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Videotutorial: Removing Cycles Fireflies



Nahuel Belich shows how to get rid of Cycles 'fireflies' (white noise).

Nahuel writes:

The last week i run into some white pixel on a Cycles render, i confront face to face the famous Fireflies, so i had to learn what this white dots are and how to get rid of them.
The idea was to do a video tutorial in Spanish but i also did an English version. Please excuse my accent I need to practice a bit more.

The ideas to deal with them are easy, one its using Cycles clamp option, the second its using node compositor to remove them, not by hand one by one, but in a more automatic way.

Also there is a bonus video from Amadeus composition from blender artists that i found two days after record mine, he goes around interesting stuff to also deal with this fireflies and it seems that his English its better than mine. check for this bellow.


Part 1

Part 2

Once I recorded both version, English and Spanish, I found a post at, as i said, from AmadeoCompositions (Aurel Amadeo Gruber) he uses a very similar technique, actually he recorded the video a few months before I did, so i use a very similar technique =^^=, and he has an interesting tutorials that I think it's worth to see.


En caso de no entender ingles estos son los videos originales en español 1, 2.


  1. Yes, I submitted the video by AmadeoCompositions to BNation a few months ago.
    It is a good technique and he has other awesome tuts as well.

  2. Shouldn't the title be "Videotutorial: Removing Fireflies – Cycles" , or at least "Videotutorial: Removing Cycles Fireflies", instead of "Videotutorial: Removing Cycles – Fireflies"?
    Because it sounds like we're trying to remove cycles.

    • . . . yea I agree. . also i wrote
      instead of white in the first paragraph
      sorry i submited late at night

        • Amadeo Compositions on

          Hey guys,

          @ Nahuel Belich: Thanks for writing about my tutorial, really appreciate it!

          @ Bart: How are things going? Just wanted to mention that I posted a few tutorials a couple months back, and, as far as i know, they never appeared. I pointed that out in an email to you and you said that everythings ok, but that there were so many submissions that you missed some stuff. That was April 11th. Unless i missed some posts (which would be very embarassing) I think they did not yet appear. I wrote to you in another email, but i never got an answer (In case I missed an email I'm very sorry as well).

          Should I resubmitt them? Is there something wrong with the submissions? Thanks for all the hard work!


    • The possessive apostrophe is missing, so grammatically, it should be "Video tutorial: Removing Cycles' Fireflies" i.e. removing the fireflies belonging to Cycles.

      Even more appropriately, the post should actually be entitled "Nahuel Belich, and Aurel Amadeo Gruber are time saving geniuses!" ;^)

  3. Cool methods! ;) I came across the same problem some time ago and I
    didn't figure out any good solution with Blender alone, so I wrote a
    simple script for automatic cleaning of fireflies (Firefly Killer). It did a test for each pixel's neighbors and if they were relatively similar (under configurable threshold) and considerably different than tested pixel (above configurable threshold) it applied average value of all neighbors for that pixel. Sometimes it missed some pixel near the edges or if more fireflies were neighbors, but I found it most nondestructive way of killing only clear fireflies while it never influence anything else. It just helped me to get my work done in good quality. If there'll be some interest, I can provide the script, or even make it a little more user friendly, because I wrote it in hurry and it offers zero user comfort. :)

      • Very nice, Konstantins! Your binary is definitely much more user friendly than my Python script and I really like it! Thanks for sharing! ;)
        I think that it would be best to have this kind of functionality in Blender as a node in compositor. I'm not C guy, but maybe someone else...? ;)

        • Yeah, that'd be great. Unfortunately I haven't ever even used a makefile or compiled anything other way than by a press of a button. Considering how really simple the idea is it should be elementary for someone familiar with code.
          Should be worth mentioning somewhere, so developers could see.
          Chipping in for someone already knowing what to do should be definitely more practical than digging through all the details for a work that ideally should take few hours.

  4. very very nice and interesting.
    i wondering, if it is so "easy" to detect fireflies (pixels with an abnormal high value compared to its neighborhood), isn't it possible to render these pixels in a post-render-process with a slightly different position (~0.05 "ray-units" different) direct as option in cycles?
    i mean not translate the final image by one or more pixel and mix them.
    i mean to build a post-rendering only these pixels - in hope, that the fireflies will not appear again at the same final visible image position when the position of the "ray" is slightly different to the original one?
    (it will cost some amount of extra render time, but maybe not too much, and the result is more accurate/stable than with pixel-based post-manipulation)
    sorry, if my suggestion is naive and stupid.

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