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Canon Lens Model


Made a Canon Lens Model, exercise: to build a basic model included combining different materials, like glass, metal, rubber (with semi reflections) and some transparent plastic. The lens body is a very simple model with just a few extrusions from a circle with 32 verts.

All text and numbers printed on the lens is created from UV Unwrapping. Reflections made from an image texture with mapping set to Reflections. Rendered in Blender Render, and then with Anti-Aliasing set to 8 and Full Sample. Rendered with Subsurf Subdivisions set to 3. The scene contains one Point Light (tint of blue), one Point Light (tint of orange), one Area Light (tint of orange) and one Sun Lamp.

As mention, a basic model based on a few circle extrusions. The challenge (took a few hours) was to tweak the colors, materials and reflections to make it as real as possible. Well, hope u like it :-)



  1. Fransisco, yepp, Blender 2.56 Beta

    And I forgot to mention one thing... the rubber bands created with the Gear Script Add-on.

    Keep on Blending folks :-)

  2. nice premium lens, wish I could afford one... at least from blender-modelling you don't have to go for the cheap and nasty ones!

  3. Wow... great one

    Maybe its not a "news news" imbusy, but sure its nice to see some good models, and props to the team for publishing these 3D models. For a few sec I could not see that this was a 3d model. To see what Blender can perform when its used by real artists becomes a reference for me, and I guess for other people in the Blender Universe as well.

  4. @gbnorway did you model the lens too? If it's the case I will love to see what you get when you put your lens in front of the camera and use luxrender.

    For reference and in case some people missed these amazing experiment: (for the impatient go to the last post in this thread)

    tl;dr: modeling and USING a lens system to render a scene - aka AWESOME

  5. Solid process GB! Simple but realistic.
    Does it turn (focus) and all that?

    If I could offer any input, the base shadow gets lost in the reflection;...nothing really.
    A darker shadow/lighter reflection would ground it a little.

    Perhaps for a different day, you could scuff and scratch the model to try an aged look.
    ...or the explode-mod could be fun : )

  6. agree with you Drew about the shadow, and... well.... I uploaded the wrong picture, and not the one with the correct shadow (and some Ambient Occlusion:-))

  7. VisualFox... yepp, main lens is full model and I did think about LuxRender, just to see the outcome. Maybe I should update with a luxrender render in a few days :-) However, I used Blender Render just to show the quality the internal original render can perform (for info, I should have spent some more time with the ground plane)

    As mention, this is in basic a "quite easy" model, and... I really love the development progress for Blender these days. Blender is now moving on from a good tool to a "power tool". Just take a look at all the premium models that people are posting these days. Its impressing, and in some cases - mind-blowing :-) And, much thanks to the people keeping the Blender community dynamic, like, Blendernation, BlenderCookie&Jonathan, Blenderguru&Andrew... and so on.

  8. Now that you've created a lovely 'genuine' L series lens, why don't you create an ultimate fantasy lens? Let's say a Canon 10-400mm, F2 L IS USM - white bodied of course! And perhaps a little price tag laying next to it, showing a price of only $1,000, just to complete the fantasy :-)

  9. @gbnorway I totally agree with you on Blender. And your render is a really nice demonstration of the power of the internal render. Great job!

    I didn't mean to hijack your thread with my question. But to make sure I mean to mount your lens to the luxrender camera so all the ray actually pass by the optical. In return you get a render which should look like taken from this lens not a render of the lens... I don't think that something a biased render can do. So I was curious if all the optical were in place in your model to try that...

  10. UV Unwrap...

    That's why my lens model looks ugly without textures.
    I gotta learn how to UV unwrap.
    Unwrapping this kind of mesh must be epic, eh? Well, at least for me, all those faces from the extrusion sure make a mess in the automatic unwrap.

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