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Developer meeting notes, October 16, 2011


Blender 2.60 release later today? Also a peek at the plans for 2.61.

Ton Roosendaal writes:

2.60 release status

  • Janne Karhu offers to add a last minute fix for Particle dupli-objects. This was broken in 2.58, the fix in 2.59 only supports X-axis aligned objects. His patch will support reliable orientation with Object axis options. After long pro-con discussions it was decided to accept it.
  • Also last minute: Bastien Montagne updates the new .po translation files in trunk, so the latest UI translations will be in release.
  • As usual meeting agrees that all these last minute additions should have been avoided :) We try to get this process more predictable and better tested. Next time we do better (again)!
  • We wait about 24 hours now for final show-stoppers. Tomorrow end of day EU time the call for release builds will be sent to this list. Wednesday daytime the official release then goes on the website. Thursday svn will then be open for regular work again.

Other projects, targets for 2.61

  • Release planning and targets are here.
  • Branches ready for merger.
  • Ocean Sim has a reviewer now, Lukas Toenne volunteered to go over it. User reports on usability/quality are welcome! Question is also whether the original devs are still going to be involved as maintainer, or should we appoint a new one?
  • Targets for 2.61 are quickly becoming very impressive and complicated now. Let's not try to overdo this, and ensure all branches have reviewers assigned before BCon2, and get to trunk before BCon3 starts. Planning proposal (with a month test/fix period):BCon1: October 20 (define targets)
    BCon2: October 30 (branches should be ready to go in trunk)
    BCon3: November 15 (test/fix period)
    BCon4: December 1 (first RC)

Release around December 15?

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  1. amine moussaoui on

    I heard while back something about a radial menu( if that's a name)... it that going to be included in one of a versions

  2. @google-647b4316c91298bd62c60abbd8b490d5:disqus the used to be scripts for radial menu in python. The used to be a few floating about last year but I don't know if the are still around, blenderartists python forum is the best place to search.

    my head kind of spins to see so many awesome projects that are coming into blender pure awesomeness

  3. @ad2e1cca40efecfcae194975678b3b35:disqus :You want to see what the targets are? I think that's what the Release planning and targets are here and Branches ready for merger links are for...
    Or are you saying you want to see those targets committed, 'cause I can agree with that! :)

  4. Wow, Blender keeps rolling out new and exciting releases before I have a chance to get used to the current release! This can only be a good thing.

    • It would be awesome indeed. But, no offense dude, just because blender has bmesh, doesn't mean it would be best release of 'any software' ever seen. Maya already has bmesh more than a decade. With bmesh, blender modelling will be more powerful. Can't wait for that :)

      • Lawrence D’Oliveiro on

        I don’t understand what you mean about others already having “bmesh more than a decade”. BMesh is a project to add a revamped mesh representation structure for Blender, not for anything else. If you look at the paper you will see that no existing structure really fulfils all the needs they have, so they have to come up with a new one.

        • The common, non-technical meaning that I think most people give to "b-mesh" is "It allows for the use of NGons", even though the final implementation may be different from that of other companies, or seek to improve upon existing models for dealing with NGon data.

          • Lawrence D’Oliveiro on

            OK, polygons I can understand. But why are they so important? Every single modelling tutorial I have seen exclusively uses quads—they don’t even like triangles! So why would you use polygons?

        • Allright, maybe it's a different thing. I started learning maya in about 2001. Few years later, someone introduced me to blender, and i thaught it was cool, but kind of surprised that blender didn't support a polygon which built from 5 or more vertices (is this the one that called N-Gon? I'm not sure). But well, okay i can live with that. I continued using blender up until now, and then i saw the demo video of bmesh (by Bassam if i'm not mistaken?), here in BlenderNation.
          I was thinking, so.. this is the bmesh that everyones talking about. Something that deal with the N-gon thing. Cool, it's about time :) This will make modelling in blender alot easier. It's just.. i was not familiar with the words yet, because a decade ago, maya never mentioned about N-gon or bmesh. They were just called it polygon. Triangle polygon, quad polygon, penta... gon? I love blender very much, but really guys.. what b-mesh can do in the demo video, really can be done in maya more than 10 years ago. And b-mesh alone is not enough to make blender as best release of 'any software' ever seen.

          • It's all in the details.  One of the big things I keep hearing about b-mesh is how it handles multi-textures and UV textures very gracefully, and though I do not know if this aspect puts it ahead of anyone else or just brings it up to status quo, it was the big talk-of-the-town when the first alpha was demonstrated in a video in the last year or so.

      • That's the funny thing.  Week after month after year after year, the same two things get said:

        - "Blender is the best ever!"
        - "If only Blender wasn't missing this and that and the other thing!"

        I never know how to process that.  It's like saying, it's perfect except for where it isn't.  Partially perfect, partially the best ever?

    • Cannot believe the controversy caused by my post. I'm just being enthusiast, I love the new features Blender 2.61 is bringing, and for me, as a hobbyist, BMesh would be the icing on the cake.

  5. Great, this is exactly the right moment for this release.
    I need a functional sequencer for my "use of Blender" presentation!

    Keep it up!

  6. "Janne Karhu offers to add a last minute fix for Particle dupli-objects.
    This was broken in 2.58, the fix in 2.59 only supports X-axis aligned
    objects. His patch will support reliable orientation with Object axis
    options. After long pro-con discussions it was decided to accept it."

    i am very happy about this:)

  7. Release around December 15?  really?

    Wow,   That's my Birthday three day later December 18th.

    I hope its release on Dec 18th, lol "just kidding"

    One question,  Will next release on Ocean Sim ?
    Thanks Blender Team

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