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Project London Official Trailer!


Spiral Productions writes:

Spiral Productions is pleased to present the Official Project London Trailer. Project London is an independently produced, science-fiction, action-adventure, effects movie. Made by Volunteers! Almost no Budget! Blender open-source 3D Software used to create animated elements! 774 Visual Effects!

Join the revolution! There's only one source for information about Project London.


About the Author

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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. Science Fiction Fan on

    Looks cool, great visual effects and costumes, the bad acting is uniform, funny and explosive so it doesn't seem detract from the indie post-cyberpunk feel but why the apology? ( 'We are volunteers, no budget please forgive us...')

    The 3d looks really commercial grade BTW , at least in the trailer.

    The only really bad thing is that It is not clear what the story is about?
    People able to do reality warping with their mind ? 3d Artists are given LSD unlocking their potential to imagine their creations into reality?
    (Speaking of some of the actors are almost there but they could use some hallucinogenics to take the extra small step to believe themselves to be in the scene).  

    • "Some of the actors are almost there but they could use some hallucinogenics to take the extra small step to believe themselves to be in the scene." LOL!

  2. Looks really good, but the trailer should have probably been 1:45 shorter. A lot of the intro stuff was unnecessary and confusing, and frankly not too interesting off the bat. You really need to grab people. That said, the 2nd half of the trailer was solid. 

  3. Yeah , indie actors aren't always too good :( ; the CG on the other hand is splendid . First half of the trailer even feels cliche .

  4. Looks really cool and I'm always surprised again what capabilities there are in blender.

    A little drawback I'd like to add anyway: The compositing guy(s) should even the appearance of the different shots (CG, real life) regarding colour temperature (colour grading?!). There are so big differences that all some parts could be considered to be of different movies, looks a bit inconsistent. But that's only a minor critique point. Just keep up the good work guys :).

  5. Thanks for showing us, what Blender is capable!
    My impression is that the close shots from the actors are too rigid. And of course if you do not have the money you cannot spend it on good costumes, make-up and lightning. But perhaps there are people who could give hints, how to improve this part, because it becomes very obvious that there is much lesser quality than in cinema. But I think it is even lesser than TV, so perhaps there are possibilities to enhance these parts - because many shows are filmed in a few days, and the quality is better than in the trailer here. I mean, add this to the CG effects, and it becomes a descent piece!

  6. great special effects. i dont like the colour grading though. several shots are almost drenched in blue. makes it look like its recorded from screen.

  7. 1.33... there is a minor glitch?...
    the house number... 15306 seems... mirrored?
    or it is just part of the story?

  8. amine moussaoui on

    hhh! I thought this great movie was canceled or maybe never happenend ...
    btw when they gonna complete everything, is it going to be free to watch or no ! cuz you know I'm not planning to watch something created with blender using Piratebay :-

  9. I lost all my earthly possessions my father died less than a week ago there's a kid in a coma and it's partly my fault and everyone's getting shot!

    Sounds like someone's having a bad day.

  10. The VFX are great, the acting is really, really bad, and the mech shots look like a video game, not a movie. I guess it's better than anything I could ever do.

  11. The CG & VFX really showcase the potential of Blender. Some things could be improved, but all in all it looks really good from a technical and production point of view.

  12. Riccardocovino on

    As others noticed, CG is way better than real shots. Great achievement for the Blender community.
    Trailer defintely too long, first part is boring and useless, giving no idea of the plot.

  13. Its surprising that the live action parts are what let it down. The acting isn't fantastic and I'm not a big fan of the composition of the live shots or how the scenes were dressed or the DOP's work. There is a bit too much unnecessary hand held camera and there are points where it feels like the characters aren't at the right point on the screen. I just don't fully believe the characters but I'll hold off judgement til I watch the full film.

  14. I can't see how anyone can complain - the VFX look excellent. And how are you supposed to find 'proper' actors with no budget? Having said that, it's astonishing that for a film with "almost no budget" they want $30,000 to make the colours right!  Hardly the thing to get people opening their wallets, is it? I don't know anything about this stuff, but I'm surprised it couldn't be done to a perfectly acceptable level (a level that matches the acting ability) by a non-professional.

    • And how are you supposed to find 'proper' actors with no budget?

      First you find an acting school, then you stick up some posters, the ones who are serious about becoming actors will have no issue with appearing a film free or for a small free. I know someone who a 20 minutes short film, he did the same thing and he had more actors turn up than roles in the film, a few hours later, he had 10 actors for a combine total of 2,000 pounds for two days 100 pounds a day,  shooting over an weekend plus half a day to do a re-shoot. 

      These guys are asking for 30k the least they could have done is fine a some half descent actors and put up some cash to find those actors. Finding good actors should have came before a single piece of CGI was done.

      The last thing you do is ask you friends to appear in the film, which appears to be the case here. Also running an formal audition is also a good idea. There are a lot of local acting and theatre groups which could be approach.

  15. This looks sick... er should I say... Healthy! XD Good job guys keep up the great work :P
    I would say something about the actors but seeing as all the other comments already do I will hold my piece.... But even then the acting is not all that bad for a super low budget film! Excited to see what comes of it!

  16. cheeeesyyy...Honestly, better to make everything in 3D, these actors are so cheap!

    The issue with "inide movie" is they try to do "blockbuster shot" and sometime it passes but they mix that with steady cam which break the balance brutaly.

  17. really made me think of district 9 for some reason.. mabe the movement of that mech was similar.
    loooks extremely awesome, i don't know what people are saying but t had me completely sucked in :D
    as for the costumes there are ways to do these things with virtually no money and some low budget films actually look better for the feel that gives it i think.. cg is more than enough to compensate.
    Looking forward to it big time!
    thanks guys!! :)

  18. VFX are great, judging from what we can see right now. The acting is not so bad.
    Fundrainsing is not a goo idea IMO. Why not making some DVD and sell it before the movie comes out, like the Sintel team did.

    I'm not sorry for my english, but I hope you understand ;)

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