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Benjamin Bailey

I am a young creative artist with a dream to conquer the world with my ideas. I love singing, writing, drawing, and modeling in 3D - and I'm ready to put these skills to use.


  1. 3dementia (reformed n00bie) on

    Blender is representin' now, word!

    I'd like to give a shout out to all ya'll pimping blenderheads out there. Be keeping it real for sheezy!

    I'm out yo!

  2. Finally blender has the upper hand on the other major 3d packages wich lack a certain sign or body language code...
    I suggest that MAX users shout 'TO THE MAX' wherever they meet a fellow maxhead,
    while Z-brush could get a handshake for their users..softly brushing over the fellow z-friends hand when they meet or take photos.
    Well don't mean to offend anyone...just thought that this was some odd news...i think i remind that such a gesture means exactly the opposite of 'salam' in some cultures, so better check the peoples ways before you go on greeting everyone with the official blender handsign.
    Also doing the monkey (suzanne) as a way to express blender affiliation might lead to being chased down the street by people with forks and torches.

    Great news! Salam Blender!

  3. lol.
    salam is a muslim greeting. it's used like 'hi'.
    since indonesia is a muslim country, its understandable for them.
    so funny to see the first thing i see in blendernation is 'salam blender' and thinking"did blendernation become muslim or something?"

  4. @iKlsr
    "…well different religions, different views…"
    that's definitely true.
    but salam is universal in islam. Go to ANY muslim, say it and you'll 99.99% of the time you'll hear back "wa'alaikumsalam".
    Go try it.

    still lolling btw.

  5. That's nice, a good sign of blenderheadedship.
    In Turkish we use 'selam' means 'hi' and 'salam' means 'salami' :) So at least i can adopt this hand sign with a name 'selam blender'.

  6. @syafbif, correction Indonesia is not a Muslim country even though the majority people who live there are Muslims.
    The word salam was adopted from Arab sailors and traders who came to Indonesia hundreds years ago, so the meaning is different now. It's like what ndundupan said salam now means greeting.
    If you say salam in Indonesia, they won't reply "waalaikum salam".

  7. i am well aware how the word was adopted and its history, however its still a muslim greeting as Islam did come from Arabia which speaks Arabic.
    perhaps in Indonesia it means greeting,(although i'm quite sure it still means peace)
    but in Islam it definitely means peace. so I assumed thats what it meant as majority are muslims:)
    it is still universal however (in Islam), so go to any Muslim and try it, trust me it works ;)
    plus in the post it says 'salam' means peace which is correct

    But never mind,it still a great blender greeting,
    salam blender!

  8. @hilander: "Assalam Alaikum" was never an Arab greeting before Islam. It has nothing to do with Arabs. It is for all Muslims regardless of their mother tongue. Moreover, Indonesia _is_ a Muslim country (vast majority of population are Muslims), but not necessarily an Islamic country (Constitution isn't based on Islamic law).

    Hope that helps.

  9. Blender was built as a symbol means that Salam is not.

    I love animals, For
    the symbol looks like a little bird's face

    People think of each
    Something of a Make it look differently.

    For Muslims,
    this symbol can be seen as Salam hand signals.

    If the Muslim population in the country if the people of those countries
    Salem, the symbol will look like.

    It became a symbol of the dove of peace is a Christian.
    But too many people are not Christian-ins Seen as a symbol of the dove of peace.

    If you like the people of Indonesia to the people of Indonesia
    If you want to introduce you to the blender
    Salem, hand signals,
    applying the marketing
    can be a good choice.

    Through such events, and Indonesia, people are able to remember the blender,


    Indonesian citizens
    Blender will not be considered a symbol of Salem.

    And Again
    Blender is the meaning of symbols that not Salem

    I think so.

    Their cultures
    Their events
    As I think and I culture
    There is no right to say it was bad to good.

  10. I don´t want to burst a bubble here, but, even thou the iniciative is nice (and cheesy) it would not work in Brazil. If you did that sign here, people would get very agry. It is the equivalent of F*** YOURSELF or something very bad in the same level of that. We have the same problem when turists, mostly americans, that try to do the OK sign...

    Sorry! Brazil supports blender in mostly every way, but this would be a little bit bad for it`s image around here. Imagine if you say blenders most prestigious users telling them to F*** thereselfs. Not good! :)

    PS: In no way I am disagree or the spoken greeting! So, Salam Blender!!

  11. Blender was built as a symbol means that Salam is not.

    I love animals,
    For the symbol looks like a little bird’s face

    If people have different thoughts and cultures
    It seems has a different meaning.

    If you come to South Korea
    Nazis symbols can be seen in the mountains.
    It is the sense of the Buddhist temples.

    I probably
    If you see somewhere in Germany, the Nazi symbol
    At first, I think a Buddhist temple freely.

    Their method
    Blender ..... sought to

    In my eyes look good.

  12. That's funny ! This symbol was used in the TV serie "The prisoner" of 1967, featuring Patrick McGoohan as N°6.

    It was the way people greet in "The Village", a weird island where former secret agents of any countries were held prisoners far from the civilisation.

    The gesture was done as eye level, looking through the hole and followed by the words "Bonjour chez vous" in French, and "Be seeing you" in english.

  13. Smart! )


    Ligthwavers everywhere take powerful flashlights and when seeing each other they turn on their lights, direct them in eyes and shout "Let be the light!" )))
    Modonauts like to "modonize" everithing :)) The last is true :)
    By the way, some Modo features are really "pioneeric". For example it's preview system or "fall-offs".

  14. @syafbif: Instead of asking Indonesians what "salam" means in their country, I just assumed it meant "peace." I'll check into it more next time. :)
    @anonymous: Hmmm... lol. OK, thanks for the heads-up - when I go to Brasil, I'll be careful when I use the hand sign.
    @rusted: Awesome! Indian dancing is beautiful.
    @Joolme!!: Feel free to use the hand sign to mean anything you want it to. You are free to do that.
    @ROUBAL: Hahaha, nice! I've never seen that series, but I'll take your word for it. :D
    @mcBlyver: Cool :)

  15. i checked this and just like in brasil people here relate to it as an insult...
    i remind when i was younger we used to play a game showing these finger holes and if someone looked into it they'd get socked on their arm :D

  16. When you happen to drive your car across Germany one day, don't use it to greet other drivers you don't know.
    They could mistake it with a quite similar hand sign witch means 'A*hole'.

    I guess you will be alright around blender-heads thou.

  17. Mmm, I recall in the old days (read in the year of 1998 to 2000 or something), somebody has invented a hand gesture like that and so did I but it never really took off.

    Glad to see it being back in light! Now spread it around! I don't think it's cheesy, it's groovy! ;) Blend on!

  18. Please don't use stupid hand signs to promote a highly respected piece of software and an intelligent community, leave the flipping of stupid hand signs to wannabe gang-bangers who use them because they think it looks cool.

  19. I don't know who approves what is to be posted on Blendernation, but I can tell you from my experience with international organizations that it's not a very wise move to officially promote something or anything that can be culturally controversial, in view of the diverse backgrounds of the international Blender community. :)

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  21. They're really good fun Replies
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