichment program. The animation creation/editing program that will be used is called “Blender”. Students will learn about the different areas of 3D animation, the basic practices, and how to best apply them. They will also essentially start with learning basic-foundational knowledge and work all the way towards creating a semester long, final project. No prior experience in 3D animation is necessary.

The course starts with the basics of 3D animation, and works towards a semester long goal, where they will create a final project.

The price is $1199 for the 15 week program (with two courses per week), and the age limit is 13-18.

The price may seem a little steep, but remember that this is for 30 workshops.


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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender – I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-)


  1. Liam Walls-Ott on

    I really wish one of these courses would happen in the portland main area. It kills me seeing these great courses being offered in far off places.

    • We will get to that area eventually! It is our goal to be able to offer courses in 3D Animation using Blender (and other forms of digital art) and share it with like-minded individuals who are truly interested and engaged in its content.

  2. It kills me seeing these great courses being offered in far off prices. We need to get the cost for education under control. This price is ridiculous, specially in these economic times.

    • Well, considering that this is a 15 week course with 30 workshops, it doesn't seem TOO bad. I would definitely sign up if I weren't four hours away :P

        • I have to agree with roofoo; it's lynda, sagefans, blendercookie and a few books from the foundation for my kids...

        • Philip Geneman on

          I agree!! I think this is a great program I mean if the students are series about learning this stuff, it is a bargain! professional hands on training can not be compared to sites like ( I love cgcookie for what is for!) but come on 15 weeks it is cheaper than college and if they want to go to college for cg art or something like that this could give them a heads start!

      • I understand it is 15 weeks. I also understand it is twice a week. I have three kids who want to learn Blender, try out for sports teams, take part in school clubs and activities. Like I said before, the costs for education are way too high. I'm sure this is probably a very good class; but, we need to be real also. I don't expect such classes to be free - but I do hope one day they will be more affordable than not.

        • This course is face to face, working with other students at your elbow, blender cookie is via computer interface and uses straight videos. But if your three kids want low paid boring jobs teaching factory fodder things they don't want to know go ahead and drive the price down. I'm sure they'll thank you.

    • It's actually very reasonable. I am currently in a 41 week 3d design course which is costing me $6500 NZD after the government subsidy (I think it is $12000 NZD before).
      As there is no subsidies on this short course the tutors are likely working for next to nothing.
      But as you say, it is very expensive for parents, and it would be good to see a payment plan option.

    • Dude, I learned the ins and outs of blender with the internet and a few books. This class isn't a necessary good. If they want to charge a certain amount, it's on them. The price should be cheap enough so that the class population will be maxed out while still maintaining a certain profit margin. If it's too expensive, there are plenty of other places to learn. It might not be as high quality, but price is price. If you go regulating costs for education, there will be no benefit to staying in the business, which means the few who stay can do whatever they want. Price is the most fair rationing device. This is the way they make money to buy food. If anything, they should be charging more due to the state of the economy. Why take away their money because you can't afford the good they're providing?

      • in case u make kids to brave new costumers in our world of expensive, not always reasonable offers, u are right. Mayeb try to understand its more easy to rip of kids but adults, force kids(12y, i hope u are older) to force parents to invest into something strange, respectively. And im pretty shure u have no kids and dont know more details about that special offer but ur general view how the world is rotating at the moment.

        In other words: pls exclude kids from ur "most fair rationing device". Its not that easy as u guess;) things are sometimes a bit more challenging to understand but repeating very general, simple global economic rhetoric.

        Sry, in case my answer sound kind of rage, but i hate compagnies making business with kids and have no idea what kids are need, but spending dollars.

        enjoy ur job, enjoy ur kids soon, i realy wish u gl and sucess in world of adult economic environment, u will get it for shure :)

  3. I think a self-learning course like Blender Cookie or even is much more practical and economical than this. $1200 to cover the basics of Blender? But I guess a bunch of kids with rich parents don't care so much when it comes to value for their money.

    • It will, of course, start off by covering the basics of Blender. Interface, functionality, overview of how to use the program. But, since it is a 15 week program, by the end the students will have learned advanced skills and techniques - 3D Character Modeling- (preparation, good topology, increasing efficiency and more) Character Rigging- (creating rigs that are easy to control, functional and look great). Character Animation- (creating believable motion and technique that bring your character to life). Those will all play a major role in the 15 week program and take time and practice to grasp comfortably. Students will also plan and map out a semester-long final project that will encompass all of the skills they've learned.

    • You a teacher Roofoo? I agree with you that there are plenty of courses online out there. But, - and this is a big but - not all students learn as well or as fast from a screen. Good teachers, face to face are worth their weight in non virtual coinage. It may well be that rich or aspirant parents are the ones to utilise this expertise. It will always remain more expensive because of the difficulties of bricks and mortar, noise level. It is still valid. I only wish someone was doing something similar in my neck of the woods.

  4. It may seem expensive for those who are use to "FREE" tools and some online training courses, but this is not what this is. Substitute the name to Houdini or perhaps Maya with HANDS ON TRAINING and all of a sudden the price probably sounds within range . If Blender is to compete with the 'other' 3d apps, the value of Blender must also be recognized with sources of high quality/professional training.. which happens to cost money.
    IMO, currently the pricing structure should be below well established (industry standard) 3d applications courses, but I do not know what those rates are or the quality. That's partly what's great about living in a free world though, the freedom to spend money on what you think is valuable and the freedom to disagree :-)

  5. My ground school flight training was less expensive than this (excluding the books ;) If it one-on-one then the price is a tiny bit low.

  6. "Mom! u want invest 1199,99 dollar in my future? I will be the 1st famous teenanimator :)) "
    "Of cause my dear <3 just wait till ur dad is back from Wallstreet, He is trying to sell more sausages/a day in his new position. He will be so proud of you :))"

    • People who make a lot of money can pay for expensive classes? I don't see the joke here. Are you dissing people who make more money than you? I don't really get it.

      • sry for my bad english. Of cause I like ppl who make more money then me, except the one who rip me or other ppls off :)
        I just tried to be cynic in my post. The father of this kid is a hot dog vendor and has a good place anywhere in NYs wallstreet quarter to sell his sausages.
        The 1199,99 number is just a refernece to the marketing rule to build prices with alot 99 numbers at the end to survive in a highly competitive market. Dubious service provider use that marketing rule to emulate a non excisiting market.
        The lovely talk between mother and the jung kid is just a hint that kids from 12-18 should have several chances to figure out what profession he/she will learn in the future. To practice is the only way to figure out where talent, ambition and intuition are subsidised best. Thats why affordable intership/placement are so important, imo ;) I guess parents with several kids and kind of normal income have bigger problem, with that training for teens, the younger their kids.

        other aspects are: NY is a special local area with great reference, US has a realy diffrent economic Sytems against alot other countrys etc.etc

        so all in all, this training is offered on a global websites, and so many kids gazing at that cool offer and start dreaming... mayeb some from NY......i miss the diffrentiation and care from this service provider (mayeb Bart too, not shure atm) against these, and several more aspects. Some parents gave statements in this post about that allready, and i just want support them, cause its realy hard work to bring his own kids in good direction against way to expensive offers like this one;)

        hmm, mayeb ill try make a still life grafik about my subject, mayeb a picture is better then just text. so sry for confusion again.

        gl aBlenderFan

  7. Wow, great I started Blender with 13 and payed nothing for it.
    I wonder why these kids dont trying online tutorials.

  8. Hi! My name is Nick Sceusa and I will be teaching 3D
    animation at the Digital Arts Experience. My goal for the 15 weeks is to teach
    the 5 basic areas of 3D Animation: modeling, texturing, rigging, lighting and
    animation. We will be starting out with how to use blender but we will quickly
    branch out into the previously mentioned areas. They all have their own
    techniques, concepts, and practices which we will be going over during the
    semester. They include techniques such as the 3 point lighting system, box modeling,
    reverse foot rigs, and creating animations using the graph editor.

    In the last few weeks of the semester we will be doing
    a project that will include the planning stages such as per-production.
    Learning to plan, think, and work with your team mates on projects is something
    I want to encourage throughout the semester. By next week I will have basic
    lesson plan that will show just how much we will be covering and we will make
    it available for everyone to review.

    It is a great opportunity for young adults to get a start on this fascinating
    field. If you have any question
    concerning the courses please feel free to contact me through the Digital Arts
    Experience. I will make every attempt to answer your questions. I hope to see you in the classroom. Cheers!

    • Bernie Mnemonic on

      Young adults start at 18 or in your case 21 (you're living in US). These are kids.
      Anyway, it seems like a correct teaching plan, but I still find it rather expensive. (Tho I'm living in a poorer part of Europe.)

      • yes! im curious too for that :) pls post a link to your onlineportfolio :) so i can show it to my parents:)
        thx in advance :)

        • hi again ! i found your portfolio via Google ! But my parents are very dissapointed about what they saw :( maybe u can publish other material u finished in the past ?

          anyhow, good luck:)

          • hi Bart ! thx for ur help, Im not very experienced using the internet. I did google the name Nicholas Sceusa and got But the website is diffrent now. No idea why.
            btw. what is the meaning of FUD ?

            kind regards, Karltin :)

          • That's the same one I saw. Not very impressive for someone who is going to "teach" the "intense" class for 1200 bucks a head. I expected experienced.

  9. The beauty of Blender is exactly that; it is free and can be learned for
    free... especially the basics. Why asking a teenager to spend over a
    1000$ just to see if he could be interested in 3D and all that goes with it.

    I spent 10 000$ for a 9 month 3D and Special FX intensive course in 2008
    learning the ''basics'' of Maya, Shake (no longer supported since
    before that) Final cut pro etc. And seriously if I new what I know now, I
    would not have taken it. Come on; 10 000$ for basics.(I did not know I
    was paying for basics until to late) I had already learned a lot thru
    Digital Tutors Maya DVDs. I even witness my own teacher explaining to us
    an aspect of Maya that I had previously learned by myself in one of
    those same Digital Tutors DVDs I owned. And that my friends tip me of.

    Since then I've learned Blender with the Blender community, specialized
    tutorial web-sites, both free, and by buying Blender Tut DVDs. And I can
    honestly say that I can do even more today with what I've learned by
    myself in Blender then what I could in Maya etc. And for a fraction of
    the cost. (DVDs) I'll admit that I have been studying Blender for more
    then 9 months in my free time but that's because I'm 42 and have a
    family to take care of and could not study Blender full time. Still with
    the internet, I believe anyone can learn a software without having to
    spend 1000s just to learn basics.

    I's sorry but I am speaking from my own experience; I would rather pay a
    few 30$ to 50$ here and there in DVDs explaining what you want to teach
    in this course than spending over 1000$ just to realized that most of
    it, I already know. I have no doubt that you could teach something that
    is not out there yet but if your intent is to ''initiate'' teenagers
    with the basics of Blender. A lot of them will realize that they could
    have done that for free.

    Bottom line; I would gladly pay for an advance course that would immerse
    myself as if I was in an actual company and teaching me how to achieve a
    project from A to Z but not for the basics which I could learn by


    • Josh Faulkner on

      I think the main differences are that they have $1,200 to spend on a course, they have a structured learning environment with a set curriculum and they have an instructor available to help them interactively. I too have learned much about Blender with freely available resources, but different people learn differently.

  10. I think people are not realizing the advantages of 1 on 1 interactions with teachers. Also, being in a room with like minded individuals is a HUGE advantage. I have learned a lot from online resources as well, but I know it is quicker, and more effective if you are in a classroom. But while in the class, you would be stupid to not also look online for more learning.

    Not everyone (especially teenagers) have the drive to push themselves to go online and teach themselves, even if they have an interest.
    I think this is a deal, not everyone can afford it, but that is true with everything.

  11. The 1.2k could be reasonable but the website does not list any tutors nor does it show portfolio work, instead it shows vastly different courses (dance, curtual stuff not relevant to 3D). For this reason alone I would not even go near these guys.

    However, the course is worth 1.2K (relying on the assumption that they have decent professional artists) as this is pure face to face work where you can get direct feedback and where you are taught industry tricks. Where I come from that is not too dear.

    It is possible to solely use Videocopilot, Blendercookie, BlenderGuru, youtube but their focus is limited and it's a different person in every video and with youtube that means different quality too. At uni I can just walk up to my lighting and rendering lecturer and ask him how to light my scene photorealisticly, he will not only tell me how to do it but walk me through it as well and then my animation lecturer might walk in and give me feedback on the last rig I showed her. I know for certain you can get the same result using only the internet or even clever friends but how long did it take you and would they really be willing to help you again and again?

    Why pay for education:

    . Direct and immediate feedback
    . Support for the individual
    . Social
    . Gives you confidence
    . Team work
    . Some courses set you up with 'professional nights' where companies view your portfolio at the end of the course

    my two cents.

  12. Soooo wish I lived in NY and had a job to pay for it.... lol learning 3DX Max is fun, but I respect Blender to much to not want to go, Blender was my first (albeit not as often) 3D modeling program and I still keep the latest update on my computer

  13. Sounds like a great idea. I look forward to hearing more about it.

    In reference to the image. While it could be just a "throw-away," it does represent your school, so with that in mind, here are a few suggestions...while I like that S-curve you have from the head to the feet, I think the character's left arm isn't working with the foreshortening, it looks like a stub. I would rotate it, so we can see the angle a little better. The knees look very painful (generally knee points to big toe). That left leg especially, looks like someone just kicked it inward and broke it. Actually, now that I look at it, you might rotate the neck a little more, so the curve from the hips through the head is a little less broken.
    As far as composition, you cut the toes off of the left leg. Doesn't work well. It looks like those bad family pictures, where that uncle (everyone seems to have) always manages to cut people's feet off, and it becomes a running joke. The shadow against the rib cage makes the character look like it has an odd stain on its side. The shadow doesn't seem that interesting either (more feel like it is a lost opportunity). The horizon, at least to me feels like it's at an odd level (do we even need that break, so high in the frame anyway?).

    But then again, I don't know what I'm talking about, so feel free to disregard my post...

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