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Maratis, open-source game creation


Maratis is a simple and visual game development tool designed for artists and developers. It comes with a Blender exporter.

Anael writes:

After many years of hard and personal work, I'm proud to present Maratis first release candidate !

Maratis is a powerful and visual game development tool designed for artists and developers. Engine has been tested on Windows, Mac and IPhone, and can be virtually used on every platform.

I really think Maratis can be useful to the community, professional and student, and that it will respond to it's primary use, creation. I am admiring for a long time the work of the Blender Foundation, and the open-source community, I'm convinced that the future of softwares (and not just software) will follow this way.

You can download Maratis binaries, source code and Blender export script at

See you soon !



  1. I don't see the point of exporting to Blender, but can you import meshes from Blender? (BTW, I haven't tested the program yet.)

  2. Hi !

    Amanda : it's in fact exporting From Blender To Maratis mesh format.

    Henry :

    The mesh format is optimised for real time,
    so there is 3 modes for Materials, wich is a bit different than Blender classic way,
    but very powerful for realtime application.

    You can find a tutorial for Blender exporting :

  3. Hi,
    this look good...
    but exe do not start here (XP-SP2)!

    But how can i create Iphone-Game?
    Any documentation here?
    i would love to see a wizard for export game to iphone-executable

    Is here a plan for Android-Port? ( like it more)

  4. I use Windows for work because... on

    One further proof how much Linux does suck as an operating system! With modern DirectX -level graphics API it would be easy to add support but no idiot Linux developers insist on crappy legacy abstraction layers which slow down the system. It is sad because it's true.

    You are wasting your time with Linux port! Concentrate on the platforms which do matter (Window, iPhone, Phone 7)

  5. Looks very nice, thank you, Anael!

    > Contributors are working on a linux port
    I'm using Linux and I'm very interested in a port, that would be awesome.

    @I use Windows for work because...
    DirectX - closed source proprietary Windows only
    OpenGL - free open cross platform
    In case you don't know...

  6. Not working for me on XP-SP2 either. Shame as screenshots look amazing.

    In case it's a driver problem, I'm using Omega drivers for the Radeon 200M (I have to use these to get blender to work properly - never buying ATI anything ever again).

    Hope this issue can be resolved.

  7. Actually, it's XP-SP3 I'm running ... I tried compiling the source to run a debug version and see where it was falling over but the bulletphysics source files are missing from the MSDK libs folder ... I will try to download the latest version of bullet to see if I can get it to compile.

  8. @ Windows 4 Work:

    Heeeeeerrrreee trolley, trolley, trolley! I've got a nice trojan infected .dll muffin for you! Mmmmm! I bet it tastes SO good! Yum. YUM!


  9. jiggles100 :
    some people had problem because their drivers was not up to date, updating it was correcting the thing. It's maybe the same for you, Maratis is using shaders by default. Next version will detect if shaders are not available to use only fixed functions.

  10. Anael: Thanks for getting back to me. I can't change the drivers on this machine as blender will stop working ... I will wait for next version or get new PC with nvidia card. I've been delaying the purchase for some time so maybe this is another reason to buy ;)

  11. Seems nice, though I currently don't have any use for it so I'm not checking it out atm, but I have it bookmarked.

    One tip though, it would be nice if you'd show it off on the website a bit more, I'm particularly thinking of a few videos or something, that would be only little work which would make your hard work much more noticed.

  12. Blendiac, that is one of the best posts possible on this website. Ever.

    The layers of abstraction make sure that things get done PROPERLY. If things are slow, it's the programmer's fault. That said, I have heard it's difficult (but possible) to get good speeds out of X11... And my windows have always been a little slow resizing.

    They say Wayland is going to solve those problems, though... But I won't be able to use SSH X forwarding with Wayland apps :(

    What really points to that guy being a troll, is his statement to focus on Windows Phone 7 and iPhone. The Android now has more market share than BOTH of them (yes, even more than the iPhone. I've been keeping track), so an Android port is technically the next logical step for them... And Android is a form of Linux, making the NEXT logical step to port to Linux.

    DirectX is an alright API, but you can't use it on the iPhone or Android, or the Blackberry, or anything other than Windows. I highly doubt that Maratis uses DirectX, making the entire argument for sticking with Windows for this project... Extinct.

    I know I shouldn't feed the trolls, but you never know when one is actually being serious :/

  13. Hmm...I'm running into a little technical issues running the Maratis.exe. Hey, Anael, what would you say are the minimum system requirements for running Maratis efficiently? I'm using Windows XP Home SP3 with 2GB RAM...

  14. Brian:
    It depend the project, at start Maratis uses less than 25mo RAM.
    If the project is loading big meshes and big textures it will take more memory.

    2GB is very good, but what is your graphic card ?
    Can you describe your issues in the "Bug report" forum :


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