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"Dead Cyborg" - A donation-based sci-fi adventure game


Endi is working on "Dead Cyborg", an adventure game using the Blender Game engine. The game is free (as in free beer) - if you like it you're asked for a donation.

endi writes:

This is a very unique game. The gameplay is like the old text adventures but in 3d. So there is graphics and some animation, but the interaction is simple and the story telling based on the texts. The player can examine the environments, objects, can take items and use them - the trailer shows this. You can find more info in the trailer.

This is a "one man" project. Of course the game uses the Blender Game Engine (2.49)! It runs fine on my AMD 3000+ and Geforce 7600 (20-30fps, 1280x720). I have no performance problems with this developing, and I think BGE is good for more complex fps games with some actions too. Of course the developers must know the trick and limits - but this is true with big game engines too. I will write some technical infos when I will have time.

I hope I can publish the first episode at middle of 2011. This is a donation based game, and I am working on it in my free time. I will publish the trailer and infos on worldwide sites (like and I hope I will find the adventure game fans - this is important because of the donation.