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PowerDNS, the Domain Name Service that hosts the domain, is currently under a DoS attack. As a result, all Blender Foundation domains are unreachable at the moment. For up to date information, see @PowerDNS_Bert.

Update: is back again!

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I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. I can't understand who could attack Blender . Well, my dirty mind thinks in some companies, but that's would be so miserable that is impossible, no? haha.

  2. ExplosiveDiarrhea on

    Could you imagine how great the world would be if idiots like this actually did something worthwhile for once in their miserable and meaningless lives?

  3. No real hackers would do such a thing. I cannot believe that. I would like to think that is the result of a joke by "kids". Blender does not deserve this attack. Not now, that they (The Blender Team) released the new stable release. Is a great work being done by many people around the world. The fruit of this effort, and most importantly. is Free and Open Source. So I don't understand why ...

  4. Chrome Monkey on

    We can't have been the primary target. I mean, PowerDNS must host other web servers other than the Blender servers, wouldn't all their customers have had their sites knocked out and not just blender's sites?

  5. Maybe someone REEEALLY hated that splash screen of the blender 2.57.
    Who knows

    Nice day people... NICE DAY!!

  6. How can anyone make themself do something like this. I kinda hope they'll burn in hell...
    Blender is such a great and open minded project, it is how the future of software will look, and some morons are just trying to ruin it for everyone ells. Hate on them!

  7. Did a little research. According to Wikipedia, PowerDNS is a popular open-source software package which functions as a DNS server (as one might expect from its name).

    Although I may be incorrect, this leads me to the conclusion that the DDoS attack was targeted at Blender servers, or that somebody typed in the wrong IP address(es) for the attack.

  8. I don't think a real hacker could do this, it will be against all ethics. Some dirty cracker could have be payed from a commercial 3d software developer to attack a competitor, now blender is a serious risk even for some big (pig?) companies involved in 3d production. Shame on you damned scriptkiddies, your clients will be destroyed from the power of opensource as they, now, deserves, and you will end up moneyless trolling on some forum.

  9. This may be a ridiculous question, but what is a DoS attack?

    I've been trying to pull up the site all day, now I know it's not my computer's fault for once.

    You gotta wonder what would motivate a hacker to waste time messing up a site like Blender. Just for the pleasure of being mean I guess. Sad.

  10. 1) A large corporate company is as likely to be paying or in any way involved in DDOS-ing Blender as the Ford Motor Company would be to bombing rickshaws.

    2) The term "hacker" is a very encompassing. It could mean a cracker, gray hat, script kiddie, neophyte, hacktavist, freaker ...

    3) People don't have to have a REASON to attack an IP. They may not even know WHAT site they started the attack, only that they decided to do it. It could also be an IP block they were hitting, not one in particular.

  11. Denial of Service

    It's like simulating a mass of people trying to go to a site at once, (like what happens naturally when everyone tries to download the latest version off blender :D) and only so many requests can be answered to at a time, so while one idiot uses his servers to for a period of time ping this site, others can't get to the site (hence DoS)

  12. "Who would attack Blender" you ask? You obviously underestimate the power of money and corporations. They start wars, social unrest if somebody doesn't "fit in", and nothing is sacred to them.
    And Blender doesn't fit in. It's free, resource-friendly, excellent and doesn't "enslave" anybody in terms of hardware or OS. Creativity over pure profit. You can run it on early Pentiums 4 with 256mb ram and Geforce mx440 card, or you can run it on the top-end 64-bit machines with full support for multiple processors (unlike, say, Adobe Premiere CS4, where you have to actually turn off multiple processors in task manager-and it is a product that costs sh*tload of money).

    Nevertheless, putting the site under attack won't change my great appreciation for Blender. These attackers are just miserable noobs.

  13. Chrome Monkey on

    Time to reconfigure the hardware firewall and/or and tweak the software to catch any IPs with hundreds of simultaneous connections. Adding the additional nameservers was an excellent start too.

  14. It's a sad example of small boys with small, yea, toys.
    They really need to put some of these thugs behind bars and make an example of the sad state we face. Punks like this don't want the light on them. Like slugs under a rock, mushrooms under a cow pad, mold on the dark side of a dead tree, green gunk between, oh well you get the idea.

  15. this is just like what is happening with the playstation right now :/ some stupid hackers are ruining everything just to mess with the companies

  16. Chrome Monkey on

    It probably wasn't too smart to have publically discussed the workarounds on the Twitter page either. At least I hope that didn't contribute to it acting up again.

  17. It could be from another company like AUTODESK. Blender is a huge threat to these other 3d software companies because Blender is showing potential. Think about how much power blender will have in the next few years.

  18. is there any possibility for me to help? like ddos the attacker down! or somethin? hell jea if they want war with the blender community i´m with blender! just tell me how i can help :)

  19. i second the Slashdotting, it was on the main page a day or so ago, got a favourable review, that's what brought me here! again..

  20. I seriously doubt it is another company like autodesk.

    There is a few fans of blender working there as well. Autodesk is to small a company to hire groups of hackers and for it not to leak out. Anyway the management of Autodesk maybe completely money orientated, but they are not really capable of that sort of vindictive thinking. It is not their style or way of thinking at all.

    A rival corporation would go after Lightwave, Houdini or even Google Sketchup long before they would go after Blender.

    None of the hacker groups such as annoymous, would go after Blender. Not only would they not see the point in doing so, but because Blender is open source, they would most likely defend it.

    There are some people who are ideologically opposed to open source software, but most of them wouldn't know the difference between C++ and Python if you explained it to them in monosyllable communication and big pictures. Those people are usually Tea Party types in the US and people of lower intelligence in other countries who support them.

    This attack is most likely the work of a mindless idiot somewhere, who downloaded a hackbox from a torrent site or similar.

    Hopefully a Blender fan or user with real experience of hacking, can track the malcontented idiot who did this to source and expose him or her.

  21. Honestly, the attack I don't think was aimed specifically AT blender. And even if it was I doubt that it was another company. Autodesk make money it's own way. And how would taking down the site for a few hours HELP them exactly? What are the chances of that helping them either financially or subconciously? Not at all. Because people immediately assume that it is other companies, and AutoDesk being the largest, fingers point. If anything AUTODesk would STOP something like this if they could. They are a genius company, and they realise the Psychology of people, and that people jump to conclusions.

    It's not another company that did this, it is "Wannabe" hackers. afterall, it's WORKING again...If this was a real hacking attempt then it wouldn't have failed so poorly.

    Also, it was aimed at the servers, not Blender. Thousands of OTHER companies would haev been affected also. It may have been aimed at ONE of those companies, but Blender I doubt was the specific target.

    What does it matter now? It is over, and everything is fine.

  22. We have no signals whatsoever that the attack was directed at No speculations please.
    The only thing we know for sure is that powerDNS nameservers went down, which affected many other sites using the same service.


  23. JustinBarrett
    Maybe you should read the entire thread. Dweezler already explainded it at 1:42am up above.

    DoS means Denial of Service. It is when somebody makes a server unavailable for legitimate users. There are various ways of doing this, like i.e. overasking it's capacity to respond to requests. Just google DoS-attack or DDoS-attack (Distributed Denial of Service)

  24. Nowadays every public server is exposed to dos attacks. It's nothing but wannabe hackers, whose first exercise is to block a more or less popular server. Nothing else but kids playing around with grenades.

  25. None of your business on

    It seems likely to me the attack was targeted at another customer. Imagine someone blockading your neighbor, and blocking access to the whole cul de sac.

    Additionally, a DoS attack doesn't have to rely on simply throwing machines at a server until it falls. It can also exploit glitches in the server itself, such as opening sessions in such a way the software can't close them. Somewhat similar to what happens in Windows when Adobe Reader jams, and leaves a chunk of itself and FireFox in your processes. Still holding resources that are not not available to other programs.

    Actually, slashdot effect would look like a brute force DoS, but if they exploited errors in the server code, it wasn't the slashdot effect.

    Nemesis, I resent your accusation. Why would a group interested in smaller government, lower taxation, and more (conservative)* freedoms attack a group that doesn't even factor in?

    *I'll admit, most conservatives want to restrict certain activities as immoral. Go figure. Not that the liberals are any better.

  26. Chrome Monkey on

    Just run a listing of the connected ip addresses. If there's a hundred of them from the same ip, it's an attack. If they are all different, it's popularity overload.

  27. Might sound silly, but is it really a DOS attack ? Couldn't it just be a large arrival of people learning about bitcoin 2.57 ?

  28. Had an issue trying to download 2.57 linux version yesterday.
    I'm using Ubuntu+firefox. The download window lagged like nothing was being downloaded.
    When I ran Nautilus the program froze (sorry my bad english)
    then I opened a terminal and ls the Download directory.
    The result was, I had 999 copies of the blender tarball.
    I don't know if this has something to do with the problem

    Good luck guys and thanks for the 2.57 version. Awesome work :)

  29. i can well believe that a rival would view Blender a threat. Lets not be niave, you got serious money players in this game. That said its not for one to go out and indiscriminately blame any particular organisation. Rather Survive and Protect if we are going to move forward. I strongly believe that Blender is ground breaking and it does'nt end here. I even envisage its own TV channel & radio station one day.
    Wheres Wikileaks and Anonomymous when you need them! LOL

  30. It makes me sad when I see comments like this:
    "maybe in the story you should explain what DoS is…I certainly don’t know……."
    Why? Because the person typing that could have more quickly searched the term DoS attack. I mean they ARE on the Internet!

  31. It clearly says the DoS attacked PowerDNS and not the Blender domains.
    "PowerDNS powers hundreds of millions of domain names and internet connections!" - so any direct connection to Blender is bullshit, right?

  32. If ANYONE can read the post clearly said, 'PowerDNS, the Domain Name Service that hosts the domain, is currently under a DoS attack.'
    PowerDNS, the HOSTER of was attacked! Not in direct line.
    Anyone with PowerDNS as their host provider was down.
    Good god, no wonder the government things we're illiterate.

  33. nice! i like it even though some things have nothing to do with. To tell the truth i m amazed what you can find around the net with some patience and free time. Thank you for your great work and the support you bring to the community. :)

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