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Sintel: Over 1 Million Views on YouTube


Sintel is a hit on YouTube! After they've given it extra attention on their Facebook page and on their own website, over 1 Million people have now seen the movie and the number is still growing at over 10,000 views per hour. The website now features a 'live' counter that displays the number of views. Guess how the counter is implemented?

That's right, in Blender %^). Nathan Letwory [jesterKing] hacked a Python script that fetched the statistics XML, juggles it a bit and then renders out the counter. To render your own, grab the .blend file that he shared. Enjoy!

About the Author

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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. Felicitaciones a todos los que trabajaron en la realización de este proyecto, a las personas que pudieron ayudar en la realización del mismo, y a la Fundación Blender. Realmente es impresionante esa cifra.

    Nuevamente felicitaciones y saludos desde Colombia.

    Congratulations and greetings from Colombia.

  2. It's odd... for me the Youtube counter apparently is stuck at 894534 or something.

    #1 - Angesagte Videos - Global

    Hotly discussed:

    #1 - Heiß diskutiert (diese Woche)) - Niederlande
    #5 - Heiß diskutiert (diese Woche)) - Film & Animation - Global
    #1 - Heiß diskutiert (diese Woche)) - Film & Animation - Niederlande
    #1 - Heiß diskutiert (diesen Monat)) - Niederlande
    #1 - Heiß diskutiert (diesen Monat)) - Film & Animation - Niederlande

    Most seen:

    #6 - Meist gesehen (diese Woche)) - Film & Animation - Russland
    #7 - Meist gesehen (diese Woche)) - Film & Animation - Tschechien
    #2 - Meist gesehen (diesen Monat)) - Film & Animation - Niederlande


    #1 - Favoriten (diese Woche)) - Niederlande
    #4 - Favoriten (diese Woche)) - Film & Animation - Global
    #1 - Favoriten (diese Woche)) - Film & Animation - Niederlande
    #2 - Favoriten (diesen Monat)) - Niederlande
    #1 - Favoriten (diesen Monat)) - Film & Animation - Niederlande

    Best ranked:

    #1 - Beste Bewertung (diese Woche)) - Niederlande
    #4 - Beste Bewertung (diese Woche)) - Film & Animation - Global
    #1 - Beste Bewertung (diese Woche)) - Film & Animation - Niederlande
    #1 - Beste Bewertung (diesen Monat)) - Niederlande
    #1 - Beste Bewertung (diesen Monat)) - Film & Animation - Niederlande

    This list shows how great it is :D - especially the first one: Most, err... trendy or something like that, globally (I guess, English YouTube has a better word for it :)

    The list is actually way longer!

  3. Extremely happy with the results. I knew this was going to be a huge success after watching the movie. People ! tight your pants, with this huge step Blender has made there is a bright future for all Blender heads. Buck Bunny has 1.2 millions, Sintel is as close in just a few days. Time to invest more in Blender, money, training and production.

    Congratulations to the Team and every one involved.

  4. @Dwayne
    says 1,2 mill views, not viewers... same as lady gaga or any other major seen video on youtube, they have lots of views, it doesn't count how many times people have seen it ;) The further up it gets the more people will notice it. Even so, takes some amount of people to get the views up to 1,2 mill anyhow.

    Gratz to Blender and everyone who helped out on Sintel!


  5. AllNamesAreRegistered on

    I know Sintel is released with creative commons, but it irks me that MovieManiacsCE's "OFFICIAL [HD] | FULL MOVIE (2010) Blender open movie project" was featured and not BlenderFoundation's.

  6. @ DWAYNE

    Well then you have to count people who has watched it over 10 times from downloading it ! Then the real total views would be much more than what YouTube shows. Including myself, I watched it only 1 time from YouTube and another 10 times from the HD file downloaded.

  7. Blender is becoming, more and more, a global, recognized, animation system.
    Not limited to just that, however.

    The types & amount of multimedia dissemination are also growing.

    How about an overview of all the vaious kinds of multimedia distribution available
    to Blender users? "Where do I go with my finished project?"

  8. Vimeo is a pretty good site, a lot of stuff gets posted on youtube, some people just start a blog and post links to youtube, vimeo, or upload sites like 4share

  9. >According to YouTube, Sintel is most popular among men 35 to 44 years…

    >WTF? I mean seriously WTF?

    Do you have some sort of problem with that?

  10. donald watkins on

    That was truly a fantastic effort, a captivating story brought to life in a visually superb way. I daresay that most people would even be proud of what you would consider mistakes. Know that you are truly capable of achieving great things. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Thanks to N.A. I got it. Very clever script !

    >According to YouTube, Sintel is most popular among men 35 to 44 years…

    >WTF? I mean seriously WTF?

    Well, people on that age are potential INVESTORS ! So that is good news.

    The counter part is that many fake their age, from 13 they pop it up to 28 and so, just to gain so respect?

  12. Dave Heinemann on

    @sx If you're referring to:

    (40 / Sintel.age) > decent

    Halina Reijn, the voice actress, is A: 34 years old B: Beeyouteeful and C: Smarter than your average mesh - (I think --- can't read all the info on her because it's heavily encrypted, ie. Dutch, but 'actress and writer' gets some bonus points).

    Well, and she's D: In another country and E: Married, but who's counting?

    She's not the only reason I (38) liked it but for a strong ageless exotic (from here anyway) female lead she was a nice pick.

    If you mean people like myself have nothing better to do, guilty as charged, but it WAS under 15 minutes...

    Perfect? No. Perfect enough? Absolutely! Great work, by the same people who were, in the rest of their time, making Blender more awesome by the minute.

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