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Pepper Branch Merged to Trunk


As of rev 39791, the GSoC pepper branch, including 3D Audio, Animation system polish, motion capture, BGE Animation an Collada improvements have been merged into trunk. Congrats and thanks to Joshua Lueng, Jörg Müller, Benjamin Cook, Mitchel Stokes, Prabhath Jayathilake and their mentors for their contributiuons!

@Graphicall writes:

Since r39791 Pepper branch has been merged to trunk!! Congrats to 3D Audio, Animation System, Motion Capture, BGE Anim and Collada projects!

Builds can already be found on Graphicall with the new additions.


  1. Please anyone correct me if i'm wrong, but 'trunk' refers to the permanent merging of this project with all future blender foundation 'official' release updates. Essentially it means that the stuff in pepper branch will become standard features in all main stream versions of Blender from here on in.

  2. GSOC projects actually getting merged ????
    This can only happen when the BF developers have been keeping a close eye on the students, and have truly had the time to fully mentor them. My hat goes off to the BF.
    BF has REALLY worked hard this year with the GSOC students.

  3. merged to trunk means it won't disappear and never be used, blender will officially support the features from now on in official releases.

  4. I am not sure I read the thruth in any of the comments above.
    Reading the last developer meeting notes, where do I find the approved 2.6 targets ?

  5. Congratulation to all the Peppers:) The motion capture tools rock, they're not just for motion capture, but for generic retargeting animations from on rig to another, totally awesome. I'm also extatic at blender's continued support for Collada, I wish other applications would support it more.....

  6. Well I have not doubt that this should be a good thing! I have already downloaded my copy,

    however what improvements does Pepper Branch bring? Any website or notes where we can read about it? I mean to get a full benefit of it ! rather than trying to find out what Pepper Branch does...Is there a site where we can find explanations about all of those builds? Garlic Branch, Tomato Branch...? etc etc For example I downloaded the Onion Branch which seems to be cool for sculpting and I could not sculpt anything on it once installed ! Obviously I was doing something wrong but no information anywhere ! :)

  7. Hmm, I thought the motion capture tools were targets for 2.61 (together with the tomato
    branch's camera tracking).

  8. I think one of the reason that this GSOC was succesfull was because it was planned as "summer of polish" in the first place. While I doesn't know the technical detail, it wasn't to create something new and complex out of thin air (like ocean sim, or whatever). But to improve and implement (for example, the camera matching was to incorporate other existing lib).

    So it's better to take a small step toward the right direction than to take a large step and fall into the chasm.

  9. "I don’t understand this. What is ‘trunk’ and what happens when pepper is ‘merged’ to trunk?"

    The trunk is the official version of Blender. The one that will be released as 2.6 when it's finished.
    Branches are alternative versions of blender, where huge new features are coded into. Small features, like bug fixes and little buttons and such are worked on directly in the trunk.
    When a feature is finished in the branch, the code for the new feature is then ported into the trunk.

    Get it? :P

    GSOC projects actually getting merged ????
    This can only happen when the BF developers have been keeping a close eye on the students, and have truly had the time to fully mentor them. My hat goes off to the BF."

    Yes. Now since 2.5 is done, the GSOC projects are going to be merged.
    Since 2.5 there was a feature freeze for blender, that is - no huge new features can be added to blender, so there are less bugs in the trunk, so that blender 2.5x releases can be as stable as they can possibly be. If all new features were merged during 2.5, it would have taken years till blender is stable.
    Now that 2.5 is stable, Since 2.59 release the feature freeze stopped. That means, expect loads of new features in the 2.6 series.

    That is, for example 2.61 will have the first early version of Cycles. Somewhere in the 2.6x series we will get bmesh. My guess is 2.62.
    The way it will work now:
    Blender will be released every two months, first month - add a few new features, next month - short feature freeze to bug fix the new features, and then release. And do the two month routine all over.They can't add to many features in the first month, because they won't have enough time to bugfix them in the next month.

    Only well reviewed branches are going to get merged.
    (BF does code reviews on branches and patches)

    "however what improvements does Pepper Branch bring? "
    You can read about this years google summer of code branches here:
    But there are lots of other branches around... For example, GSOC of 2010, Cycles, Bmesh, Ptex, etc etc etc....

  10. @Steven
    "This is all great news will blender actually merge the summer code before 2.6 ?"
    Not all of it instantly, but a bunch of projects per release, so they have enough time to bugfix.

    "For example when will knife tool be finshed ?"
    Did you not know how the knife works in the Bmesh branch?
    You will get this knife once the Bmesh branch is merged.
    It has bevel as well.

    No one bothers to code Bevel or knife into the trunk, because that's double work.

  11. EXTATIC !!!

    This is awesome, been helping out on the COLLADA stuff, great to see this go into trunk ... had never dared hope this would happen so soon :)

    Also looking forward to play with the animation retargeting stuff. This is truly turning out to be the best GSoC ever :)

  12. @FreeMan good to know about the knife tool but i don't really use the branchs from graphicall, i just wait for stable releases ;).
    I look forward to its release.

    Ive already got bevel weights working in 2/3 of my blender installs, its one of the first things i done when switching to blender from max.

  13. 'Is there any news about the unlimited clay project?"

    Unlimited clay is on hold till Bmesh is in trunk, cause the developer got into memory problems, which are impossible to fix in the current blender edit.

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