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Game: Z-Virus 2


We reported on Z-Virus, a Blender 'First Person Shooter' last year. In the mean time, Fajrul Falakh is working on a sequel. Here are some work in progress videos.

Fajrul writes:

My purpose to make game is just because my hobby, there wasn't other purpose than that, so this game will be an open source game. For commercial I never think about that, maybe later, but for now this is just for my hobby.

My background:
I'm 15 years old, I've learned blender for 1 year from 2011, and I'm Indonesian. So, sorry for my bad English.

Btw I've included in Z-Virus 2 game credit , because you've reviewed my game before (Z-Virus 1), and it gives me motivation to make more game. So, thanks for your support... :)

See more videos on Fajrul's YouTube Channel.

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  1. Nathan Cunningham on

    ..If this guy does not get picked up in a second when he has finished school, it will be a sin! Amazing stuff for anyone, before you even start considering the age or time spent learning Blender!

  2. I've seen that second video before (which I still find amazing), and I'm just amazed by those first two video posted up there.  You're a true inspiration with that Blender Game Engine, man!  I only just hope development continues on it and it a grows into even more a first-choice free game engine, because I think a robust game engine built into a 3D modeling package as has serious potential, but you're already showing its mad potential!

  3. I played the first game and thought 'Wow, this isn't bad...I'd like to see more...' and here 'more' is! And how! This all looks amazing, in fact, it shames me that I never buckled down and did anything this awesome with the game engine when I was 15! I admire you for your time and patience put into this, and I look forward to the release!

  4. Can't you be just a normal kid and play outside like the rest? haha kidding! dude, whatever you're doing keep it up! is putting up a blog about the making of this game part of your hobby too?

  5. revolt_randy on

    Amazing work!! The 'Update 9' video very much reminds me of the first Quake game from id software! Keep up the good work!!!!!!

  6. Wow! this is some of the best work I've seen with the BGE! Keep it up.
    Nice water effects, too.
    oh, by the way, could you fix the link to the first version? I would like to try it for myself.
    Keep making those games!

  7. Blender Magician on

    whoa, that is some impressive work there. I've been using blender for 2 years and I could never do anything close to that.

  8. Kirill Poltavets on

    Nice start, Fajrul! Keep it up like this and you'll become a decent game creator. Or it can be just your hobby but you're definitely a very talented person!

  9. This is amazing. I am speachless. Where did you learn the skills. There are very few blender game tutorials on the net.

  10. Benjamin Lindquist on

    Seems a bit weird to me that he's supposedly only used blender for a year but has a working game in blender on youtube a year ago. Either he's learned everything instantly or I've missed something.

    If this is all done by this guy though...then great work!

  11. i think if blender community unites to create a mmo rpg,rts,fps im sure it will be a lot more fun cuz some of us know what we want in mmo games. wish my dream come true...

  12. I'm just curious if you have an estimated idea of when this game would be completed, because I am really itching to try it.
    Again, great work.

  13. Maximus Prime on

    I'm 15. I've been using Blender for a year. You sir, just crushed my hopes and dreams :P AWESOME work. This honestly looks better than a lot of professionally made video games.

  14. Lendelfajardo on

    The game looks cool, but add more unique features to make it cooler than any other FPS games out there, and the interface...change it into something more original, looked like the UI from Deus Ex, but still its cool, 

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