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Project Gooseberry announced


A Gooseberry (wikipedia)

Ton Roosendaal just mentioned on Twitter:

Time to reveal next project code name: Gooseberry! The feature film, executed by Institute + small studios around world together. 2012-14?

Yes, that's right, the project *after* Mango will be a feature film, produced all over the world.

In related news on Mango:

Worked on pre-pre-production for project Mango... potential funding is close! Amsterdam film academy might help. Project can start in sept

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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. So, just to clarify:
    Mango will be a compositing / VFX showcase for Blender, and also (I guess) another short-film, only this time live-action with Blender in the pipeline...
    Gooseberry will be a feature-length animation project in which the BF participates, and which will be created (entirely?) using Blender.

    Or am I way off about all this?

  2. Wow, a feature film sounds quite ambitious. That is a good thing, though. If the previous projects showed us anything, it is that the Blender community has some real talent. Hopefully the feature length film makes it into some theaters. I would really like to see Blender on the big screen.

  3. Omg. So...

    - Is Mango the next one or not?
    - Is Mango going to be a live action VFX project?
    - Is Gooseberry going to be a feature length animation or live action?
    - Isn't september too early?

  4. Well that gives me until 2012 at least to set up my own studio, and participate in this event, which I will be trying my very best to do :)

  5. Yeah just as danielwray said. I'm about to start my own vfx studio so hopefully i've set a reputation by then and i might be able to participate!/a-l

  6. Mango will be live action + effects yes. Probably filmed in Amsterdam, more I don't know yet. I first make sure the project is feasible!
    After Mango it's time for something more ambitious yes. Gooseberry could be a full Blender made animation feature film. Involving (small) Blender studios worldwide will make it feasible, I don't want to fly in 50-100 people to Amsterdam! Might well be 2012 or even 2013 before it starts, enough time to gather ideas and find ways to fund this. Back to code now... :)

  7. I would love to be on the team for Project Gooseberry. Any announcements on how to apply for either the digital animation or filmming/acting side of the project?

  8. AWESOME. I'm due to finish school in 2012 and hope to have an input. Will keep my fingers crossed and hopes up. Groete van Suid-Afrika.

  9. I assume Blender is up-to-date with the Sintel-files/achievements or has delivering half-movies become a hobby of the foundation?

  10. Whatever you do get a better director than Colin Levy. Get Andy back or something. And put together a better story. Sintel was such a letdown compared to Elephant's Dream and Big Buck Bunny.

  11. @Pixelnate Whaaat? I thought Sintel was waay better than Elephants Dream, which was confusing and weird (though beautilful). Colin Levy was a great director.

    Anyway, a featurefilm sounds crazy! But crazy can often be good. ;) I would love a sci-fi as well.

  12. Does this mean the story is already selected?
    I hope it's a great story and the scripting and story-boarding process is posted as they go along. I'm excited and hopeful that this effort will be rewarding for even more than just the Blender community. Good luck!

  13. will this feature film be open like the previous shorts?

    maybe it could be non-open first, make some millions for blender development and then go open with all the files after a year or so? :)

  14. @Pixelnate, Lasphere - you will not fight, dudes :))
    BTW - I like all these three films! :) It's just different styles so it's no need to blame Colin or anybody. I think that somewhere Sintel has lacks of details in scenes - but only in few moments. That was such a hurry, so many work with implementing great new features in Blender - it's awesome just by the fact of completing :)
    P.S. I love gooseberry jam! :)

  15. I have written a full-length script BI may be interested in for Gooseberry. Universe is sorta like Robots movie, but a bit more of a fantasy thing going on (not swords and sorcery though). More aimed at kids 7 and up, but adults would enjoy it too (ala Shrek).
    I don't have script done yet- but have synopsis with full dialogue (15,00 words), and some character concept drawings.

    Sorry people, I don't have the website ready for public viewing- it's needs lots of work, and out of date! :-( Will try and sort out sooon! :-)

    But if BI team wants to know more they can contact me at: anton At critchers Dot com .

  16. why not hold a script or scenario writing contest to get the best story ideas out? to be judge by ton, one of those bf movie directors, and an independent third party judge? would be a great way to drum up initial interest while the powers that be scournge around for funding?

  17. @nobody101010
    +1 here.

    Amazon is holding its own script/film-making contest. So maybe the Blender Foundation can offer a modest prize of, say, $2000-$10000 for the best script, subject to genre requirements to be decided by the Foundation: is it going to be hard sci-fi, space opera, sword-and-sorcerers fantasy, monsters, or horror? Here's hoping it would be a hard sci-fi space adventure more along the lines of Space Odyssey 2001 than Star Wars.

  18. Sounds awesome, although I'm sad to see no game project too, especially after Super Blender Galaxy showed us what *one guy* can pull off with the the game engine and no funding!

    Still, I'm thrilled at Ton's audacity to commit to a full length *animated* feature. Now that's ballsy! I'm also extremely greatful that the VSE is getting a kick in the pants. Video editing is where open source has always been lacking. No more!

  19. The recent Lightworks Beta open source release was a fiasco, but once they sort themselves out they should have a powerful open source video editing engine to offer. But judging by Lightworks' wacky and unintuitive UI, I'd still prefer to use Blender's VSE, since it's fully integrated into my favourite software! How about starting VSE improvements by naming the 'Cross' effect as "Dissolve", like anyone else does (AFAIK)?

  20. This sounds so amazing cool
    But hey, please, no scifi for Gooseberry, i completely disagree on that.
    I see, the SciFi fraction in the Blender-world wants a cookie some time, so maybe do mango a SciFi, but not the full feature thing.

  21. @Reaction: Hah! A fiasco? You would be surprised how many features films have been cut on that "wacky and unintuitive" UI, and how many proffessional editors love it. Also, they haven't open sourced it yet, that comes later this year, after the beta program.

    Regarding Gooseberry, the project management side of this will be huge. It'll be interesting to see if the BI goes with existing PM software or has something new developed.

  22. This is a very ballsy idea, but once you move into the feature-length realm, story is king. The various technical issues of Blender, while interesting to us Blender-heads, will be the least of the worries. Maintaining an interesting story for more the 90 minutes is incredibly difficult. Witness the amazing amount of underwhelming films that come from professionals every year. The BF needs to find it's own "John Lasseter," someone who can focus on story, who understands character, and can maintain a high level of quality throughout the production. Those people are very rare indeed, but are priceless for this kind of project to succeed.

  23. @Darrin: I completely agree. When it comes to films, great texturing, modelling, SSS and the like are there simply to serve the story.

    Great stories don't come from concepts, like "space-battles with lots of guns", but start with themes and messages that the writers want to say. Pixar's Up was about an old man's adventures in a flying house, but it was ABOUT learning to move on in life and letting go of things long gone.

    I'm hugely excited to hear these plans. The only way to get anywhere in life is to make it happen yourself. Good luck Ton, it'll pay off.

  24. Awesome! Smells like cool tools for camera tracking will soon get included! :)

    One request- please don't kill anyone in the next project.....I mean, Emo died in The elephants dream, the poor butterfly was killed in BBB, Scales passed away in Sintel....peace please! :D

  25. @Darrin :
    This is a very ballsy idea, but once you move into the feature-length realm, story is king. The various technical issues of Blender, while interesting to us Blender-heads, will be the least of the worries. Maintaining an interesting story for more the 90 minutes is incredibly difficult. Witness the amazing amount of underwhelming films that come from professionals every year. The BF needs to find it’s own “John Lasseter,” someone who can focus on story, who understands character, and can maintain a high level of quality throughout the production. Those people are very rare indeed, but are priceless for this kind of project to succeed.

    +1 The story is king.

    Of course the short "Bingo" made by the Alias|Wavefront (then owned by SGI) team many moons ago didn't have a whole heck of a lot of story, but it sure was entertaining.

  26. Haven't read all the comments, but I think a four or five years from now preproduction cycle would be the most realistic so that GooseBerry would start more peacefully, something like in 2015 with test shorts happening before.

  27. "Of course the short “Bingo” made by the Alias|Wavefront (then owned by SGI) team many moons ago didn’t have a whole heck of a lot of story, but it sure was entertaining."

    I think there's a profound story being told in that short, and more scary than entertaining.

    Most people probably aren't unaffected after having seen it.

    And isn't it one of the things that makes a story great, that it can be told with simple means?

  28. Anyone know any details about getting involved in Mango? I'm an actor as well as an avid blender user and would love to audition to lend my voice to a blender movie (or if what I've heard is true and it mixes live action be an actor in the movie).

  29. Yep, definitely agree with others- it's really about time a full-length film was made to really promote Blender! The current shorts just show off it's capabilities, and really don't do much more.

    @ nobody101010
    Yeah, a script comp would be a great idea, as others here have pointed out- a movie with a boring (or just average) script with fabulous effects just comes and goes, and then quickly forgotten! In a short movie comps, I've seen things like cheap and cheerful 2D cutout animations etc easily beat a sophisticated productions with lots of special effects etc, just because of great plot, theme and characters! Think, why is Shrek and similar movies, always played at Chistmas time, again and again, and other movies not...

    Elephants' Dream is ok as a short story, but the other two just didn't grab me- just show-reels really...

    @ Chris Burton
    Fully agree, no more Space Operas with ships and lasers, or Swords and Sorcery Fantasy! While I love them- those genres (along with current horror), really have been done to death! We've had 40 years of these sort of movies and TV series (Star Treks, B5, etc)- and it's hard to do something new and exciting. It may be ok, but won't stand out- which is what we want!
    Think of current alternative productions like Lost, Santuary, Fringe etc. These are creative- current Sci-Fi and Fantasy I'm afraid to say, generally just isn't- they just tred a well-worn path dozens of other's have, and this makes the product uninspiring!

  30. To those posting that story is king (and I agree it most definitely is), there is a great little masterpiece out there called "Kiwi". I have never seen a three minute animation pack such an emotional punch and while I don't remember the name of the guy who made it his kind is exactly what the BF needs for their Gooseberry project. Just another sci-fi or fantasy epic would be a bore; what Gooseberry needs to do is present a universal theme in an original way. IMO that is why Pixar is the king of animation. Sure they have the best technicians and artists but underneath that there is always a theme that appeals to people of all ages and nationalities presented in a unique way through characters we truly care about. If Blender truly wants to make a name for itself once and for all with Gooseberry they will have to do precisely that...and dazzle with technical expertise!

  31. Hello to all. Firstly the annoucement made for the new projects was really quick. I thought that no new project would be made before 2.6 would be nearly done with. But its really great that Ton is thinking way ahead.
    I do agree with many comments above that a great story is really important. For me BBB was the most the best animation BF ever did, though I also liked elephant dream and Sintel.
    The name Gooseberry seams nice, though, it seems to have some nostalgie in it. But it might also change as Durain became Sintel.
    Like 2 or 3 dudes above I would have really liked if a game project could have been planned. But I do think that in the future something might bring a big change in the way we see Blender now in the game industry.
    Things are really moving and its really exciting.

    Happy Blendering to all.

  32. I agree with most comments that Gooseberry should try to be original, but not too original. The concept of small studios working on a feature fill is nothing new, and with the right resources ($ including) and organization the project should be very feasible. Only requirements would be that the studios have prior production experience and can actually deliver the shots they are responsible for. I would say that you should try to get a professional producer for this project.


  33. I would love to help this!! I'm only 14, but (not trying to brag) I am a pretty good rigger and decent animator. I suppose I would have to set up my own studio first though, huh? Anyway, I'm open if you need me!

  34. @ ScooterGirl
    Yeah, nicely put!

    @ DrD
    Programs like Fringe or Santuary are a good example of that- different and refreshing takes on known genres.

    As for 3D- well might as well do a 2D and a 3D version if possible- it's sorta expected for computer animated movies these days.

  35. Hey Ton , screw Gooseberry and screw Mango, how 'bout putting your efforts into getting us out of beta already, will you? It's getting old.

  36. @vidrazor2 calm down and try and keep up with the news, beta is set to end in March or April if you have missed some of the minute meeting they have been under 50 bugs for some time and are now working on the to-do list of missing features. Mango is set to start in September which will be months after Beta has ended and Gooseberry is about 2 years away. So what the hell are you whining about.

  37. @ScooterGirl
    >.. Pixar is the king of animation... there is always a theme that appeals to
    > people ... through characters we truly care about.

    That was before they made "Up!", which is when they lost it. It has the same vindictive strain that is jarring about "Big Buck Bunny.

  38. Sounds... euh... boring really.

    "I dont wanna bring 50-100 people to Amsterdam..."

    Are you going to pay at all? Or is it all "to the glory of blender" and "a chance to show your skills" kinda project?

    Why not first write a story and then decide if you need 50 or 100 people?

  39. The only problem with a script competition- is who judges it? You'd have to have someone (or group) that has good experience with writing/screenplays (especially in Sci-Fi/Fantasy type genres), and understands narrative, characters, themes etc.
    Does the director choose- this has benefits, as the director will be passionate about the project, but then if the director isn't good enough, they could choose something crap.
    Or do you choose director after script has been judged?

  40. I have an idea that developed by telling my baby brother stories.
    The story is called Baby Owen its about a baby that gets abandoned on a lonely country road.
    Baby Owen awakens and climbs out of his baby basket encounters a ground squirrel nibbling on a nut
    being young they become friend .after a long day of play the squirrel squeaks goodbye but baby owen fallows
    the squirrel but the squirrel objects. The squirrel explains that he can not come down the hole because he does not look like a squirrel whereupon baby Owen shows off his big incisors and nice patch of hair on his head .
    the squirrel points out the lack of a tail but upon inspection it is reveled that he has a tail .
    ( is this why the mother abandoned baby?)
    this is only the beginning find out why a baby was that best thing that happened to a community of squirrels
    Ok this may not be the best story but i like it.

  41. Mango will be an interesting project.
    Tracking, set extension, 3D and live action integration, advanced compositing... That screams "zombieeeee!"
    I mean... Mango HAS TO BE about zombies.

    Ton already announced that Mango will be about flesh-eating cows with lasers.
    It's not zombies, but I'm cool with that.


  42. Caleb Harrison on

    I highly object to the label "vindictive" being applied to "Up". Now, it may just be me, but I cried during the first 15 minutes of "Up", and would bet that others have as well.
    Now, I am not saying Pixar has a monopoly on talented scriptures, "Polar Express" and the recently released "How to Train your Dragon' has brought Dreamworks from "Funny" to "Funny and meaningful"
    I hope my little rant has underscored the point THAT WE NEED A GOOD SCRIPTER/DIRECTOR!
    We are everything with, nothing without!


  43. Caleb Harrison on

    "Why not first write a story and then decide if you need 50 or 100 people?"
    Agreed, I really like the idea of a script contest!
    I hate to say it, but the only Blender Foundation movie that had a cohesive plot in my opinion was BBB.
    Sintel started too abruptly and was tettering on the edge of cliche and I dare ANYONE to even attempt to find a plot in Elephants Dream. =)


  44. This is the opening scenes of a comedy horror I wrote many years ago. The difference from the usual genre is that it starts as all comedy, except for the first scene, but when it shifts to horror it is all horror. I feel that by doing this it makes you care for the characters more and thereby accentuates the horror that befalls them. It is called Boys Night Out. Dracula, The Werewolf and Frankenstein are the heroes.

    Scene 1:
    Close up shot of the head of a male-like creature. The head is bowed. The head slowly raises to reveal its blood red eyes and fanged teeth. The camera pulls back to reveal a cave full of thousands of such creatures. The camera pulls back a hundred yards to the entrance of the cave. The mass of creatures run towards the entrance of the cave. CUT.

    Scene 2:
    External. It is night time. Long shot of a wolf howling in the Caspian mountains. The camera zooms in on the wolf as a little ginger furred dog creeps up behind it. The ginger dog mounts the wolf as the camera pans past the wolf an onwards to Castle Dracula. The wolf gives a strange howl (the type you would if a ginger dog mounted you). As the camera closes in on the castle we see a faint light descending the stairs of the castle.

    Scene 3:
    Internal. Castle. Renfield descends the stairs making his way towards the crypt. He enters the crypt.

    RENFIELD: (Knocking on Dracula’s coffin) Wake up Master, wake up. Time to go...hunting (sound of wolf howl, then another howl of the “ginger dog mounting type”).

    DRACULA: Go away Renfield I’m sleeping.

    RENFIELD: But Master, you always go out on a Friday night.

    (The coffin lid flies open hitting Renfield in the face and knocking him to the ground)

    DRACULA: Ah yes, it is Friday. Boys Night Out. (He looks around). Where are you Renfield?

    FENFIELD: Here Master, on the floor.

    DRACULA: On the floor, I don’t pay you lie on the floor you lazy fool.

    RENFIELD: You don’t pay me Master.

    (Dracula leaps from the coffin).

    DRACULA: I pay you in bugs…

    RENFIELD: I forgot…you’re so generous (Dracula Nods).

    DRACULA: …and a rat for your Birthday. Why is it so chilly?

    RENFIELD: You’re not wearing any pants.

    (Camera shot of Dracula’s bare arse)

    DRACULA: (Looking down) Ahh, what is that tiny mouse doing on my…my thingy?

    RENFIELD: (Looking at Dracula’s private parts). That is not a mouse. That IS your thingy.

    DRACULA: Emm…must be the cold Renfield, must be the cold.

  45. Hope this runs on

    Ok BBB was the best animation ever done by BF because of the script for it, very well done. Nerds ( and i'm one) suck at writing a good script. for the nest movie Gooseberry or whatever the name will come out to be need a writer who understands the hardships of animating, but doesn't do it himself. I'm talking about a want to be science fiction/ fantasy writer who wants to contribute his ideas into this project. I agree with many of the posts above that a script needs to be laid out first so money can be better spent on the right people for the right job. of course this is the opinion of someone who can't write jack squat about anything so take this as a random comment, not advice.

  46. Scripts, scripts, scripts... plots...

    People, does anybody knows (I hope - you know) that all possible scenarios was already written? I'm sure - many of you know it. So why just not to "ask" the best of classics?

    For example I purpose Clifford D.Simak's splendid book "All flesh is grass". I read it two or three times - and this story is at the same level as his "City". Clifford's sci-fi isn't close to Star Trek for sure. If you didn't read this book - you'll be very pleasured.

    @Ickathu - who knows... maybe you'll be much better as an actor ;)

    @Caleb Harrison - Elephant's Dream has no clear plot though it's really intriguing and can have many meanings. I see some "mind puzzle" in this film. And it's rare.

  47. @Moolah - Yes, I can definitely see myself as an actor. I have never actually done any acting, except for animation purposes, but I could definitely be one... No guarantees that I would be any good, but hey, if they want me, I'll come!

  48. @Ickathu - you have a lot of time to find out what you really want and what you can (and want to be, to improve). At least one year as I understand.

  49. I'm available to script edit/review! I hope I'm not too late. MY script writing partner and I have qualifications in feature script writing each, and I have a second degree that I'm doing in professional writing.
    Our good friend Karel Segers who my writing partner is right hand man for, is considered one of the best script editors in the world. Anyway, I and my resources are quite good, so I would love to get involved considering that a feature script is harder than you think.

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