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Sintel on 3D World's October Issue


You probably know that Sintel will appear on 3D World's October issue. James Finnerty sends us the photo of the actual copy! (Or who knows if he rendered that himself ?)

Update: Partly quote Ton's recent post on Durian website on this.

The “Return of Blender” has been choosen by 3D World as a good cover slogan I guess. We all know we were never gone, but we we’ve been very busy indeed!

And in some other medias, some readers having been sighting bunnies.



  1. It must be something like The Return of the King (LotR) about Sintel being an epic-fantasy film.
    @ Blendernation: I'd love an article about the Sintel DVD contents.

  2. They've got like a 6 page article in here where an editor went behind the scenes at the blender institute. It looks awesome, haven't read it yet myself

  3. FreeMind: with the dvds we will release a semi-official version that will "do" it all fine. That's including the render branch, which is being postponed to include until 2.5x is out of beta.

  4. Even 3D World thinks 'Sintel' is a bad name for a movie. They've replaced it with 'The Return of Blender'. It has a better ring to it.

  5. "Even 3D World thinks ‘Sintel’ is a bad name for a movie. They’ve replaced it with ‘The Return of Blender’. It has a better ring to it."

    for my own, I have always thought that Sintel name sounded like the name of a super processor from Intel !o). It sounds like an "Intel inside" movie !

    This said, good news. I'll try to find this magasine, but I have never found it around here.

  6. @J. that would be illegal as the article is copyright of 3d World Magazine. You can order issues online, I have to wait until November before I get my copy at the store :-(

  7. We've come a long way, baby! Congrats, Blender (and those awesome bunch of people who all made it possible). Maybe now people will stop considering Blender as that "okay" 3D modeling package. This isn't the first time Blender has gotten their attention, but this sure is a major milestone! (And whaddah ya' mean "The Return of Blender," 3D World? We never left! LOL)

  8. I hope to see a sintel movie coming out... A FULL LENGTH movie would really send blender rocketing into the heavens by number of users.
    Anyways, Sintel looks awesome, I can't wait for it to come out. Love the publicity blenders been getting lately, and need the compositor back in 2.54.

    fictional out

  9. Great to see Blender on the front page of a 3D animation journal! They could even write "Is Blendeer worth the money" or "Blender or shake" or "Bla bli Blend". But the title "The Return of Blender" even gives the impression that the product is back on equal quality to other 3d packages. And that's great news!
    3D max, Cinema 4D, Lightwave, zBrush and all you brothers, be aware your brother was in the weighing room ad he is back. Strong and in great shape :o)

  10. It was some of the rumors about blender 2.5 which have brought me back to blender to give it a try again (i guess it was about 1.5 years ago).. so in some sense it is a "return of blender" for some of us ;)
    (plz note, it was also the moment i have thrown my commercial and imho overpriced product away and decided to stay with blender :) )

  11. It's a great image, but one thing really bothers me about it.

    If you know that your image is going to be on the front cover of 3d world, take the time to post process the image! I can see render artefacts all over her face, arms and upper torso.

    Seriously, five minutes with photoshop is all it would have taken.

  12. Sintel on the cover is awesome, The headline could have been better. "Blender is back and rocking!" would have been more appropriate. Instead of it insinuating that it has been gone for ages.

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