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ColorCube, a Blender Puzzle Game


ColorCube is an interesting original puzzle game done with Blender Game Engine. A playable demo with 8 levels is available for Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux. You can purchase the full version which will come with 48 levels, level editor and more on-line levels.

Quentin Bolsee writes:

Here's the first commercial game exclusively done with Blender Game Engine.

ColorCube is an original puzzle game, it includes:

  • 48 Levels
  • A level editor
  • On-line levels

The game works with Windows, Mac and Linux. It can work with or without GLSL.

You can try the demo or buy the complete game on the official website:


  1. This is great! It makes sense to focus on gameplay instead of graphics given the blender game engine.

    I'm not a huge fan of the puzzle game genre myself, but I know plenty who are (including my dad!) :P so if the marketing is any good, I'm sure it could be hit.

    All the best to you guys, it looks great :)

    Question to the developers: Any plans to port this to the Nintendo DS or iPhone? These types of games are great when waiting at the airport :)

  2. Great Game! Hope you guys have a lot of sales and I'm sure you'll do as the price is really attractive. Continue to develop other ones and all the best for the future.

    Could you please tell us approx, how much time did you guys pass in developement for it?

  3. Just bought the game.
    Haven't played it yet, but it looks like a lot of fun.
    For those who are interested? It only cost €4,50 for the complete game.

    If you port it to another platform. Don't forget ANDROID, as it is already the most widespread.

  4. Congratulations on publishing the game!
    Does this mean that all the licensing issues with the BGE and commercial publishing have been resolved?

  5. @Grafos: Yes, I was wondering about the same thing. Previously it seemed like any game running in BGE would have to conform to GPL given that BGE is GPL. Maybe I'm totally off here...

  6. I like the idea, but not the graphics. Could easily have been done brighter and more up to date. What if... there wer skinning options in the editor? Think "Little Big Planet". Good job though! Wish I had the Blender skills to make games. :)

  7. @Bart: Ah. Yes. I've read this before but I've just understood this to say that since there is no way to lock down the .blend-files, you're in effect giving away the game as open source.

    So, anything inside the Blender_Game.exe would have to be GPL and any resources (graphics, python scripts etc) loaded by the .exe would have to be in .blend format and thus readable by anyone with a copy of Blender.

    So, to me it seems like as soon as you buy a game made in Blender, you can in effect quickly create derivative games without much hassle. To create a commercial derivative game, you would have to swap all graphics, sounds and python scripts(?) with your own to avoid copyright infringement.

    Of course, if you would like to make an easily moddable game, this is a huge strength, though.

  8. Nice game, and nice price. Ive just bought it.

    Hope to see some user-made levels soon. Ill try to make some when i finish the game.

  9. Whoah that looks cool. Reminds me of another game I played, except it was a sphere, you had to collect some things and didn't have to do switches. The game looks awesome :D

  10. yeah, releasing this on DS or anything portable would be awesome! I got to Level 6 and the engine.exe crashed (I'm on Windows, so maybe it's less stable), but it's really fun, a lot of planning and strategy :D totally awesome! :D

  11. Like I said before,
    Intel are the most widely spread Graphic card,
    Visit the Unity 3D Website for more details.
    Blender Game Engine on my Machine (and on all machine in the Unit)
    so does you game...
    I would enjoy your game as I produce similar strategy Game
    Myself. (Using Unity 3D)

    One day, Someone will have to look at backward compatibility,
    which Make the Blender Game Engine Useless for Million
    of People!!!

  12. pixnlove isn't making any sense and seems like a spam bot.

    Anyway, I liked the video, and I'm just wondering if this game uses anything other than Blender for the game programming. Using Blender by itself is awesome, but it's hard for me to believe a commercial game would use only Blender.

  13. Looks really good and original, even though it reminded me heavily of Edge for the iPhone. It's not the same but really similar. And if you have an iPhone, go get it, it's great. Nevertheless well done with the sound design, graphics, game editor and cool puzzle!

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