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Short film: 'The muse from a tram'


A short movie by Alexander Volos.

Alexander writes:

This is my first film as a director. I and colleagues studied the possibility of a Blender and GIMP on this project.

Film about the musician, who searches inspiration, listening to city sounds. Action occurs in the invented world of the retro-future.

Written & Directed by Alexander Volos
Starring Alexey Kireenko


  1. I liked everything - experimental, different, the metro Scene (where the camera start to get away from the actor ) is very impressive. I liked also the city landscape and the noise surrounding the scenes.  The music fits perfectly for the style. Congrats !

  2. Sylvain Moisset on

    Really cool film, particularly as regards the aesthetic universe which reminds me the Fritz Lang's film Metropolis some times.
    Just a little remark : a sign on a bridge reads "robotiqeu" the correct spelling in French is "robotique".
    By the way, why did you use French in the film and in the credits ?

  3. Alexander,

    Very Very nice film. Enjoyed very much, nice feel from it.

    A few curious questions - How long did it take to do? Is it all done in Blender / Gimp? Is it Composited / Rendered in Blender? Any chance of some insight tutes on this :D


  4. WOW... wow... "robotiqeu" - It is the big mistake... it is a shame to me, I will correct it. Sylvain Moisset, thank you for remark. French was chosen because, as I think it is properly complements the atmosphere of the film.The film was conceived many years ago, but all work in total took about 8 months.The film was made by three artists.Many shots were composed directly into a blender. All rendered in a blender. I do not plan to do tutorials, but I want to make a small funny film about a film.

  5. Enjoyed it very much, too; although a bit "boredom-promising" at the start. Good aesthetic twist! Nothing else to add to the positive comments before, and I would like to know a bit about workflow used, too. It's unavoidable the so called "have you used Blender for this" question ;).
    My sincere congratulations,

  6. That was quite impressive. How did you do the scene in wich he enters the metro and he is walking with his back to the camera (his distance from the camera stays the same)..did the actor just pretend he was walking while staying on the spot?
    In any case...GREAT job (could have used some motion blur though)..

  7. It's very strange, but he appears to be the only human in the world.  During the tram ride, there are other "humans" but they could also easily be androids.  Since the main actors face is broadcast at various points around the city, it's as if he is either in a world of his own inside his head, or he is the last human standing and everything is still automated around him.  Nicely done :)

  8. Excellent!At last,an arty alternative to the dominance of the stylized macho-like creatures or (equally boring) generic purpose cartoonish concepts.French is an excellent choice for this "Metropolis"-inspired retro-future film,it gives to it that extra sophisticated "something" which fits really nicely with the rest of the movie.Some scenes are enchantingly surreal,imo,there's a dreamy overall feeling and look through out the movie.I am impressed,awaiting for the next work from this so promising team.Bravo!!!  

    • Lawrence D’Oliveiro on

      Russians seem to have this thing about the French: like Gomez Adams, they hear someone speaking French, and they go weak at the knees.

      For me, it’s Italian that does it.

  9. Great work, great mood and visuals. It recalls me Metropolis and the animated movies of Karel Zeman. Finally, someone using not only the cpu power but also the brain... :)

  10. Great work ! One of the most impressive movies done with Blender that I saw. I am french, and I also noticed the misspelling of "Robotique", but I thought that it could be seen as a trademark, so it is not really a problem. The only thing that disturbed me a bit was the spill around the actor : it is difficult to say if it is an artistic choice or an unperfect green screen cut out. But anyway, the whole work is amazing ! Congratulations.

  11. Kirill Poltavets on

    Awesome film! One of the vest from short films. Reminds clips of Pink Floyd :) Only one thing I'm confused - not smooth movement between frames... Looks like BGE. First I thought - maybe the guy is in some game :) Here it reminds "The Avalon" film.
    "The muse from a tram" is a very high mountain for me now. I want to make something complex and stylish like this by myself (or in a team). Not just modelling and small funny movie clips.

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