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Draw Race 2 Teaser


DrawRace 2 is an upcoming iOS game being made by developer RedLynx. To create a teaser for the game, Finnish animation studio Kombo used blender's smoke sim to simulate and render the smoke from the tires, and blenders game engine was used to record the physics-based movement of the car (the rendering of the car was done in Cinema4D).



  1. Ok I guess I'll be the first to say... Why didn't they use blender to render the car? They did everything else, and that car render was not that impressive

  2. I don't understand why they used different CG packages ... if you're going to use C4D to render out a car .. why not use it for the rest? Or .. Blender to do the smoke, etc .. why not use it for the car as well? Perhaps I'm just being over analytical but if you can do something all in Blender or C4D why bounce around?

    It looks like an interesting game though and that's pretty slick they used Blender for parts.

  3. Nicholas Rishel on

    @samuel & Tadd

    It could be as simple as different artists working on different parts had different familiarities. In the end, the goal of an artist is to use the most efficient tool for the job.

    Welcome Blender's incorporation with other software packages, proprietary and otherwise. It's a sign that it's heading for the big leagues. :)

  4. Cinema 4D's renderer is great looking and incredibly fast. It also has bodypaint, which is a butt-kicking texturing tool. It also integrates extremely well with After Effects, where I bet they implemented the graphic elements. C4D's smoke sim capabilities only work with an expensive plug-in package, which I don't think measures up to Blender's.

  5. if there are like 10+ ppl working on a game and one says I got time todo the rendering I dont think anyone's first question is with what package?! Ppl need to understand what happens inside corporations with deadlines etc.

    Sidenote: Kombo was just purchased by the almighty Rowio for billions of dollars!

  6. Ronpostaldopokatopotl on

    I dont like the scale of the smoke - looks like cigarette smoke and not like smoke and dust from tires ...

  7. i switch between cinema and blender all the time.

    of course you can try to do anything with just one application, but it costs time and chances are that the results get worse.

  8. Nicholas Rishel and Mike O got it right.
    We use After Effects heavily, and the Cinema 4D -> AE workflow was important to us. There were many people working on the teaser, and most of the people know how to use Cinema or AE better than Blender.

  9. Sweet! I like the professional feel of the ad. I'm glad to see Blender's smoke simulator gets some shine time with a professional business group, too.

    If I had only one note of constructive criticism here, it would be that the smoke was a bit more lingering like cigarette smoke effect than the brief white smoke effect of screeching tires. But that's minor, and otherwise, I still say good job!

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