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Blender 2.5 hotkey chart


Having trouble trying to remember where the hotkeys are for Blender 2.5? Could you do with having a chart to hand covering the basics?

I've been having a spot of bother remembering where the basic hotkeys are for Blender 2.5 so I put together a hotkey chart to help the ol' gray matter. It's not a meant to be a comprehensive map (there are far to many hotkey combinations to fit into the limited space of a keyboard diagram), instead it just covers the basics common to modeling low-poly content for games.

There are two versions, a mapped 'chart' and a 'blank' both available as high-res 300DPI PDF and PNG files; the blank can be used to map your own key combos. Main chart may be updated from time to time.

Download the Blender 2.5 basics hotkey chart PDF


  1. Nice timing indeed. I still instinctively use good lo' 2.49 defaults to be gently reminded it's not the same :)

  2. best thing since i heard 2.5 was coming out this summer
    but ill probably edit the K-board combos anyway so thanks for the blank sheet. ;)

  3. Just a heads up, many of the graphicall downloads include an addin that publishes the current hotkey maps as a set of .svg files to the blender rot directory.

  4. I thought 2.5 was going to have the right and left mouse buttons inverted to what all applications use.

    I agree with not following conventions if it's an improvement, but to do it with no reason is stupid and annoys new users.

  5. I sincerely hope they didn't re-map the commands in 2.5. That would ROYALLY suck. I can see hotkey ADDITIONS for new features, but not re-mapping existing commands. There's no reason to have to re-invent the wheel. That's just change for change's sake, and all that does is slow your productivity down.

  6. How hard would it be for a developer to make a virtual keyboard plugin for Blender that shows key mapping?

    It would stop the constant re-invention of the wheel here, as there are so many key maps for Blender from previous versions.
    Not that I'm unappreciative of this one.
    But 'just sayn' - a virtual keyboard in Blender - even as a plugin - wouldn't be a bad thing...

    PS And neither would it be a bad thing if 'Sintel the Game' were the next Blender Foundation Open Game. ;-)

  7. My idea for this solution was,
    an embed search for type what you want to do,
    and as you type a panel updates in groups of relevance
    so the user remember fast these kind of informations.................


    Here at brasil,i have show Blender to lots of who i know,
    yet no one like for the same activity about creation.

  8. @WDS - that's a great feature idea and I guess some of the code is already there for it now (Blender has search), but I doubt it would stop people wanting a quick overall keyboard guide ie a hotkey chart to learn from.

    A virtual keyboard (plugin or not) could be dynamically updated from key maps the user makes, and by rolling mouse over keys, or ticking a 'show all' checkbox the function assigned to key(s) can float above (without obscuring the surrounding keys). And of course, it would be printable (somehow ;). There could be a button to show default Blender keys, etc. Use your imagination.

    Even if this used a low poly 3D keyboard model, that similar to Suzanne, can be shown at anytime in the editor and functions highlighted above keys. Ok, this one is a silly idea, but it's fun to think of a big ugly keyboard primitive in Blender that's just revealable to show keyboard functions. =)

    But a 2D overlay/modal style keyboard that shows key maps made by user, that's dynamically updated with changes to Blender version and by user, isn't a silly idea.

    It would be a great instructional tool too, as an advanced version could show in realtime the keys that would be pressed to action a function if the user clicks the GUI button equivalent ie the user clicks a scale button and the virtual keyboard highlights the scale key. Of course, there could be a setting to turn this realtime mapping feature on/off.

    And a very advanced (and possibly pointless) version could be bi-diectional - allowing the user to press a key sequence on it to action a function in Blender, which in turn presses the GUI button equivalent.

    But, starting with a simple 2D overlay/modal graphical keyboard to show default and user key maps would be a start.

  9. @ Max-Max: Do you mean the links in the original news item? Did you give it a few minutes before trying again/did you try again? Always a good idea to do that before posting as you probably just hit a brownout due to traffic/bandwidth loads on the site.

  10. @blndrusr

    Great feature request, would be good to submit to the Blender 2.5 tracker.

    It could be fairly easily be done using OpenGL. And when using the GL2PS you can create scalable pdf from that for printing (There are some older GL2PS build for Blender)

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