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Enhanced Live UV Unwrapping


Sebastian König pointed out a pretty nice improvement for the the UV unwrapping task in Blender. You can now select Live UV Unwrap inside the Mesh Options and let Blender constantly unwrap the mesh inside the UV Editor while you draw the seams inside the 3D view.

Sebastian König writes:

Here's a short Quicktip about unwrapping in Blender. Although it is not a tutorial about the principles of unwrapping, I hope it helps you to create your UV-maps a bit faster.

I should mention that I used Blender 2.56.6, r33810 from SVN. It could be that older versions don't have this feature. So use the most recent versions of Blender!

You'll find recent builds on

Vimeo Link:


  1. Nice tip.

    Please finish blender and stop this beta stuff.

    2.49b is still more complete and there are features in blender that are still icky or
    useless to work with.

    modelling. particles. hair. compositor. dynamics.

    if you use other apps as examples for blender please us xsi / softimage.

  2. rip-rap: that's not what you said last night :/
    -kay anyways, it can still do more than 2.5 atm -for example.. in the python, try getting the image pixels in 2.5: can't.

  3. rip-rap: that’s not what you said last night :/
    -kay anyways, it can still do more than 2.5 atm -for example.. in the python, try getting the image pixels in 2.5: can’t.

    and uv project paint doesn't shift around in 2.4 as it does in 2.5.. and it's quicker atm too.

  4. Anyone who prefers the workflow in 2.49 to 2.57 at this point is crazy, IMHO. Sans bevel and knife, I can't think of one necessary tool I miss on a day to day basis, and the added features make working around those totally worth it to me. Things like sculpting improvements, smoke sims, and the general UI upgrade make it so much better to work with.

  5. JustinBarrett on

    Wow Sebastian, I did not know you were Deutsch....aber du klingel wie du bist Deutsch(your accent).....sorry my "German" is terrible....

  6. Is there a way to make a mirror selection ?

    like the mesh mirror edit thing , where you select a point on one side side , and if you move it , it also moves its mirrored point on the other side of the axis .

    so you would select one edge, and it would select the mirrored edge, mark seem , and it wuld unwrap it, so you would save half the time ???

    is this possible ?

    thanx !

  7. Yes. Cool tut. And Its way way faster to navigate thew blender 2.5 menus. I hated those old menus so much. My sh!t always seemed to move around at some point.

  8. Sebastian, I especially like the tip on the selection of partial edge loops with Ctrl Left Click. I have been looking for something like that for a long time.

  9. Well, I personally liked the stability of 2.49b (and I miss being able to use Yafaray), but I can manage with 2.56.6. I just hope for some stability with the official 2.57 release soon--seems like when one problem gets fixed in 2.5x, another suffers. So I just use 2.49b for its strong points and use 2.56 for everything else--that's the beauty of having choices, folks.

    Oh, and good tutorial, Sebastian!

  10. @Matt

    The knife tool is available in 2.56. It doesn't seem to have a menu option probably because it works differently now. To use it just hold down the 'K' key while left-click-drag over one or more edges. That's it.

  11. Thanks Sebastian for the video. Its really gonna be of great help. In the comments above theres a little discussion on either to use 2.49 or 2.56.

    Personally I use 2.49 for all my work. Mostly because I use Yafaray. I hope with the coming of 2.57 and that theres not gonna be big changes in the core codes of Blender itself things are gonna go faster and ofr the Devs to integrate there work in Blender.

    Do any of you guys know what are the features that are going to form part of this new release? I was hoping that B-mesh would be there.

  12. Thanks everyone!
    Nice surprise to find this on Blendernation! Thanks Claas for posting this!
    A few months ago I could understand everyone who preferred 2.49, and I am still in love with good ol' blender too, but meanwhile I really recommend switching to 2.5. it is quite stable, faster, and apart from bevel and a slightly better knife in 2.4x, it has everything and so much more to offer than 2.49b.

  13. Holy cow! I didn't know that existed until you told us. Thanks so much, Sebastian! I owe you a drink. ;)

    Now I wouldn't have to keep re-organizing my UV islands whenever I spontaneously add seams. Pretty cool. Blender indeed keeps surprising us.


  14. Mind = blown.

    Every single person I talk about Blender with pretty much always tells me that I know so damn much, so I've pretty much gotten used to the idea that I've nearly mastered it. But this... is completely new to me, and so damn useful! It'll make unwrapping actually.. fun!

    Don't suppose you'd know a way to mark areas that should overlap and they stay that way while unwrapping? You know, for duplicate models?

  15. Thank you soo verry much!
    Why do they keep hiding those amazing functions in unintuitive setup combinations like that?
    That's the reason why all the Max and Maya guys won't use Blender.

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