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  1. Hello Ive downloaded your model... I played with the rigged part... but it is very slow.. did you used this model to make an animation?... can you tell me why is it so slow?... almost every rigged model I have downloaded is  so slow an hard to animate... I'm starting to think that i missed something and there should be a workaround to animate models... By the way, it is a very good model!! Thanks for sharing it!

    • @6f4e0d156c80563b15c5e62522afeb09:disqus 
      the main reason for a model to move slow during animation is that the bones(the rig or armature) its deforming the mesh, this process can take lot of cpu power, this model in particular its a bit heavy for animation in blender, if you have the subsurface modifiers turned on on display with 2 or even 1 subdivision, this would turn the performance even worst, some models may have cloth or soft bodies turn on and those should be disable during animation to get a better performance, that depends on your choice, hardware, pipeline  . . etc

       in this case in this model, i have prepared at layer 3 a version of the model with no armature, only chunks of geometry parented to the main bones, for animation and posing you would want to use layer 2 and 3 and for render, only layer 1. Remember to move the time line each time that you turn layer one on, this will update the model, there are some issues in the animation dependency graph in blender that doesn't update changes made on layers that are not visible.

      and a last thinig for this model try to use a pre bmesh build, it does not work well with the lastest builds from graphic all.

  2. Lawrence D’Oliveiro on

    OK, here’s a fun question: how many of you young kids still remember why this is called a “reel”?


    • Lawrence D’Oliveiro on

       The answer is, back in the days of photographic film, a reel was what you used to wind the film on to.

  3. @yahoo-H3EEHB5WF332GBFBGUYL5D5COA:disqus no i didnt, the music is this remix song

    ?¿?¿?¿  i would like to know, but i don't have a clue

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