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LIVE LOVE EAT short film made with Blender 3D


Alfonso Peralta writes:

Hi guys, I want to share this short film we finished recently, its a commercial short film for Misala Restaurant & Lounge. I was in charge of the 3D animation and special FX, which I made using primarily Blender 3D 2.5 and 2.49

We are currently working on a making of video, that we would also like to post later.

I hope you enjoy it!



  1. hey

    hm its not really a film, Its more a composition of many clips in my opinion because of the lack of story or did i missed that point ?^^

    But yea some really cool effects in there so i would like to see the making off too :D


  2. Wait...

    i'm confused, what of this was done in blender? all of it? or just like the "effects"

    the people are they like actual people or created models...

    i've seen some VERY realistic "appearing" animations done by other artists using certain other programs that's why i ask, and if this was literally ALL DONE with blender including the people that is enough to convince me to devote like 100% of my free time mastering blender lol

  3. Weird is ok. Lack of story is probably ok if there are highs and lows. In this video everything is high, everything is enigmatic. Hence there is no transition, no change of state, no emphasis. It is beautifully done and - yes boring to anyone who is not into the special effects.

    Alfonso, I think your writer should be thinking of what effect the breaking of a cigarette, the swatting of a fly, the firing of an employee... might have on the vignette of beautiful women waiting for their jet pilot to join them in a beautiful restaurant.

    You need conflict then fracture or resolution.

    The effects are good.

  4. that would be totally sweet in the background of a restaurant or something, thats about it but. some of the cloud scenes looked a little jaggedy.

  5. Don't really get it, but I like it, so it doesn't matter if I don't get it I guess.

    Probably a bit long to watch again and again for example, but I believe it would be interesting as something playing in the background somewhere. Just look up, watch it for 5-10 sec, then back to whatever you were doing.

    Well done.

    (hard crowd to please here)

  6. That was as close to nothing as you can get, and yet still have something on your screen.

    I thought the jet at the beginning represented some sort of looming disaster heading toward earth, but I soon realized it was was this video. But the actors softened the blow by acting as if they had no talent whatsoever. It might have been better if the motorcycle guy had arrived earlier, but I hear he was delayed in an unfortunate acting incident involving an escape from a wet paper bag.

    Seriously, all kidding aside, the only things missing from this video were a script, a pulse, and a reason why.

  7. I thought your movie was fantastic! True it would be great to think it was all made in blender, but I wouldn't like your movie any less if it was all made in final cut pro with 3ds max. I thought the camera work, makeup, costumes etc were all top notch, did you guys use a digital SLR to shoot the movie like a 5D or something?

  8. I think its kind of a hommage to BladeRunner, in view of music, charakter and film look.
    I liked it, but yea, very open ende.

  9. @confusedNoob : hum, you can learn any software you want, it's not that much the software that matters, its your skills. If you don't manage it in 3DS Max, you probably won't manage it in Blender or Maya, or vice-versa... So be convinced that what you need is skills, not software.

    However, there's real footage in that short (like real humans, with brains)... and too much glowing/flaring/hazing for me.

  10. The story is there, it's just on another level. Abstract and subconscious. Basically said it's a love story. The only problem I have with this flic is that it's definitely too long.

    And if you don't get it, then go watch some Lynch, Cronenberg & co. Maybe you'll learn something.

  11. While it looked nice, I had no idea what was happening in the whole thing. If you did the VFX and the 3d animation then you did pretty well :D

    But yeah a storyline would be helpful.

  12. I agree with most of the comments above: slow moving. Frank Capra once said that movies need to move three times faster than you think they should, which seems good advice for the editor here.

    There was a story, despite what it may seem. It is a "slice of life" idea, and trying to achieve the same affect on the viewer as "BladeRunner" did.

    Still, I found myself not really wanting to be a part of that slice, and glad that I am not. It's a teenage machismo fantasy: fascination at huge money, beautiful women, cutting edge machines and technology, being in charge and having people obligatorily waiting for you. I don't think it survives too long in adulthood, even if you have money; people, in general, are happy to see these people fail, since other people are treated as objects.

    In terms of 3D, I really only liked the the jiggling jet flight. I would not have made the same decisions on the titling.

    It takes a lot of courage to release a video into the wild, and I appreciate the risk taken. It seems like there is a lot of talent at all points behind the making of this; the next step seems to be to find stories -- and ways to tell those stories -- where the characters develop their own voice with the audience.

  13. I thought it was awesome, and I would totally eat at any restaurant that had that playing in the background. I love the Bladerunner / Cyberpunk vibe. The effects were great, and I thought the sound design was amazing as well.

  14. @Mike, - it's a psychedelic for sure ))
    I like this trippy stuff and really good vfx.
    oh, maybe too much anamorphic lense fx and chromatic oberrations in one scene - that means something really strange (or futuristic?)
    And you know what, guys? I got that it has some story but it's blurry and probable has a philosophic sense.
    BTW - some moments there reminded me Mallholland Drive (possibly clothes and make up).
    I think that for a restaraunt it's pretty cool! Not so boring like a clip containing a record of 3 minutes of walking tall girls on a podium (I saw this in one place).

  15. There's twelve minutes of my life I won't get back again!

    It looks to me like the someone had a collection of models (both human and Blender varieties) around which they decided to make a movie.

    A script would have been of more use. VFX do not a movie make.

  16. Fire the director, and hire a writer.
    Besides, the over use of some of the effects, there is no real direction with this series of images.
    The story, if any, is hazy and convoluted, you can't really make heads or tails of it.
    For example the pilot seems to be thinking of their lover, but the lover looks sad, which would suggest a breakup or difficulties with the relationship. It doesn't make me feel happy, and want to spend money, just crawl up in a ball.

    The vfx over all look pretty good, with the exception of things already mentioned.

  17. I think the video was good for the purpose of why it was made. I think this is a great ambiance video, especially if the restaurant was as eccentric as the style of the video. Great technical usage of Blender as well.

  18. Cool stuff.
    watched it 'till the end.

    As to the "no story" crits. MTV fills 3 channels with no story, so I would not worry about that.

    Looking forward to the making-of. I wonder what was done in 3d. Except the obvious plane and flowers.

  19. Didn't really get the "message". This doesn't necessarily mean that there's something wrong with the story, just with my attempt to construct an interpretation of it.
    I liked the visual style though which was very consistent throughout the short. Overuse of chromatic aberration and anamorphic lens flare. Also liked the glares, the saturation and dominance of blue.
    I too am looking forward to the making of this.

  20. I do like the visual appeal, weird, at times even unsettling. I don't mind teh lack of cohesive story flow, I've seen enough david lynch films to let that go. But, the whole restaurant angle is kinda strange.

    Must be one weird restaurant. Does it have some kind of time travel/scifi theme?

  21. Hey, guys, excuse me, but if this was intended for background ambiance, what's your problem? This is art in service of commerce, so the working parameters are a bit different, but they were delivered. This happens all the time, and always has. Michaelangelo made religious art basically through compulsion by the Church, Hollywood loves the happy ending because it's a crowd-pleaser, etc., etc., etc... Alfonso, perhaps if you had told everyone up front that it was meant as background ambiance, they might have had their filters correctly ordered, and been able to appreciate it for what it was: a bit of post-modern, visual "chamber music". BTW, it took me a few minutes, but I figured out that the models were real. It's the eyes. Nobody gets the eyes right.

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