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SmallLuxGPU, Interactive Demo with Blender 2.5, Videos, Tutorials


We are keeping track of SmallLuxGPU, a demo to use GPU rendering for Luxrender done by David Bucciarelli. SmallLuxGPU is a part of LuxRays, a module of Luxrender for accelerating the ray intersection processes using GPUs. Here are some recent demos. The first one is from David himself. There are also 2 nice videos from Phymec plus a newbie's guide to SmallLuxGPU for OSX from Sebastian König.

The video above is from David Bucciarelli, showing interactive material editing and also its almost real-time camera changing of Andrew Price's an Audi R8 scene.

Here are 2 videos from Phymec's youtube channel rendered with SmallLuxGPU v1.5, using Bullet Physics engine.

Update: Plus a very nice HD one, also from Phymec (Thanks to Jens for the link)

And the last video, "A newbie's guide to SmallLuxGPU for OSX" from Sebastian König,  is a very introduction to start playing around with SmallLuxGPU on Mac OSX



  1. My only complaint about SLG is that it is quite difficult to use ATM. I even had some problems compiling it. Of course I don't expect it to be user friendly, being in a beta, or maybe alpha stage.

    What I'm really trying to say is that SLG has everthing that Octane has to offer minus the usability. And it's free!

  2. Honestly! This is the most excited I have been about CGI since I first started!!

    GPU rendering is well overdue, but it's amazing what it can do now!!!

    I mean that instant update to the render view makes this far more responsive than even the Blender internal renderer!

    If SSS can be added then there is no limit to this baby!!!

  3. I'm not very well versed in unbiased renderers. How do you render a video or animation in them without lots of artifact flickering? Do you just set a certain amount of time for each frame to process and hope for the best?

  4. Argh! I just downloaded the SLG and wanted to render some nice scenes but it didnt work at all -.-
    I defined the executable and scene folder...
    Shouldnt it work then?

    eeeeeeeeeeeeehh dammit -.-

  5. Admirable and great job, developers!

    I hope you can make its render fully accessible by the Blender's internal compositor--the minimum for production-ready requirement--and do more such as hair and fur. :)

  6. I bought Octane two weeks ago and have been absolutely blown away. The only downside is that its integration with Blender is not so good, at the moment. It is set to improve. But....

    This looks to be a complete implementation into Blender 2.5. If it is, it will have my vote hands down if the renders are comparable. The Holy Grail would be to stay within Blender without ever having to go out to another program. I would urge anyone working on this to please, please, please (please!) take your time and try to achieve this monumental milestone.

    And then, go private so you can make some capital off of your efforts! This stuff is worth paying for! And for those of use that use Blender as a tool for professional work- we expect to pay. It's still better than dropping a couple of grand for one of the larger programs.

    Thank you for all of your hard work!

  7. Install isnt simple not because of slg but because of opencl. Make sure that you have opencl working 1st. For Nvidia(opencl) there is a file that you have to get from forget which and where probably can be found on The plugin is in luxrays/samples/smallluxgpu/blender/ copy and put in you /blender/2.53/scripts/io thats it...
    You need to have a graphics card that supports opencl... probably nvidia 8800 and higher not sure on ati
    make sure your material rays are high enough... 2 isnt
    turn up render rays as well
    make sure that your set the path for slg in the render panel I have to edit in linux each time after selection
    up the cpu thread to the number of cores you have
    I turn cpu check box to add speed

  8. there are builds on luxrender forums... you need to register to see the gpu forum. you can build yourself but it uses mericurial...

    I forgot how to checkout but update is hg pull and hg update then make to build

  9. Remember this is alpha software so please dig for answers instead of pestering devs with basic ?'s... This work will make its way into luxrender .8

  10. @enzo: I'm really sorry if I have given the credit for the Audi R8 scene to the wrong person. Please let's me know who is the author of the complete scene.

  11. going private in the sense described above is a really bad idea. A monumentally bad idea. (Blender is already private in a sense). It still strikes me how many people use blender who still neither know nor care about the ideas and philosophy behind it.

  12. Justin-
    I whole-heartedly agree with you. The Blender Foundation project as a whole should always be open source and free, and easily accessed, and exactly like the foundation has put it out to the world.

    But those folks supporting it, and writing supportive apps are not part of the foundation itself. They contribute without any remuneration of any kind. Sure, their success may lead them, as coders, to other money-making projects. But then we loose them. It seems like there should be a happy medium in there, somewhere.

    It's an interesting problem. When you devote this much time to something you love, the option of making a living off of your passions should be just that- an option.

    This very serious discussion detracts from the obvious here: THIS IS AWESOME! I got it working as well, and we are looking at the future here!

  13. guys

    if you are one windows just go to graphic all and get the blender build with all add-ons added.
    this would also include SLG with all needed dlls.

    straight forward and easy to use.

    dang that software is the hit live control from Blenders interface - a dream come true.

  14. yah that does not seem to be andrews car at all

    but they say his scene but looks like they missed the credits for the guy who build the car.

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