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Music video - Old Black -- Egyptrixx feat. Ohbijou


Andreas writes:

Old Black is Egyprixx´ remake of the song of the same title by the drone doom band Earth. David Psutka had already commissioned me with the video Start from the Beginning for Egyptrixx last year and he commissioned another one this year. Even though "Old Black" and "Start from the Beginning" are completely different songs, I tried to stick to a similar concept and develop a bleak artifical world, which is influenced by the soundcsape. Starting out I had designed a lot more symbols and scenes, but David urged me to keep it as minimal and simple as possible.

The graphic elements are a mixture of 3d-renderings and flat 2d textures aligned in space. The video makes heavy use of particles and simulations and was made with the open source 3d software with After Effects used for particle and compositing work. Randomness finds its way into my work often and I appreciate the element of not having complete control over the outcome of a scene.

The video was made in a timeframe of about 3 weeks total, with render and simulation times well over 6 weeks spread out on several workstations.



  1. Great! Would make a good title sequence for James Bond as well... I just had visions of him appearing n silhouette at 3:15 with the cross hairs and stuff :)

  2. "We have bad music, sir!  How will we entertain them?"

    "Release the cloth simulation!"
    "It's not working, sir!  People still aren't entertained."

    "More cloth and other tutorial level animations!"

    "That's not working either!"


    "Clothpocalypse released sir...may God have mercy on their souls."

    "...what have I done..."

  3. I really didn't bother to read all the description or the video title. I started the video after 30 sec or so I dragged it to the middle and then to the end.

    There was nothing in this video that holds/catch my attention? Even if I haven't seen the video, I can pretty much say there is no overall meaning or any story or any idea being it. Unless you want to make a test run for a particular type of rendering.

    So, why did this happen?

  4. Some cynical remarks here, I think it is very effective especially when taking into consideration the quick turn around time in production. Yes, it might be comprised of a lot of fairly straight forward simulations but they have been presented in a nice visually crisp and imaginative manner and the end result looks great. Also, I think that some here are forgetting that although this kind of stuff maybe familiar to us in the 3d/Blender world, to the average schmo it's a lot more impressive. Well done to the creator!

  5. Kirill Poltavets on

    Hello, Andreas!
    Please, compare this clip to THIS
    Obviously - the lack of "operator's work". Also Vacui Spacii "beats" this clip by it's neat compositing.
    Learn and try! Good luck with your ideas and future experience!

  6. To be honest I am surprised with so much criticism regarding this video. I think it is a great example of visual arts. Music itself is something abstract. Especially instrumental music. This abstract video really fits the sound. The graphics are great. Guys, it is not a mainstream, storytelling video. It is not something you'll see on MTV, but rather something from a modern art gallery. And it should be perceived that way.
    I really liked it. Great piece of art.

    • Kirill Poltavets on

      Mallow, pls, check Vacui Spacii, how it looks. The style is very close to this. Fair criticism is good, it's the way of art's development.

      • I've seen it already. There are few similarities, but generally I like the "Old Black" video better. And I'm OK with fair criticism. I don't say that someone here crossed the line or something :-) I'm just surprised about all the comments beacuse I find this video very amusing. And I think that maybe (it's just my opinion) it's all because it is something... different. Realistic art always gest more attention that something abstract.

  7. andrea Cammoranesi on

    I mean technically it is a pretty experiment with cloth simulation. If you try to see without the music, it seems a cloth tut. Sorry for critiics

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