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The Adventure of Dalela & Zibak


A breakdown of the VFX in a new Arabic television series.

Samran Abed Alsalam writes:

The Adventure of Dalela & Zibak is HD entertainment Arabic Serial of two parts and i am the VFX artist .

I am the only 3D artist i did all this work + Edit the Promo and all fighting scenes in this Serial and a many of postproduction shot. Blender and Apple Mac and my wife helped me a lot to finish this work :D

I used 2 Mac pro and 1 Pc + Blender 2.49 for import camera tracking "VRML97" and Blender 2.5X for 3D and Render, FinalCut And After Effects for final Compositing and matchmover 4 camera tracking.

The building modeling and UV is easy in Blender. I used textures Bake to collect the textures on one image and painting over it in Blender

I use internal render + Sun light and environment lighting and pass layers for render. The Compositing in Blender helped me a lot, I used the Z pass to add fog and depth Color for the shot, lens distortion to fix live shot or add distortion to 3d layers, and preview final Comp before render.

I like Color managements and i found many Bug :D and the big problems for me in Blender is the slow done and antialiasing I hope Blender Dev Team focus on this. And also used Boids Particle for simulate the birds , I think in next parts of this Serial i will use the Boids for crowd simulations !!!

I think if I had more time I will give you results in Blender more realistic and quality of this results and this is what I will try to work on it in Part II of this series

I love Blender and I like support it and I think Blender is the most easy 3d program and if i use max or maya i think i need double time to get the same results.

sorry for my bad english :)
and thanks

Samran Abed Alsalam

About the Author

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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. Amazing. I love the editing of that clip too.

    Very advanced stuff from my point of view, that makes me want to give composting a closer look.

    Well done and congrats...


  2. Rene Hänsel on

    awesome stuff. really high prof compositing.
    I also keep busy on matchmoving, especially in S3D.
    I love to combine real-Footage and CGI´s in Blender. And i love to see other people do it the same way.

  3. All I can say is "WOW".
    How long have you been using Blender and such ?
    Where did you learn all these skills ?

  4. and now who can say blender is not useful in a true movie?
    i hope the team is reading those suggestions coming from a so professional user
    this post is very encouraging but there are some new ideas

  5. Great work! But I'd really like to see Blender used for the compositing for a change, or other open source compositing software maybe (if available), instead of the usual AfterEffects.

  6. Very nice! How long did this take? For one person, even just the modeling and texturing looks like a several month project!

  7. awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Are you sure it make by blender? All of it by blender?

    If you said is true, Then show us a small tutorial please.


  8. Impressive work, most impressive in fact! I love how you transition between the before/after parts, which highlight the quality of your work. Congratulations to you and your wife, and thanks for sharing this!

  9. I know this was probably one of the easiest things that was done, but I loved what was done with the sky, so many of those relatively bland blue skies turned into rich sky scapes, that just made the shots look amazing :-) incredible work with everything though :-)

  10. @ Aldi - A great case for having people fund the openCL compositing project going on right now. Appart from speeding things up massively, it gets more attention to the compositor and with more speed will come more use, more testing, bugfixing and from there features.

    @Samran - Fantastic work, both technically and artistically, especially some of that matchmoving and replacing the fields with whole cities. Stunning that this was all just one person! Would you mind sharing what would need to be in Blender for you to *want* to use Blender in your future work instead of After Effects? Thanks, and keep up the awesome work!

  11. Wow! Good job! Very clever. It gave me a lot of good ideas and things to think about for my own projects. Keep up the good work!

  12. Very cool!

    It would appear that the audio was entirely taken from the Assassin's Creed Revelations E3 trailer and synced to fit the animation. I find that quite amusing actually.

  13. Wow, very good use of the blue screen technology! exspecially the background wide area shots are stunningly good, hard to believe just one person did this all by himself!
    Sorry to be nitpicking here but there are some bad bluescreen errors with foilage in this clip that kills the mood for me in the overall stunning performence!
    There is Foilage of a in front standing tree suddenly behind the foilage of a tree in the background and sometimes the foilage jumps in. I can see how someone who works so close on a project can oversee these mistakes (and no second pair of eyes that will realize these mistakes) thats why i wanted to tell you they are there and im sure a not so trained eye will most likely miss them but still i wanted to be sure you know they are there.

    On 0:35 there suddenly disapears a bush on the right side as soon as it gets over the blue screen wall in the background.
    Also in 0:55 you can see the original foilage of a tree on the trunk of the fake one as a stencil (again right side)
    Also very good visible at the 1:14 mark (on the right side)
    on 2:04 there is again on the same tree the same stencil problem as above

  14. @Blendiac: Just wondering but how effective & efficient is Blender as a compositor in its current state? And for production purpose?

  15. thanks everyone for the comments and support :D
    the work tack a 35 day after shoting
    the secret behind this is the tracking if u have good tracking u will have good results
    i us the 3d object for crate mask layer for the tree and the building so i don't use 2d mask this is help me allot " i us 2d mask in AF for afew cases " and this is way i us AF coz have 2d mask and the keying very good in AF @Blendiac
    the compositing in blender is awesome and help me allot 2 i feel very Comfortable whan i use compositing beside 3D
    @ Kreon thanks ... i know i have many of problem coz i don't have time this is the big problem for me and i will try to give petter results in Part II of this series
    same wip img

  16. That's pretty kick ass work right there. :) I like the results quite some. Think this project would really benefit from Cycles renderer however. I can see much what is CGI and what is real. Realistic rendering would be nice.

    But overall, It's really nicely pulled off. :D

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