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25 is a FREE renderfarm, powered by the community itself. The only catch: the uploaded work must be released under a Creative Commons license, and the 'session owners' (the people on which computer your work is rendered) are free to use the results. have released their own custom Blender 2.52 version.

Julius Tuomisto writes: is a free publicly distributed rendering service that enables its users to render their animations or stills by using the computing power of volunteers from around the world. The project uses the BURP (Big and Ugly Rendering Project) code base, extending on it for a more accessible rendering service.

Continuing on the recent beta release of the Blender 2.5A2 rendering clients (Mac OSX, Windows, Linux 32 and 64bit), we're super excited to announce that we've finished work on the new version of the build of Blender 2.5 with the new and improved uploader script in them. As well as fixing some bugs, the new uploader (developed by Nathan Letwory, alias jesterking) includes:

  • Settings verification: the uploader will now help you in preparing your .blend file for a successful render on
  • Session management: you will now be able to list your own sessions, see their progress and even cancel sessions that haven't been accepted yet
  • More intuitive use: You are no longer required to remember your user id, just your e-mail and password on will suffice
  • Version updates: You can easily check for new builds from within Blender

You can download the new version here.


  1. John Tiberius Bone alias Johnny T-Bone on

    WHEN DO We receive a reliable and usable (integrated all option from the previous versions) blender version ?? It is ridicolous what you do with this software.... All 2.5 version is shit - 2.5 is full of bug and missing options...

  2. Nice idea. Now we only need something like that for private use among people working on a project.

    @John. 2.0A still Alpha software, that comes before Beta, which comes before Release Candidate which is then followed by a release. Your post wasn't even about the render farm...


  3. Great stuff!! I feel this is VERY generous! Even if everything has to be CCL!

    @John Tiberius Bone alias Johnny T-Bone:
    It's ALPHA level, meaning it's in the debugging phase and feature upgrade phase!
    see the road map here:
    See? it says in the "What to expect" section there are still missing or incomplete features ATM. This is understandable as this is the biggest re-write of all the code since Blender first came about.
    We still have one more release until 2.5 official release.
    so if you don't like 2.5 go back to 2.49 and just wait for a few months.

  4. I agreed with T-bone, I rather use later version of blender like 2,46 and 2.47. not 2,48 ,2.49
    it have weight to armature bug issues which was never fix and it in 2.50 too.

  5. Wow, it's amazing how certain people get a feeling of entitlement about FREE software. Don't feed the trolls!

  6. John Tiberius Bone was banned from BlenderNation from making a severe threat to Brecht. It seems the ban was too loose, I updated it.

  7. Transition times is always difficult. Yes Blender 2.5 is lacking of many features already implemented in previous versions. Bone's channel settings, hiding bone groups in the DopeSheet, bone's channel location ( move up, move down ) etc etc. But I rather deal with these issues than going back to 2.49b. So far 2.5 is much more productive than 2.49b. Lovely Ipo System, straight forward UI utilization etc etc etc etc etc.........................

    It is just a matter of time I guess, 2.5 is still in Alpha right? By the way, have someone tried this "community render farm"? I heard that the waiting time was about 2 or more days?

  8. Cool. Something like this amongst people doing a project would be nice.
    An online render handler is more missing from blender than an automatic updater. Alas it's also more difficult. lol. Maya now has backburner in the gui.

  9. AllNamesAreRegistered on

    It sounds to me like RNS and Johnny T-Bone are one and the same based off his/their horrendous grammar.
    That aside, sounds really intriguing. I'll have to try it out on my next big render.

  10. AllNamesAreRegistered sorry, but I'm solo is just my style to annoy you book worm out there.I don't really like to over draft sentences like some people do in forum. render-farm policies are more communist than capitalist. I won't risks my hard work to be distributive
    for free. I'm a capitalist pig Yankee!!!

  11. AllNamesAreRegistered on

    Sorry RNS, my mistake. English must not be your first language then? But I do agree in that the policies of some renderfarms are not the greatest.

  12. AllNamesAreRegistered your a good person thank, there rumors that a developing team are attempting to better blender performance in all area of animation.It have been in the work for the pass 18 months.It been call "Blender pro" only for professional use.Is faster and very stable.It been said the it have an engine that recognize it comparability with com hardware were it can optimized it performance or disable some features to stabilize it functions.maybe Ton knows some thing about it. maybe,is why he went into the project too soon.if any one hear any thing about this Blender pro please link it!

  13. @RNS: You raise a very valid question. I think the current trend among creative people is that they are still quite hesitant to license their creative works under the Creative Commons (I'm actually just conducting a query on this among people working in the Finnish creative industries). While I think that these worries are natural and sometimes very much based on sheer reason, more often people just seem to opt for other licensing models than open simply because they feel threatened of losing control.

    The reasons why we opted to go for Creative Commons on are numerous, but to open up the possible two main reasons are that A) we're using people's computers to achieve a certain task (besides it feeling natural, we're covering our own and our users behinds by giving them a valid license to the material, which they will anyway have access to, see B..) and B) is an open rendering environment: It is important to understand that a publicly distributed rendering environment is inherently open by design. Current technical limitations imply that model and texture data will
    be exposed. I would dare to say that this is very much so for any such service.

    In my view, publicly distributed rendering, or open rendering environments - even with what RNS here calls communist values (and I totally understand your point RNS, we were actually going to go for a rendering for the people by the people kind of a theme at one point;) are and will be a very valid alternative to closed rendering in the future. I'm expecting a lot more people - especially Blender users - will see that the openness is actually not a limitation at all - it's just another tool for achieving high quality renders fast and free and reaching bigger audiences for their work.

    This openness can be seen as both a limitation and a feature of any such rendering service. For example, it is likely to be seen as a limitation in commercial uses such as movies with large budgets, but as an asset for projects that aim for maximum visibility, such as low-budget movies, commercials and product endorsements. Sure - George Lucas would never have rendered the face of Darth Vader on a publicly distributed rendering service such as - but what about the next generation top directors?

    I feel slightly sorry that the conversation veered immediately off-topic (Blender 2.5 not being ready - thanks for the info:). That aside, I'd like to thank everybody who posted some on-topic comments and the people who checked us out at least (quite an amount of visitors since the post - thanks all). Waiting to hear all your comments on the topic.

  14. The previous post being from the administrator of the project itself. Sorry for not adding the signature to the end.


    Julius Tuomisto (alias prodigal_son, prodigal @ IRC Freenode)
    Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Espoo, Finland

  15. "Communist" is a completely inappropriate term here, carrying as it does the connotation of FORCED sharing of resources. What we are discussing is a VOLUNTARY association. Anyone who prefers a more restrictive license is free to use another rendering service.

  16. Communism is a social system in which "rights" are abolished and property is commonly controlled, as well as a political philosophy and social movement that advocates and aims to create such a transitional stage development of productive forces, leading to a superabundance of goods and services. yeah I'm a complete Yankee pig!

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