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Demoreel: Dono


In this totally awesome demoreel, Dono shows off the power of Blender and his amazing CG skills.

Dono writes:

I am very proud to present you my demoreel 2011.

I sent it to ILM and Pixar, I hope I will have some answers and I have a job...

Indeed: they must be MAD not to hire him!

About the Author

Avatar image for Bart Veldhuizen
Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. LOL! Really funny. It's a nice parody of some modern trailers and demo reels. Some people think that by putting epic music and making fast cuts in the edit, it looks more professional...

  2. Thomas Eldredge on

    Truly outstanding CG talent!
    How did you make that cube look so lifelike?
    It's almost like I'm looking at a real cube.
    Hilarious, thanks!

  3. Truly amazing! I Laughed so hard when I saw the "low poly model 6 faces" part, then it just got better and better.

    Some how I think this actually could get you a job, these days there are tons of great artists it's hard to find one that stands out. And you sir certainly do.

  4. Actually, the text in the titles and everything is kinda cheesy, and the animation is rough.

    The modeling is ok, but needs improvement (the cube is not subdivided enough to apply good-looking displacement mapping to it).

    But the lighting, and especially the scene setup... Brilliant! Wonderful, and inspiring!


  5. Wow. Just too awesome for words. I tell all my students to strive for this kind of perfection.

    Thank you for the humorous post and making my day. Good luck with the job search. ;)

  6. I was not impressed by the artist's skills but the cuts and the visual and audio combo was superb.
    Don't know if it was meant as a parody but it was utterly cool.

  7. that's just the funniest thing I've seen in ages. Merely thinking about that compositor noodle is painful. a masterclass of epic! xD

  8. Can you tell me how you got the animation SOOO SMOOOOTH? I mean I never thought there was any bones attached. You are my CG MASTER *(>0<)v

  9. wow that super high poly cube was sooooo awesome. You can get a job wherever you want, I bet producers will start calling you day and night now.

    Nice work for a parody XD

    I loved that 1mile long compositor node XDDDDDDD

  10. ..............amazing work.................
    y u avoid 7D,8D,9D,10D................etc....
    ................try next time...................EEEEEE

  11. You just need to improve on the intro and the music next time, otherwise I've never seen any demo reel that matches yours. You make it all look so easy. I'd appreciate a comprehensive video tutorial on the low poly modeling though.

  12. I've used all the kind of brushes available in sculpt mode and still I can't get even close in making the high poly cube!!...hats off to you!:-)

  13. I watched this over and over for more than 5 times and I'm still deeply impressed by the beauty of the picture and the complexity of this reel. I can't believe this to be made by just one person. This is simply incredible good.

    Picture and Music work brilliant together, and the fast cuts prove dono as an experienced xD-Artist. Especially his pioneer work on 4D and 5D will be a key reason for Pixar, Dreamworks or even Autodesk and Maya to hire him.

  14. Unlike other commenters, I was not so impressed by this reel. It did give a good overview of the different stages in of a 3D project, but maybe the choice of model could have been a bit more ambitious. Also, the fluid simulation was a bit "jerky" but I do appreciate the effort that went into making it. More subtle lighting would have made all the difference. B+

  15. Some constructive crits from my side- frames at 00:20 and 00:52 don't look much photorealistic. Everything else is is just awesome! Initially I got confused and started thinking "how does this unedited video relate to Blender?"

  16. Novo is a victim of the Aperture Science Companion Cube syndrome :)
    This really kept me laughing for 5 minutes straight! Thank you soooooo much!

  17. FAKE RAGE !!!
    This was totally done with 3d studio max.

    The animations and simulations are to complex for a free software!!

    BTW: Great Work

  18. Ahh not even 2.5D skills? :(

    You should work for minecraft with your current skills!
    They could use a talented artist like you.

    You could even do CG work for them :D

  19. The Fatsnacker on

    There was always something missing from the team making Sintel and until now I just couldn't put my finger on it. now know the whereabouts of your first and possibly last employee for the next Blender Project.

    Like the 'A' Team, I love it when a plan comes together.



  21. Jajajajaja so LOL, this demo reel really made me smile, jajaja, when I listen the music from the intro, I think, "this will be awesome" .... and .... i was no wrong, good luck ¡¡¡

  22. THE BEST demoreel I have seen yet in my entire life! Pixar and all the big studios should be drooling over this by now. I almost fell off my seat watching this. Totally incredible! Magnifico! Superb! Brilliant! Amazing! Genius! Funny???


    This definitely made my day. Haha!

  23. Hahahaha, by far the best parody! I honestly would hire you if I owned a company based off this alone. It's so tough these days to get any type of attention with all the A+ artists floating around.

    Hope you get the job!

  24. For something so goofy that was epic.. I was expecting dragons and sci-fi girls and spaceships...
    You SO win! Great job! (I loved the low poly/hi poly modeling!)

  25. Nice one!!!
    If I was looking to hire someone, i would hire him!
    And thats because i saw this one, thought that his other work could be fun also, and than saw was he created already! Nice way of taking someones attraction!

  26. Impressive work! Although I do feel the animation of the cube is a little stiff, failing to properly capture the natural grace and beauty of solid geometry when seen in the wild. It's still a lot better than anything I've produced, my last attempt at animating a octahedron ended up looking like something slapped together during a coffee-break by what's-his-name and all those other armatures at Paxo.

    Keep up the good work.

  27. Man, I just LOVE his compositing! It's so complex, yet gives subtle, wonderful effect. This reel truly shows how powerful Blender is!

  28. I felt the "karma" coming from this magnificent work of artistry. But the karma was of entirely the wrong color. It should have been blue. Or mauve. Green?

    But anyhow, I look forward to seeing "your name in lights." The next time we need pixels, or existential geometric shapes, we shall now know of their Sole Source.

  29. This is some of the most inspiring works I have ever ever seen. Brought tears to my eyes oh great guru! Could you please release a making of!!

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