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Architectural Mapping, Gliwice, Poland


A Blender-powered architectural mapping project for New Year's Eve in Gliwice, Poland.

Piotr Chlipalski writes:

Here's a little architectural mapping made entirely in 2.61, internal render. We've had quite a little time for this, so excuse what shall be excused, and once again thanks for the last-minute borrowings to Erik Castillo (hand model), Greg Zaal (tank model) and Witold Jaworski (airplane model), they saved me when the time window started closing rapidly =)

And for the whole community - thanks a lot. It wouldn't be possible without you =)


  1. Luis Carlos Lara Lopez on

    Impresionante, sin palabras, que buen nivel de trabajo, la parte que más me impacto fue cuando derrumbaban el edificio!

    Exelente, saludos desde Tiquicia!


          • chromemonkey on

            Ay caramba dude!  English-only is so "bourgeois"... how are we ever going to reach the true avant-garde with such a policy?  Oh well, "your site, your rules" would appear to apply... "L'etat c'est moi", n'est ce-pas?  Well, ciao and adios for now... Arrivederci!! :o)

            (Pretentious?  Moi?)

          • Lawrence D’Oliveiro on

            So you are not enamoured of multivocabularistic paralingualisms by the participants in this confabulation? How psycho-circumscribed are you...

          •  I'm a native English speaker and am not fluent in anything else, and I find your comments offensive and annoying.

          • I believe most comments posted so far are compliments in other native languages. But there is a rule: no insulting people in this website. And i don't think google recognize every rude words in every languages.
            So i think the community should help to make Bart's life a little bit easier by posting comments in English, so he can be sure that there is no insulting comments ;o) 

  2. Luis Carlos, they have just asked to post, at least, in english. No problem with other languages, but this site is "english driven", and all of us wants to understand each other, thanks!

    • That's uhhr... pretty much exactly the same XD Go to around the 5:00 mark on this video and you'll see...

      • I couldn't make it that far, it was too boring, but checking now I see that at the 5:00 mark all I see is more shadow puppets (this time an army instead of hands) flat projected onto the building. There is some attempt to actually interact with the architecture but most of it simply uses the building as a backdrop.

        The worst crime is that it's just very boring. The visual narrative is very literal and didactic, which I frankly find insulting.

    • To me, your link is a video projected on a large screen.  They appear to have covered the entire face of the building with a large screen and rebuilt it in 3D.  They could have just as easily projected this on any other large surface to roughly the same effect. The Gliwice video, while often just projected on the building, in my opinion does a better job of incorporating the actual architecture of the building in the performance.

  3. may be i love this work because i am a teacher... i think that to celebrate the 2012 with a bit of history is OK, and in my country i've seen a lot of stupid shows on TV... i wish i had been there!

  4. Some effects are better than others and the narrative could have been a bit more connected.
    But overall: Nice work!!!

    I really want to do something like that myself... 

  5. I really enjoyed watching this. Seemed almost like a tech demo @ times, but regardless, very cool for someone like me who has never seen anything like this done before.  Nice work and use of Blender.

  6. Iv seen something almost exactly like this posted a while back (same building too I believe but different renders)

    On one hand its somewhat impressive but on the other it seems fairly pointless, like a show of tricks for the untrained people who are not familiar with the methods of how this is accomplished.

  7. Lawrence D’Oliveiro on

    Entertainingly-presented recap of items from Polish history. I like the loyal home crowd: “Gliwice! Gliwice!”

  8. Tears came into my eyes from watching this, in a good way of course. The presentation achieves it's emotional goals for the audience somewhat familiar with the European history.

  9. Looks like stuff like this (projection, 2D or 3D) has become popular recently in Germany and neighbour countries. There's a lot you can find on the tube. I'm not able to appreciate the implications seemingly clear for a Polish audience, so maybe I'm spoiled of a great deal of fun.

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