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Blender 2.54 Beta Released


Note that in the uploaded packages, the OBJ exporter is still broken. Read more below on how to get and install the correct version and more important note from the release logs.

Update: For the OBJ Exporter fixes, all files from should be copied.

Nathan Letwory writes:


Blender 2.54 Beta has been released! This is the second beta release for the Blender 2.5x series. Here a quick summary of the main work that's been done since Blender 2.53 beta:

  • Almost 200 (!) bugfixes. During this period close to 700 issues were reported to our tracker, about 675 closed. For some graphs and stats visit Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 36
  • RNA Renaming. A lot of names were changed in the RNA level. For those who have used drivers a lot in Blender 2.53, there is a helper script in the help menu to fix the paths.
  • RNA Properties API changed, see [Bf-committers] PyRNA type definition changes (postpone beta until end of week) for proposal and implementation details
  • Audaspace/Game Engine API GSoC merged (audio py api, game.logic and GE in general, port Yo Frankie! to work with)

As you can see, mostly the effort concentrated on bug fixing, and some major changes in API, but not much new things. After this beta we'll continue with squashing all those bugs (still over 380 open!).

A crucial bug with the OBJ exporter was identified just as the binaries were being built and uploaded. If you need this you can get the correct version of the OBJ exporter from:

In the tarballs and .zip releases, look for the directory 2.54/scripts/ops/io_scene_obj and copy the file from the link on top of the existing

In the app bundle, go into and also look for the directory 2.54/scripts/ops/io_scene_obj. Copy the from the repository over the existing one.

For windows installer, if you installed with datafiles into installation directory, find the installation directory, and from there 2.54/scripts/ops/io_scene_obj, if you used user settings directory (application settings), look for %APPDATA%\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.54\scripts\ops\io_scene_obj. Copy the file from repository over the existing one.



  1. How further the count the more I LOVE IT. Just the way of workflow I want. Great Job you guys and yes I count the days that Sintel is coming. HI :)

  2. I still think that "emulate 3-button mouse" should be on by default. Can anyone argue why it should not?
    Is there really a functionality that will be lost with "emulate 3-button mouse" turned on?
    Rotating with middle mouse button is possible/comfortable with old mices only.

  3. Just changed my pipeline to this new beta 2.

    Believe it or not, I actually like the new API changes! Great job! And it's worth updating existing scripts.

    Thank you!

  4. Fantastic! I've been playing with this today, you can see the improvements making a difference.

    Great work squishing those bugs and good luck getting the rest!! It's defo getting there, not quite yet but man it's moving fast!

  5. Are you sure that SVN URL has the fixed OBJ exporter? I overwrote the shipped one with that and I still get a unsupported IDProperties error.

    While we're at it a suggestion: the installer should save the installation path and "where to install the scripts" prompts to fill in on future Blender installations. I NEVER install to the default location and I NEVER install the scripts to the "Application Dir" so I always have to remember to change those when overwriting a prev version.

    u have spared me many a afternoon of boredom and so thanks again!!!!

  7. Very excited to see first beta version released!

    I have been playing around with it for a while, and liked it very much.

    However, when I press "network render" in the pull-down menu at the top, and go to the render tab in the right pane, I see that "Server Adress" is misspelled. Should be "Address"

    But other than that, very nice release!

  8. I've been using the optimized builds from (Linux 64 bit), because the previous official Beta often crashed on New File, or on loading a recently used file. In this official release the problem is back (or hasn't been really solved). It's strange, because it doesn't happen in the unofficial releases.
    I wonder of anyone else has this problem.

  9. hey guys .... i have some major probs in 2.53 .. please tell me where and whom to tell to fix those bugs...

    and this 2.54 also crash on opening a new file but anyway lots of improvements .....


  10. Abdollah for ever on

    that's great news :)

    but i cant make it run, this error is keeping poping up :

    runtime error! this application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way

    I uninstalled ms runtime and reinstalled it , downloaded the 64x and 32x versions of blender , but no change

    any help ?

  11. Bugs in smoked stimulation and merge bone still not fix,but it's a bone for us to play for a while.Now! were is Blender pro? just seen an liquid stimulation in real time setup Awesome!!! on youtube.

  12. I swapped out the file but am still getting the statement in the file line 116, in execute print<self.keys> type error: bpy_struct.keys: this type doesn't support ID properties.



  13. How lucky we are to have such a dedicated team of smartypants working on this GEM of a free program. I have spent many, many hours swirling around in and swimming through wondrous worlds of creation - through amazing worlds that have never been seen before - all because of the noble, benevolent and gifted people who put so much of their time and lives into this great project.

    I'm in awe of your generosity programmers. Seriously. I want to thank all of you so very much!

  14. Blender, si el mejor!!

    Ariba los Blenderianos! Ahora solo falta trabajar en el game engine! Espero sea el proximo camino!..

    Si me enseñan a traducir el blender lo tradusco! ^^


  15. I've gotten back into 3D after a 5 year absence. To get back into it and experience Sintel and Blender 2.5X at the same time is exhilarating. Look at that gorgeous red hair. Keep up the diligence Blender crew and community.

  16. @Abdollah for ever, weird - the python libs we bundle are exactly from official Python 3.1.2 tarball, and indeed, is missing. But thanks for finding out!

    @val2, I'm unable to reproduce that error :/

  17. I waited for a new release because i really like 2.5 version vs 2.49 but the two main problems that keep me from using it are still present:
    1) the "failed to create OpenGl offscreen buffer" error
    2) the VSE error - i can't view the video when I add it, I can hear the sound but I have a white image instead of the images from the video.
    Anyone else has this problems or is just me?

  18. Thank you, blender developers!

    I think when the bugs have been squashed it would be a good idea to integrate the raytraced indirect lightning properly. I've already seen it in action in some builds. It really IS the last major feature omission separating blender renderer from commercial renderers like mental ray! When I can light my scenes with light emitting objects (with internal renderer), then blender is complete in my books. :)

  19. Right out of the box, I noticed when I import an OBJ file, and hit the texture button on the bottom, IMMEDIATELY the object became textured!

    Whereas before, I had to go to the panels on the left and work to import the image map. THAT... is a big difference!


  20. oh my i think the servers are in great load..i cant download it now..

    many thanks to the developers..

    edit: it worked now..thanks again

  21. unfortunately, the windows 7 64 bit version crashes instantly on my machine - even when run with admin rights;
    no zip-file is available at the named locations

    the installed 32 bit version also crashes on my machine. only the 32 bit variant out of the zip file runs

    btw., the 2.53 version in 64 bits - run from zip - works, but not the installed 64 bit version

    so I guess, besides cheering of most other guys above, there's still some work to be done.

  22. Thanks so much to the developpers of this brilliant sofware !

    One of these days the world will acknowledge how usefull was what you achieved.

    Thanks again, and keep it on.

  23. Why is FFT no longer one of the High Resolution smoke options? When I compile mine from source, I have to manually configure Scons to use it, too. :/

    Edit: For those who are experiencing frequent crashes while loading new files, etc., are you using AMD processors? I have this problem unless I compile it from source (even official 2.54 and 2.53 source), and I have an AMD processor... Wonder if the official binaries are compiled on Intel?

  24. I have just tried it, but there are still no svg import... Can someone here my prayer and
    install it in the next release please.

  25. New release! Tried it!

    First opened and it uses a lot of cpu resources (80 o 100%!) and my computers audio breaks (sounds scratchy). Solved by choosing 'none' for sound in user preferences.

    There is also some problem in rendering in my 3d view port in edit mode. Is it a bug?

  26. Could someone post following bug:
    (No - I don't want to be in your Database)

    Create UV Sphere (64s/64r)
    Create cylinder

    Let the cylinder cut through the sphere.

    add bool modifier to the sphere (difference) select cylinder.


    Result complete crash (32/64 Bit Win 2.54)

    A simple boolean-operation doesn't work -


  27. Abdollah for ever on


    that was my problem , see the console screen when blender crashes, if it says some thing about then do the following :

    "ok, found the solution of c++ problem , in the console

    it says that i’m missing (for python 3x)

    so i got it after little search :

    just download it andput it in (your blender main folder__2.54__python__lib__encodings)

    that’s it for me :)"

  28. hi abdollahforever,

    i have not been able to load any blender version beyond 2.49b due to the runtime error and C++ crashing the software immediately. i do not recall specifically the console spitting out a issue but i will check that tonite. i have downloaded the piece you suggest and will report back. if this works, i will thank you many times and help get the word out, because i know some folk are struggling to open this beta version (which is a brilliant software).

    by the way, blender 2.54 opens and runs peacefully on my work computer (xp) and laptop (vista), but has issues with my home desktop (vista), where i run 2.49b.


  29. dear abdollahforever,

    i am proud to say blender 2.54 is working for me! though was not my problem, it put me on the right track to success! mine was related to a PYTHONPATH issue. searching this term, i found the following solution posted by cyrfer on the thread at


    Watch out for this environment variable! On my win32 XP system, this variable was set by some python installer that I ran and it caused Blender to crash on startup. The fix is to remove the environment variable (My Computer->Properties->Advanced->Env Vars).

    You just get a plain message box telling you that Blender crashed. If you launch from the cmd.exe, you can see a little more info:

    Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
    (C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.
    found bundled python: C:\BLENDE~1.5-A\.blende\python
    Fatal Python error: Py_Initialize: can’t initialize sys standard streams
    File “C:\Python26\Lib\encodings\”, line 123
    raise CodecRegistryError,\
    SyntaxError: invalid syntax

    end ------

    sure enough, i deleted PYTHONPATH and i'm in business with the new beta blender, though 2.49b can't find the python script. but how great!! thanks again for pointing me in the right direction!


  30. Thanks "Abdollah for ever"!! it works!!
    I think the Python version that came with Blender 2.54 have to be correctedd by the developer from the page that Abdollah refer to.

  31. Abdollah for ever on

    that's good news guys :)


    i saw that solution and tried it before i know that my problem was in cp720.


    i hope so XD

    see you in ''Blender world cop 2010'' entries


  32. I had some trouble under MacOS X 10.6.4 ... if I import an object (.obj) from zBrush and than select an image under textures, blender crashes! In blender 2.53 everything works fine!

  33. Is Blender's preview render function ever coming back? I sorely miss being able to hit Shift P to see a small preview render of a specific area.

    Please bring the feature back like it was in 2.49!!! Pretty please? :) It makes texture and lighting adjustments so much quicker being able to see an immediate update!

  34. Still haven't gotten an account creation confirmation email from the bug tracker after several tries over a month.
    Can't log in to the tracker without it. Is there a problem over there?


  35. Thanks "Abdollah for ever"
    Your idea Worked. I've done all the things as you mentioned above. And now I am enjoying BLENDER 2.54 BETA.

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