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Blender 2.57b Released


The blender devs have been hard at work squashing bugs in blender 2.5, and today the blender foundation updated their official 2.57 build. The 2.57b release includes over 100 bug fixes, so head to and download the new more stable release. Downloads Page


  1. It just gets better, and better, and better. Thanks Blender devs, you are true saints of the software industry.

  2. That's why open source is the best. Rapid results and solutions less red tape. Community involvement means superior products in the end.

    Ok back to blending.


  3. Phil Hadfield on

    Could Blender have an auto update tool? and again to all the devs and support staff you are doing a great job.

  4. Can't get any python "plug-ins" to work. Especially....

    Sebastian Schneider's "stereoscopic" camera script/add-on. After installation the add-on shows up in the list and when activated does NOTHNIG!!!

    This is not isolated to Sebastian's script. No "add-on" has any effect other than those included as default in the release. The same with 2.57, 2.57a, and 2.57b.

    I have tried both 64 and 32 bit versions on Windows, and Ubuntu Linux. Same result.

    Hasn't anyone complained about this before me???!!!!???!!!

    Why are the plug ins not working?



  5. And just an off-topic tip I thought I'd share here, maybe for some of you folks to try customizing in your new Blender 2.57b:

    In my key configurations, I switched the shortcut keys for "User Preferences..." with "Save User Settings," and then saved this as my default for Blender. Now for me, "User Preferences..." is mapped to Ctrl U and "Save User Settings" is mapped to Ctrl Alt U instead of the other way around.

    I felt that Ctrl U was too easy a shortcut key for "Save User Settings" to accidentally hit (like, say, when you meant to hit Ctrl I instead but missed), so by switching these two shortcut keys in the Input section in the User Preferences menu, it makes saving the user settings as the default much harder to have pressed by mistake!

  6. hello in ubuntu 11.04 64bit unity environment when i trying to start blender in terminal i just get message segmentation foult. Is this unity problem or something

  7. carl matthews on

    Good work!! But can anyone tell me why the plug in's/add on's arn't working.Would love to get my 3Dconnexion mouse to work.

  8. Great that you guys are hunting more and more bugs. Blender sadly keeps crashing on me constantly, tho. Especially the compositor seems to trigger crashes for me.

  9. No plugins working at all.

    No python scripts working at all.

    3dconnexion Spacepilot Pro not working at all. According to its website it works perfectly in blender and was working perfectly in the last version. My old Spacepilot SP1 does not work in this version either on either driver.

  10. @Nemesis

    SpacePilot/SpaceNavigator are not currently supported under 2.5x.

    According to a discussion on the forums support is in the release pipeline but no word on a timeframe.

  11. I personally hate autoupdate. It is good not to update in the middle of a big project.
    I allways open a program to do work - not to get to know that there is an update available.

  12. So what happened to the infinite zoom/scale...etc ?!?!?!?!
    What I mean is when you press S and drag your mouse....
    In 2.56 the mouse would hit the edge of the window and appear on the opposite side, continuing the scaling, or whatever infinitely. :)
    In 2.57 that is gone again, when the mouse hits the edge of the window it stops. :(
    I really like that feature, is there a way to enable it?
    If not i would very much like to have at least an option in the preferences to enable it.

    If this should be posted somewhere else to get better recognition, please do tell me.

    These are exiting times!!!! cant wait for 2.58!

  13. @DDD i think that's in User Preferences, by default turned off (was on in 2.56). Something about 'Continuous Grab'. in editing, specifically, underneath 'Emulate 3rd Button'. you're not the only one who noticed. me and my measly screen. *sigh*

  14. And i not understand why delete special transform functions from menu?(on axis X Y Z)

  15. The fact that Python scripts and add-ons do not work should be a HUGE issue, yet I see no discussion of this on the dev forums. How can that be? Seems very odd to me.

    As a side note, the developer of the stereoscopic camera plug-in/script/add on (Sebastian Schneider) has no problem with scripts or add-ons in Blender 2.57. He works on a Mac. Perhaps the problem is in the version of Python being used. Also, I wonder if having multiple versions of Python installed on a Windows system is at the root of the problem (I have Python 2.6, 2.7, and 3.1 installed). Is it necessary to also install 3.2 to get scripts and add-ons to work on a Windows system? If so, why didn't some let us know?

    At any rate, I don't mean to be critical. I am very thankful for Blender and appreciate all the work of the team.


  16. Update.

    Installing Python 3.2 did not result in scripts/add-ons working. I still have Python 2.7 installed because I need it for another project (it has jpeg plug in compatibility).

  17. Update:

    There is nothing wrong with add-on's or Sebastian's stereoscopic camera script. It was entirely my misunderstanding of changes to the GUI in 2.5.

    After the add-on is installed and enabled it works, but I didn't know where to find it. To see the control panel of the stereoscopic camera the user needs to first select the camera object, then a camera icon will appear in the properties panel. Select the camera icon and the stereo camera can set in the properties panel.

    Sorry for wasting people's time.

    Thanks to all in the Blender community, and especially Sebastian Schneider for writing the stereo camera add-on.


  18. Hi community,

    Have spent many hours becoming familiar with C++ and DirectX9 (I know it's moved on but I had some great books). I have been learning python and playing with some simple animations but although non-animated python models do transfer successfully using the directx .x export script it doesn't seem to work with animated figures. The models show up but have no motion when opened in the directx viewer.

    This was my main reason for learning python to draw my own animations to put into 3D educational games (I'm a physics teacher at a high school) using c++ and directX 9 so feeling pretty disillusioned at the moment.

    It is no-doubt a superb product (and free!) but I'm sure there are many other people out there that want to use the product to get animated stuff out to use with directx.

    I do hope some python guru manages to weave their magic and get this sorted.


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