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      •  So, what exactly is it good for to choose a gun as the subject?

        And why is it *always* guns for mass murder instead of sports weapons at least?

        •  It's an interesting theme. It's symmetrical, it fires projectiles, It has a multitude of interesting shapes. I think that tying a piece of metal to all of the murder that's been committed with it is a bit of a weird dot to connect. Nobody gets all huffy when someone models a sword or even a bomb. Actually, this is the first time I've seen someone get like this about a speed modeling video.

        • Why do people *always* assume it's a weapon for mass "murder" and not say, protection? Or maybe it's a pellet gun? Or a paint gun. I'll avoid any further "mass murder" comments to avoid political debates.

          And why not a sports weapon? Well, no offense to anyone, but the M4A1 is more complex in design then a skeet gun, or even a hunting rifle. So complexity alone is worth the exercise.

          If you don't like the subject of a post, ignore it and move on. I don't post on subjects I may not agree with. Why? Because - this is freakin' art. To you it's a "gun for mass murder" and to others (such as myself) it's a stankin' good model. Far better than what I can do. 

          • The gun is not dangerous... I guess the person holding it "is" the the truly dangerous thing.

            So there is no point to discuss about being an sport model or a war model weapon, is it?

    • Oh, cheese, knock it off with this condescending moral preach. It's not like he killed some poodle with that thing or built a shrine for it. I hardly glorify anything i model and i modelled a lot of nasty objects. So come down from that pedestal and accept that he did a good modelling job there...

    • This is art, who cares what the subject is? Who are any of us to stifle skill because its result offends some sensibilities? Appreciate it as what it is, a demonstration of ability.

      • Well, that's actually a poor argument.  Nazi propaganda art and sexist/racist art of the past were art, too...  The subject CAN and DOES matter in art--something doesn't necessarily get a pass because it's "art."  Art can say a lot, sometimes more than words do, and sometimes to the point of moving people in ways that go on to change society (for better or for worse).  I don't mean to make a big fuss over your statement here, but just to address the nature of your statement, even with art, subject ALWAYS matters.  Just saying.

      • to actually appreciate it for what it is you'd still would have to take in to context that this truly is a deadly weapon
        at the same time it is art like to a rapist a rapist is creating art for his self when he takes pictures of his subject whether it be a little girl or a little boy or maybe an adult lol you cant truly appreciate anything until you learn the true meaning behind it .

      •  Bart, I definitely do not like REAL weapons. But they exist nevertheless, and averting our eyes shall not make them a bit less real. Moreover, a huge part of game industry (which so many of us earn at least part of  living and fun from) is bound to the reproduction of offensive devices.
        In an ideal world all of us were peaceful, caring for animals, etc etc, but this is not an ideal world. I'd like to add that I hate any form of censorship (far more than the sight of weapons), and limiting subjects in art is definitely a kind of censorship. So I agree with your decision, all in all.
        What about the M4 tut series at CGCookie (great btw)? No one complains about that, afaik.

        • Sure. However, porn exists but that doesn't mean I have to publish it here. 

          I have no issues with showing weapons in a context that add something: knowledge, artistic value. 'Glorification' of weapons (which is a loose term of course) I find more difficult. It's probably a personal thing but then again, this is my site ;-)

    • This post is not about what people do with guns, is about reproduce a complex shape of a gun with a 3d software.

    • Are you serious? That hurts my head in several ways. So what's happens if the Blender Foundation itself, theoretically speaking, had an open movie involving sniper rifles, robotic attack dogs and photo-realistic explosions? Blender isn't a peace initiative, it's an art tool - that's like saying you don't like the idea of a specific brand of pencils used for sketching guns.

  1. Excellent modeling! I'm using a  similar make model for a live action movie(Mine is real though) still, that looks really good.

  2. I have lost loved ones in car accidents, so please do not publish any car or road models. Also heart desease is the number one killer so PLEASE no images of hearts or unhealthy foods. My grandmother died in a hospital, again no hospital or health care related images. Finally, most murders are commited by humans so ABSOLUTELY NO HUMAN MODELS, I just won't be able to bear the glorification of humans. How do you people make it through each day?

  3. Trentin Frederick on

    Art can be suggestive but that entirely dependent on the person viewing the art, to some, a weapon of mass destruction, to others, a modern piece of mechanical art.. its up to you to decide that, you can't possibly think that everyone will share your views.

  4. Antholocousse on

    Nice modelling, interesting workflow, but most interesting is the reaction from it... IMHO is just a collection of polygons that does not glorify anything, but it would be nasty (to me) to use that model in a render where villagers get it by a foreign a matter of good/bad  taste, political awareness, personal view, etc. and it all lies in the eye of the beholder...context is the key...

  5. People created weapons, people use weapons to kill, please don't allow any pictures of people or of drawings/renders or avatars that may or may not represent people as it only glorifies people and their endless stupidity.

    That said, 3 hrs for a low poly gun imho is just a model under a deadline, i would simply call this a time lapse.
    Nice modeling, shows the skill of the artist to quickly produce a high poly game model in a short time frame.

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