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Machstudio pro 2 : free GPU realtime animation and rendering system


Machstudio 2 pro is a very attractive looking realtime render and animation system for those who can use the power and style of GPU based shading systems. Think about it as Blender GLSL shading on steroids. It offers extreme powerful tools such as realtime Ambient Occlusion, programable shaders, HDR lightning, Screen Space Global Illumination, render passes, individual light to object linking, Depth of Field, Real-time displacement mapping using hardware tessellation, reflection and refractions, and others. It also features a very intuitive to use character animation system including NLE timeline. Best of it is that it was released as free.


Machstudio 2 pro reminds me very much about a commercial product I used for rapid material and product presentations. Those packages such as Alias Portfolio cost most times around 10k per licence. So in case you are working in the product or architecture area this might be a great additional tool for you to visualize your 3D models. I for myself find the GLSL implementation in Blender lacking many features and speed and this seems to be great for the task of producing fast material previews.

You can get Machstudio 2 pro at:



  • Robust Shader and Material Pipeline
  • Optimizes material creation using industry standard (blinn, phong, lambert, etc.) and specialized shaders (sub-surface scattering, reflection, car paint, etc.).
  • Interactive Ambient Occlusion (AO)
  • Streamlines one of the most time consuming processes in the production pipeline, the powerful real-time AO generator reduces days to hours and hours to seconds.
  • Fully-configurable constraint systems for lighting and animation
  • Provides unprecedented artistic freedom to design complex lighting rigs with the flexibility to quickly alter them at any point in the production process.
  • Fully animatable properties for all objects, lights, materials and cameras, including auto-keying
  • Bring static images to life with a flexible auto-key system. All objects, down to the fragment level and property keys can be animated.
  • Real-time High Dynamic Range (HDR) cameras and lighting
  • Provides powerful settings, which allow artists to choose the best exposure for their images.
  • Discreet light-linking functionality
  • Allows artists to easily connect lights to any object, material and even render pass.
  • Fully-configurable Python Scripting, Attributes and Expressions Interface
  • MachStudio Pro is fully scriptable which allows easy customization into any production workflow.

New Features

  • Pixar RenderMan Integration
  • Provides the flexibility to switch between or combine fast high-fidelity MachStudio Pro GPU-based rendering and industry-standard Academy Award®-winning Pixar RenderMan CPU-based ray tracing rendering software on-the-fly to create beauty shots and/or specific render passes.
  • MetaSL and mental ray Support
  • Allows 3D artists to quickly and easily build MetaSL-based custom procedural shaders using an intuitive mental mill® node graph user interface for rendering out to both the mental ray and MachStudio Pro renderer.
  • Improved Pipeline Rendering Functionality
  • Offers a new Unified Pass Renderer (UPR), which breaks out all passes for the final render, and an EXR Sandwich Tool that combines all EXR files into one layered file for compositing.
  • DirectX 11-Based Workflow
  • Offers more efficient rendering, tessellation, and multi-threading capabilities for improved performance throughout the pipeline.
  • Volumetric and Screen Space Global Illumination (GI)
  • Takes into account the bouncing of light from surfaces, allowing for more realistic renderings.
  • Spot and Directional Lights
  • Allows for greater freedom towards achieving perfect lighting conditions.
  • FBX Output
  • Exports models and baked textures in the FBX file format for compatibility with all leading 3D modeling and animation software programs.
  • Increased Python Support
  • Allows for the creation of custom properties, parenting objects, and spot and directional lights.
  • Workflow Improvements
  • Eases organization and viewing of everything in a scene, including groups, hierarchies, context menus, light sets, influencers and render pass isolation.

Additional Features

  • Real-time material creation and manipulation
  • Percentage-Closer Soft Shadows (PCSS) depth map shadows
  • Physically-based camera lenses with depth of field
  • Stereoscopic camera support
  • Procedural ramp texture generation for projected lights
  • Real-time displacement mapping using hardware tessellation
  • Vertex animation compression
  • Depth-peeling for higher precision AO and transparency sorting
  • Reflections and refractions
  • Subsurface scattering
  • Floating point velocity maps
  • Multi-threaded interface and renderer
  • Custom configurable anti-aliasing algorithms
  • Industry standard render passes for streamlined integration with compositing


  1. Holy Crap! WHere did /this/ come from...looks amazing.
    Definitely worth learning more about it...the free version seems worth a run, after a real-time nap.

    I wonder where the free full-version ends and $4/5,000 Pro version begins...and how it Blends.
    Don't even know why I'm posting, nothing to add---ALL THESE features would be top-notch, yet would be a ro-beast to learn, but something tells me the future is happening regardless.

  2. La merde sainte! Où avez / présent / proviennent ... semble incroyable. Certainement en valeur en apprendre davantage sur elle ... la version gratuite semble valoir la peine à courir, après une sieste en temps réel. Je me demande où le logiciel gratuit version complète se termine et $ 4 / 5, 000 version Pro commence ... et comment il s'intègre. Ne sais même pas pourquoi je poste, rien à ajouter --- Toutes ces caractéristiques serait haut de gamme, mais serait un ro-bête pour apprendre, mais quelque chose me dit l'avenir qui se passe malgré tout.

  3. There's info on why it's free on the download page- click on the question mark:

    'How could this be? How can StudioGPU offer such a valuable piece of software at no cost? Let us briefly explain how we can do it. We firmly believe that MachStudio Pro is a revolutionary piece of software that will completely transform the way that you work in 3D by saving you both time and money. Based on our confidence in this notion, we think we can create a viable business model from generating revenue from Support, Training and Consulting Services. Please help us change the 3D production world for the better. Take a spin on MachStudio Pro today. You won't be sorry.'

    Ps: the quality of the images is very nice, considering it's real-time! And looks like has toon-shader type settings, which is great for me!

    • any idea when the site's coming back - I downloaded a while back but didn't have time - now I have time and can't find my download and the site looks to have been hacked :(

  4. Il ya d'infos sur pourquoi il est libre sur la page de téléchargement de cliquer sur le point d'interrogation: «Comment cela pourrait-il être? Comment peut-Studiogpu offrir un tel élément précieux de logiciel sans coût? Laissez-nous expliquer brièvement comment nous pouvons le faire. Nous croyons fermement que machstudio Pro est une pièce révolutionnaire d'un logiciel qui va complètement transformer la façon dont vous travaillez en 3D en vous sauvant temps et argent. Basé sur notre confiance dans cette notion, nous pensons que nous pouvons créer un modèle d'affaires viable de générer des revenus à partir des services de soutien, de formation et de conseil. S'il vous plaît nous aider à changer le monde de la production 3D pour le mieux. Faites un tour sur le machstudio Pro aujourd'hui. Vous ne serez pas déçu. " Ps: la qualité des images est très agréable, étant donné que c'est en temps réel! Et ressemble a des paramètres de type toon shader, ce qui est formidable pour moi!

  5. Thanks for this great news!

    Almost can't believe it--a full $5000 discount! :D Hope this new business model works for them (it certainly does for us)

    Checked their website and it's been free since at least May 19, we need to help spread the word...

  6. Merci pour cette nouvelles! Presque peux pas le croire - une remise totale de 5000 $! : D J'espère que ce nouveau modèle d'affaires qui fonctionne pour eux (ce n'est certainement pour nous) vérifié leur site web et il est libre depuis au moins au 19 mai, nous avons besoin pour aider à passer le mot ...

  7. I downloaded this and tried it. Unluckily for me my graphic card was not compatible, sniff, sniff. But it looks really cool.

  8. J'ai téléchargé ceci et ai essayé. Malheureusement pour moi ma carte graphique n'était pas compatible, sniff, sniff. Mais il semble vraiment cool.

  9. Interesting. Downloading it now.

    "MachStudio Pro renders out to the most popular file formats at speeds that are hundred of times faster than traditional software renderers. Supported file formats at any resolution and standard frame rate include: .mov, .dds, .avi, .ppm, .bmp, .dib, .jpg, .hdr, .tga, .pfm, .png"

    Well, if Blender won't do QT, Machstudio will!

  10. Intéressant. Le téléchargement de maintenant. "Machstudio Pro rend vers les formats les plus populaires à des vitesses qui sont des centaines de fois plus vite que d'équarrissage logiciels traditionnels formats de fichiers pris en charge à n'importe quelle résolution et fréquence d'image standard incluent:.. Mov, DDS, avi, ppm, bmp.... ,. dib,. jpg,. hdr,. tga,. pfm,. png "Eh bien, si Blender ne fera pas l'intervalle QT, machstudio va!

  11. It is by no means close to what Cycles can deliver

    but if a directx shading style works for you and your project need
    this is seriously a good deal.

    It would be great those tools such as AO and realtime GI / SSS GLSL in Blender could do
    because then you could do it all right inside Blender ;)

  12. Il n'est en aucun cas proche de ce que peuvent offrir les cycles, mais si un style d'ombrage DirectX fonctionne pour vous et votre projet est sérieusement besoin de cette une bonne affaire. Ce serait génial de ces outils tels que AO et en temps réel GI / SSS GLSL dans Blender peut faire, car alors vous pourriez le faire tout droit dans Blender;)

  13. Sounds nice, but its only a good deal if you need it. its no platform for wide Range of productions in my opinion. And The Showcase even the Audi Q7 dont looks real, everything looks like good Gamegraphic. But hej, if you need that style and very quick results. Try it.

  14. Sonne bien, mais c'est seulement une bonne affaire si vous en avez besoin. sa plate-forme pour ne éventail de productions, à mon avis. Et la vitrine, même l'Audi Q7 n'avez semble réel, tout ressemble à Gamegraphic bon. Mais hej, si vous avez besoin que le style et les résultats très vite. Essayez-le.

  15. Wow, I'll take it! I must say, looking at the result, I think Cycles produces better-looking quality with the real-time results (kudos to the Cycles developers!), but I think this program is faster than it at the moment, and its other features will definitely have good use with me.

  16. Wow, je vais le prendre! Je dois dire, en regardant le résultat, je pense Cycles produit plus belle qualité avec des résultats en temps réel (bravo aux développeurs Cycles!), Mais je pense que ce programme est plus rapide que pour le moment, et ses autres caractéristiques ont certainement une bonne utilisation avec moi.

  17. This is very brave of them to offer this using the support profit model!

    I think that's showing the calibre of a company that is interested in simply getting their product out there to the masses to use.

    Congrats to the DEVS, and thank you.

    I really hope you can keep this up!


  18. C'est très courageux d'entre eux pour offrir cette aide du modèle lucratif de soutien! Je pense que c'est le calibre montrant d'une entreprise qui est intéressée à simplement obtenir leur produit là-bas pour les masses à utiliser. Félicitations aux devs, et je vous remercie. J'espère vraiment que vous pouvez garder cette place! Mark

  19. Before you waste your time downloading this software be aware that the import capabilities are highly restrictive. There is no .obj support.

    Information from the site:"Quote"
    MachStudio can import the following formats:
    .gxb - MachStudio Pro’s native static geometry file format*
    .gab - MachStudio Pro’s native animation file format*
    .cam - MachStudio Pro’s native camera animation file format*

    The exporter plugins are needed in order to create these file formats. Note that only the Maya, 3DS Max and XSI plugins support all three.

    .fbx - Industry standard data interchange file format - The .fbx format can only be used for static geometry, it does not support animation.

    If you’d like to use MachStudio for animation production, I would highly recommend using Maya or 3D Studio Max. Maya is supported best. Further, it is a good idea to include either Mental-ray standalone or Renderman for pick performance and image quality in a fully integrated GPU CPU pipeline. "End Quote"

    In the forums it was stated by the admin that the company is prepared to create exporter plugins for any 3D software app if it is paid for by the 3D software app company.

  20. Avant de perdre votre temps à télécharger ce logiciel soit conscient que les capacités d'importation sont très restrictives. Il n'y a aucune. Soutien obj. Information sur le site: "Citation" machstudio pouvez importer les formats suivants:... GXB - machstudio Pro natif * statiques format géométrique fichier gab - machstudio Pro * natif format d'animation de fichier cam - machstudio Pro format natif de caméra d'animation * Les plugins exportateur sont nécessaires afin de créer ces formats de fichier. Notez que seuls les Maya, 3DS Max et XSI plugins soutenir tous les trois. . FBX - Industrie de données standard de format d'échange de fichiers. - Le format FBX ne peut être utilisée pour la géométrie statique, il ne supporte pas d'animation. Si vous souhaitez utiliser pour la production d'animation machstudio, je recommande fortement d'utiliser Maya ou 3D Studio Max. Maya est soutenue meilleurs. En outre, il est une bonne idée d'inclure soit mentale-ray autonome ou Renderman pour des performances ramasser et de qualité d'image dans un pipeline du processeur GPU intégré. »Fin de citation" Dans les forums il a été déclaré par l'administrateur que la société est prête à créer des plugins exportateur pour n'importe quelle application logicielle 3D si elle est payée par l'entreprise app logiciels 3D.

  21. The only renderers I'm interested in will be those that are part of Blender or work directly inside Blender as a seamless Add-on (like the old YafRay used to). I haven't got time to mess with endless exporting / importing or models (and all the associated problems). If you get the current Blender (2.57) lighting right, you can get some very respectable 'product' lighting.

  22. Les moteurs de rendu que je suis intéressé par seront ceux qui font partie de Blender ou travailler directement dans Blender comme une transparente Add-on (comme le YafRay ancienne utilisée pour). Je n'ai pas de temps à perdre avec des interminables exportation / importation ou de modèles (et tous les problèmes liés). Si vous obtenez le courant de Blender (2.57) bon éclairage, vous pouvez obtenir un éclairage de très respectables "produit".

  23. I haven't seen any nice vis of architecture. Is there on their website any gallery? -.-
    I can see that it has many features but couldn't find any good renders...

  24. Je n'ai pas vu toute belle vis de l'architecture. Est-il sur leur site web, une galerie? -.- Je peux voir qu'il possède de nombreuses fonctionnalités, mais n'a pas pu trouver aucune bonne rend ...

  25. very nice indeed, but too bad there isn't a linux version. Anyway I'd like to see all these features implemented in blender. Do you think that will happen anytime soon?

  26. vraiment très agréable, mais dommage qu'il n'y est pas une version Linux. Quoi qu'il en soit, je voudrais voir toutes ces fonctionnalités mises en œuvre dans un mélangeur. Pensez-vous que va se passer bientôt?

  27. BI is the shame of blender.
    Just look at this - Completely BI like renders in real time.
    Would take days to render in blender.

    Wish cycles could do that in the future.

  28. BI est la honte de mélangeur. Il suffit de regarder ce - Complètement BI tels rend en temps réel. Prendrait des jours pour rendre dans un mélangeur. Rêves cycles pourrait le faire à l'avenir.

  29. Also quoted on their site:

    Importing Assets

    The exporters included with the product provide seamless transfer of static models, animations and cameras created in popular modeling and animation programs right into MachStudio Pro. Exporters for leading CG packages such as Maya, 3ds Max, Rhino, SketchUp Pro, Revit and ArchiCAD are available now, with SolidWorks, XSI, Blender and more coming very soon.

  30. Cité également sur leur site: Actifs Importation Les exportateurs inclus avec le produit de fournir le transfert transparent des modèles statiques, des animations et des caméras créé dans la modélisation de programmes d'animation populaire et à droite dans machstudio Pro. Les exportateurs des paquets CG leaders telles que Maya, 3ds Max, Rhino, SketchUp Pro, Revit et ArchiCAD sont disponibles dès maintenant, avec SolidWorks, XSI, Blender et plus à venir très bientôt.

  31. There is a an exporter, a python script for Blender 2.49b, inside the Machtstudio folder.
    But I don't have tried it.
    The best could be a conversion of this script for Blender 2.5.

    The render quality is not the best, but for cartoon animation are perfect and very fast respect to blender

  32. Il est un exportateur une, un script python pour Blender 2.49b, à l'intérieur du dossier Machtstudio. Mais je n'ai pas essayé. Le meilleur pourrait être une conversion de ce script pour Blender 2.5. La qualité de rendu n'est pas le meilleur, mais pour l'animation de dessin animé sont le respect parfait et très rapide à Blender

  33. @Touchwood

    In response to a question asked within MachStudios forums about exporters for apps other than the ones you have listed the following is the reply.

    "All development work is client driven.
    We will develop any plug-in you wish to fund."

    So unless money is paid to MachStudio to develop an exporter plugin for the current or future releases of Blender then it won't happen.

  34. @ Touchwood En réponse à une question posée au sein des forums MachStudios sujet exportateurs pour les applications autres que celles que vous avez dressé la liste suivante est la réponse. «Tout le travail de développement est axée sur le client. Nous allons développer un plug-in que vous souhaitez financer." Donc, sauf si l'argent est versé à machstudio de développer un plugin exportateur pour les versions actuelles ou futures de Blender alors il ne se produira pas.

  35. Does anyone know how well this program works with a Nvidia Quadro-Cuba based graphics card?

    Also can someone please point me to a good Blender forum where i can find out out about and discuss hardware issues and find out what plugins best suit my needs?

    Thanks in advance.

  36. Est-ce que quelqu'un sait à quel point ce programme fonctionne avec une carte Nvidia Quadro-Cuba sur la base des graphismes? Aussi quelqu'un peut-il m'indiquer s'il vous plaît un bon forum Blender où je peux trouver connaître et discuter des problèmes matériels et découvrir ce plugins conviennent le mieux à mes besoins? Merci d'avance.

  37. I wasn't able to locate any info if this was in fact just a trial as elephantatech indicated above. Can anyone confirm?

  38. Je n'ai pas été capable de localiser toute info, si cela était en fait juste un essai comme indiqué ci-dessus elephantatech. Quelqu'un peut confirmer?

  39. @ elephantatech
    The website doesn't seem to have been fully updated- it says different things, on different pages. But from what I can see, it used to be a free 30-day trial- but now it's fully free- there’s info on why it’s free on the download page- click on the (hard to see) small question mark:

    ‘How could this be? How can StudioGPU offer such a valuable piece of software at no cost? Let us briefly explain how we can do it. We firmly believe that MachStudio Pro is a revolutionary piece of software that will completely transform the way that you work in 3D by saving you both time and money. Based on our confidence in this notion, we think we can create a viable business model from generating revenue from Support, Training and Consulting Services. Please help us change the 3D production world for the better. Take a spin on MachStudio Pro today. You won’t be sorry.’

    As well as being good for those like me (wanting a cartoony look), it's also has a very good use, to test out your animations in real time, and adjust lighting, materials etc on the fly, and get quite a close approximation of what the final outcome will look like (avoiding hours, or days of wasted rendering). At any time you can render a frame or section of animation directly (currently only in Maya I think), to check final output (that'd be nice to have in Blender!).

    Another point made on their site; as you see the results immediately, it allows for a huge amount of experimentation in real time, which isn't possible with other systems (including OpenCL renderers)- other programs can do still frames (a lot slower), but not animations. I totally agree with them- this could make a huge improvement to the quality of your final output!

    @ kpulka
    Check the Customer Showcase menu items- there's stills and animations- quite impressive! But need to read notes on right- in some cases, objects (like ones with fur) have been rendered in Maya and overlaid.

  40. Wow, I'm downloading it right now. Hopefully, this won't crash like Cycles does with my larger arch renders. Wonder for how long is this free though, and if it later on affect my current copy.

  41. Ant, thx for the info! I did read "‘How could this be? How can StudioGPU offer such a valuable piece of software at no cost? Let us...", but was concern this was just bait for people to try it out for 30 days w/out flatout just saying what "free" really meant. :-) I'll give it a go!!!

  42. Heads up many may not be able to run this unless you have a system with Vista and you must have graphic card that has Directx 11 from box and thats not a joke.
    I hope to get this running soon when i have some cash to spare for a new card.

  43. they are giving it out for free, (But i think with promos and ads in it) but there's also a buy option. fund the information here.

    "MachStudio Pro is available for an instant software-only download or CD for $3,999, or as a bundle with the full software CD package and an ATI FirePro V8800 3D graphics accelerator card for only $4,999. All products come with and a full year of technical support and product maintenance updates. MachStudio Pro is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, Windows XP Professional, and Windows Vista.

    The MachStudio Pro student bundle is available for $999 (USD) to qualified students in North America. This version includes a full version of the MachStudio Pro software and an ATI FirePro V7800 workstation graphics accelerator card. A software only student version is available in North America for $499 (USD). Proof of full-time enrollment in an Associate, Bachelor, Masters or Doctoral program is required to qualify for all student versions. For pricing in other regions, please contact us."

  44. I don't get it. It requires DX11 card, but why?
    I think, it is about speed o those card with DX11 on board.
    Practically there is no difference between cards with 10 or 11 in terms of rendering. Only render times are shorter but only because cards with 11 are faster.
    What do You think....

  45. I'm a touch confused...

    Do you actually do your animations in this - or do you import your pre-made animations from your other 3D package and then do the lighting and rendering? Or can you do both?

  46. Has one of you succeeded in installing it on a Win7 64 platform ?
    It goes through all the install process without a glitch, says install went fine, but install folder weights 240kB and that's all…

  47. The install went fine for me (win7 64bit). The problem is that it is useless without being able to import a scene from your 3d app of choice. In my case Blender and C4D. This app is for the Autodesk boys only I am afraid....

  48. @ 8-bit
    I notice today that all pages seem to have the `No strings attached, and no personal info needed. Free full version download.' link, rather than the 30 day trial one. A bit of a poor launch really- it's impact being eroded by the doubt that it really was free!

    @ Martin
    Either- you can import anims, or play with them in MachStudio- check out the tutorials:

    I think I was wrong about it having a toon shader- I think it's the non-photorealistic renderer and ambient occlusion, which give it the cartoony look.
    But being able to have ambient occlusion at those render speeds is pretty cool!

  49. Here's an older review (Jan `10)- which gives a nice overview of MachStudio:

    According to review, it does have a toon shader- `The Shaders that come with MachStudio are excellent. In addition to the simple shaders Phong and Blinn, there is a very cool Cartoon Cel-shader, Fresnel, Car Paint and Sub-Surface Scatterer (SSS) shader that is extremely effective for translucent objects, like skin.'

  50. Sen- it runs on Nvidia too- just need a card that has 1G mem and a DirectX11 driver. It is optimised for the ATI FirePro V8800 (and for the some extra hardware that it has).

    It also seems to be pretty good at more photorealistic rendering too:
    Admittedly this took 84 secs to render- so some of the real-time benefits are lost- but again very quick for anims.
    More examples here:

  51. please correct the title
    because you may found

    "Download a Free Trial of MachStudio Pro

    Get a taste of real-time graphics processing free for 30 days."

    on this website

    Too many softwares make we misunderstand by saying "free", but actually we can download and test it in only a few days. That is a shame for such software and company to use such misunderstanding words.

  52. They state on their own websiet:

    "How could this be? How can StudioGPU offer such a valuable piece of software at no cost? Let us briefly explain how we can do it. We firmly believe that MachStudio Pro is a revolutionary piece of software that will completely transform the way that you work in 3D by saving you both time and money. Based on our confidence in this notion, we think we can create a viable business model from generating revenue from Support, Training and Consulting Services. Please help us change the 3D production world for the better. Take a spin on MachStudio Pro today. You won't be sorry."

    So I do not see where you get it from that this is only a 30 day trial ?

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