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Trailer: Los Peres Ozorio


Luis Martinez writes:

Hello Blender dudes!
Let me  introduce a new animation series; Los Peres Ozorio made entirely with open source,  Blender 3D its at his core, produced in Puerto Rico and Spain!  This 3D animated series will showcase a regular family (4) struggling to survive in the modern society filled with optimism an good humor.  We are currently in the pre-production stage, but we have launched a teaser to introduce our main characters.   There is much work ahead of us, but we're certain that very soon we will be presenting the first season of Los Peres Ozorio.  If you like to stay tuned with this hillarious animated series made with Blender, please visit our site  If you have any comments, suggestions or ideas, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

We hope you like it!


  1. Love the coquí in the bg audio... a little Puerto Rican favor to the mix. Nice work! I liked the lighting. Was there in AO in the scene? Will this production be in English or Spanish? What version of Blender? I may be able to assist w/ rendering. I have a modest little rendering farm... I was the render wrangler for 'Hangar No. 5' a few years back.

  2. George of the jungle on

    I didn't like it at all... there is a comlpetly lack of animation principle... poor lightning, flikering textures, etc etc etc...

  3. a Gorge of the jungle

    its true is a principle, but that does not entitle you...dale break and you see how he goes over you...etc etc God bless you!!
    la esposa o sea Luis Martinez' wife

  4. Luis Martinez on

    Hi George!

    We're here to show our work in progress, and all critics are very important to us, any critics, good and bad are well appreciated. Thanks a lot for your feedback, very subjective though! Please if you have any professional advice that could point us to make a better product, your advice are more than welcome!

    I'll be glad to hear from you in the near future, regarding our initiative.

    I wish you the best of lucks!

    Best Regards;

    Luis Martinez
    Professional 3D Animator
    [email protected]

  5. George of the jungle on

    blender users are awesome... when someone says something is awful or dont like it... even the artist's wife" jumps to your neck.. psss.
    How professional I am has nothing to do with my critics... SO dont try to be ironic asking for my advice.. I can see you are the Professional animator here....

    Even being a WIP work.. it shows the very lack of knowledge.
    Anyway, please, keep kissing each other just for use blender... you are gonna keep being same mediocre

    Good luck to all of you... you all really need it

  6. No problem George, you have it right!

    The Art is very subjective matter, and no one is enforced to like others work, but certainly, there are some considerations, don't you think?

    You have your right to think whatever you want! If you feel we're mediocre, well I then congratulate you for having those kindly words to us! we will make every effort at the reach of our hands to keep our project at top notch level.

    I'm not being ironic asking for advice if you have some to offer, that's the purpose of this community, to offer support among the community members.

    Read the 5 previous post, and you will see what I mean. That's genuine blender users willing to give subjective critiques and offer their help!

    As for our project (Los Peres Ozorio), It's not intended for all sort of audiences, but I assure you this; We are here to promote our work and get to somewhere that leads us to a success.

    With all that said, thanks a lot for your interest in our project, We'll not let you down on this!

    If you have any additional words for us, comments, critics, or the like, please don't hesitate to contact me directly at [email protected] and I invite you to visit our site regularly to stay tuned with the project advances.

    Kindly regards;
    Luis R. Martinez

  7. Hi Blender Boy!

    Thanks a lot for your feedback.

    In response of your answers, my renders was with Blender Internal Renderer, Aproximate Ambient Occlusion (AAO), with Indirect Light set at a miminim value.

    At this point we're seriously evaluating de language, since the project was originally targeted to be regional (Puerto Rico / Spanish), but there are too many reasons that we can't ignore, to develop the series in english. The version of Blender I'm currently using is the 2.58.

    Refering to your assistance with the rendering process, it would be great. We currently have some rendering workstations, but additional help is always welcome!

    Thanks a lot Blender Boy, we will in touch soon!

    Kindly regards;

    Luis R. Martinez
    [email protected]

  8. Geez, George, not all of us are professionals here. Some of us are just sharing, some experimenting, etc.... some of us are even newbies... and that's what this blog is all about. No need to be so immature about it.

  9. George of the jungle on

    "Geez, George, not all of us are professionals here. Some of us are just sharing, some experimenting, etc…. some of us are even newbies… and that’s what this blog is all about. No need to be so immature about it."

    But... but.... he says he is a Professional 3d animator!!!! hahaha, I agree with you.. but, don't say you are a professional if you aren't! I can mention a dozen of problems in the first 5 seconds.... And he and his wife (?) wanna cut my head just for saying I didn't like it at all? hahahaha...


    denDwaler:" Very funny, you really teased me with this teaser. Good lightning by the way!"

    BlenderBoy:" I liked the lighting"
    Are you serious? All blender comunity got blind?

    I repeat, nobody has to be a professional to see what I'm saying

    Animation is quite rustic, no animation principles!
    It's ok if you are a newbie or learning animation, but dont call a professional animator by yourself, and something worst... dont discredit my critics asking me for advices ironically. That makes you even more amateur :D

    Anyway, good luck to these professionals, they are gonna need it more than me!

  10. Hi George!

    Wow! very strong words you just used, very passionate on your point, but be carefull, everyone deserves respect no matter the level they are!

    Thanks a lot for your interest in our project and your corcerns regarding the quality of the final product. We will work very hard to improve it!

    I wish we could catch some of your enthusiasm to leverage our product to the best way possible.

    I suggest you if you have any subjective critique, to do it with respect to others, taking into consideration that every work has its own credit. My teaser for example was over 10 weeks of really hard work to finish an animated course which I've recently completed and approved.

    The Art is a very subjective matter, and is subject to likes and dislikes, and I accept that my style doesn't fit your standards, but there is way to say things.

    I'm looking forward to improve to bring a quality product which will have a great entertainment value, and educational as well.

    Luis Martinez
    [email protected]

  11. I understand it took a lot of work to make this... but it's just not good. I'm not going to say it's good just because you used blender. The timing is off. The sounds don't fit the actions. The animation is not natural. It just needs a lot more work. For example... when the girl drops the megaphone the first time it made a very loud sound... the second time... nothing! Lots of things like this that make it not work for me.

    Good luck though... you sound enthusiastic enough to get better.

  12. George of the jungle on

    "to do it with respect to others"
    Never been disrespectful, didn't used any bad word, maybe you are a bit sensitive. If you need it I may embellish my words, but the point will be the same. PLease read again my first critic... Your problem maybe is that I said it's awful! :D

    "The Art is a very subjective matter," "I accept that my style doesn’t fit your standards"
    This is not about art or styles!MY GOD! you dont have any of those! This is about knowledge, training, technics and first of all: HUMILITY... don't call yourself professional just for finished a cheap "animation" course... What you showed here has nothing of it

    Please read what Random Dude said... he finishes what I say..

    Again.. good luck!

    Not much to say anymore

  13. a question George of the jungle, you have studies in animation? show some of what you have done for us also discuss their work.
    I think he needs to learn but that is not so funny ways to make critical
    luck to you, george.

  14. @Peace Man and others: You don't need to be trained to see when something is wrong. I can't animate to save my own life... does this not entitle me to say that I find it a very low quality production? Maybe George was too harsh with his words but in the end I agree with what he is saying. If the only acceptable critique is "WOW... this is awesome" then we're all just wasting our time promoting mediocrity.

    We have nothing against Luis... we don't even know the guy. We just saw what is posted here and we gave our honest opinion. Which I think is a good exercise for him to accept negative comments. Luis Martinez should keep working and posting and I will continue to say it how I see it. Hopefully one day with some positive comments :-)

  15. Constructive criticism is very much appreciated & expected... but like Random Dude said, George was just too harsh. Be more supportive and polite and give Luis a break. After all, he seems to be willing to improve.

  16. George of the jungle on

    "I didn’t like it at all… there is a comlpetly lack of animation principle… poor lightning, flikering textures, etc etc etc…"

    After this he started to be ironic and his wife(?) jumped to my neck as if I said Luis was retad or something...

    This is all I said... as i told him .. if you all want I may embellish it, however, it won't change anything.

    Got bored of this...


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