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Blender Wiki Upgraded


The Blender Wiki has just seen an extensive upgrade. Check out the features of the new skin, 'Naiad':

Luca Bonavita writes:

Finally, the Blender wiki has been upgraded, and has now:

  • a new navigation system
  • a new search engine
  • a new skin, codenamed Naiad.

For more information about the facts and about the people involved, please have a read at the project page.

Some information about the new skin and a feature video are available here.

If you are registered in the Blender Wiki and you can't see the new skin, please check your preferences ("Appearance" tab) and choose the skin called "Naiad".

Also, please report any wiki bug using the menu at the bottom on the right. Any feedback is more than welcome! :)

It's been though, but we're proud :)

We hope that Blender wiki readers will find the wiki experience more pleasant and enjoyable now!

About the Author

Avatar image for Bart Veldhuizen
Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. Blue link text on grey background is pretty hard to read. Also now that the page background is white, the black text on the interface screenshots on the dark grey background is almost impossible to see (not a problem in blender's UI because there isn't a huge white lamp shining in your eye in that case, but a pretty big problem in the wiki). The theme is horrible. Can I switch back to the old one somehow?

  2. I recently directed a friend of mine to the wiki, to learn more about some features. This new design will help starters to get into the content more easily, due to its better structured presentation (and its more visual appealing).

  3. White letters on light grey background (in some of the standard texts: "Main Page", language selection, "Page", "Discussion", "View Source", "History") are hardly visible - could you increase the contrast?

  4. More precisely about my previous post: It looks strange in Internet Explorer (8.0) - there are problems with the contrast, and it also scrolls the content through the header and footer.

    In FF (6.0) everything looks and works OK.

  5. AT LAST! The appalling white on black colour scheme is no more! I can finally read a page for more than 10 seconds without having scan lines burned into my eyeballs!

    Well done, the wiki looks far more professional, easier to use, and more relaxing with its new look.

  6. Hi everyone and thanks a ot for the kind comments (and also for the not-so-nice ones :)

    RE: Blue link text on grey background is pretty hard to read.
    RE: black text on the interface screenshots impossible to see.
    @Witold Jaworski
    RE: Increase the contrast on white letters on light grey background.
    RE: problems with Internet Explorer 8

    This kind of tweaking will happen anyway in the next future :)
    Would be nice yif oyu can use the bug wiki tracker to report! You can find the link in the "Wiki" menu in the wiki footer.

    RE: The theme is horrible. Can I switch back to the old one somehow?
    Yes, in your preferences, appearance tab, choose the "Blender" skin.

    RE: Backward/Forward button

    It's already coded and in the skin, but hidden :)
    I need to fix a couple of things on that and it'll be out there soon!


  7. Luca (mindrones), congratulation for the work.
    Be happy of your work, some people will never appreciate no matter what.
    I really appreciate the hard work. I'm sure you have been enjoying seeing the results, so am I.

    Congratulation to all the folks who had their effort on the wiki. Great work dudes.

    Thank you very much.

  8. It's not that I don't appreciate the work, the overall improvement is excellent, so thank you for that. I just like to work in a darkened room and very bright webpages hurt my eyes. I'm sure it would be much more readable if I worked in a well lit environment like everyone recommends.

  9. Luca, Very nice work! I really like the color scheme, it's easy on the eyes and read well for me. And as far as the layout and functionality go, it's awesome. You made it look pro!

    Thanks for such a great contribution.

  10. Thanks for the reworked wiki- It is not only beautiful, but easy on the eye when we read for long hours.

    I have a problem with it, though: I have high-resolution monitors, so the text looks tiny at default settings. I have to magnify practically all applications, including browsers. But if I zoom in, the right-side pane vanishes, and the tree pane occupies a disproportionate width on screen.

    This should be looked into.

    Also, can you make the tree pane foldable, like the bookmarks tree in Acrobat Reader. This will make more space available on the screen for the main text.

  11. Hi guys, and thanks again for being so nice :)

    RE: right-side pane vanishes on high res monitors
    RE: wiki messed up,

    Can you guys report in the bug tracker? (link in the wiki footer)

    RE: tree pane foldable

    Can you file a feature request at ? See the "Feature Requests" tracker.
    This will make it easier for us and you would get notified if someone fixes or make questions about your system.

    Thanks a lot!

  12. Much better!
    A lot more readable than the old white text on black background theme.

    Only thing I don't like are fixed elements in a page,
    screen estate is too precious for that

    Now the same for the main site please :)

  13. @Filing the issue/feature in the tracker:
    Will do. Thanks again!

    BTW the wiki is so beautiful and easy on the eye. Let's PLEASE have a Blender theme to match! :P

  14. Hi Luca!

    In order to file a bug and a feature request, I was taking screenshots at various zoom factors. At that time, I discovered that BOTH panels vanish at certain zoom factors. The only difference is they have different thresholds: The right panel vanishes at a relatively lower zoom factor. The tree pane vanishes at a higher zoom factor. Thus there is only a single issue now: Instead of making them vanish at an arbitrary zoom factor, let the viewer make that decision, and do it manually.

    I have filed issue#28711.


  15. Nice look !

    but the new search engine in the Blender v2.59.3 - API documentation section don't working for me.
    It's just keep going on the "Search..." animation and nothing appear. On my Iphone, Firefox and IE8.

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