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Froggy Is Back!


"Reibe Studios", a group of Computer Science and Arts students in Catania, Italy, has just released on the net its first full fledged production: "Froggy is back". 

The movie has been produced at 95% in Blender in the last 9 months. Enjoy!


  1. Well, I wouldn't call it first-rate, but certainly a well-done team effort, and definitely better than anything I can do. :-)

    It goes to show how much work needs to be put into a 3D animation. While the keyframing could have been better, it achieved it's purpose. It was visually excellent.

    Great job guys.

  2. WOW! The story telling was excellent, I was so engrossed in the story I missed several of the technical imperfections the first time around.

    This is an excellent example of what hobbyist animators (and some pros) should strive for. While super detailed environments and models are great to look at, if the story is weak, or as is mostly the case non existent, your animation will be mediocre at best. This short sets its self apart from the crowd by conveying the story very well. The intentions of the characters are perfectly clear, excellent work.

    That being said, the animation felt a bit slow in parts, like the characters are moving in slow motion, if the animation was snappier this would be perfect.

    Just my $.02

  3. Very nice, I can't imagine how much work this must have been... way to stick with it and create a nice piece of work!

  4. icanttellyou on

    animations could certainly have been much better... did anyone else notice that anything (that could be seen) behind an inch below the bird's wing (bear with me on that wording) looked distorted as if there was a transparent part of the bird that had the ior set incorrectly?

  5. model frogs is deformed with errors. Characters slow and clumsy.
    In some places, the animation can be accelerated.
    Try to increase on montage speed and will see the big difference.

  6. Kyle Dell'Aquila on

    Hey! This is Fabulous!
    All the content is there, all it needs is some further pacing editing as well as trimming up the flow of the character animations to make it feel less "keyframey".

    Super Sweet otherwise!

  7. Good usage of music, I like it.

    If you guys(and gals) want additional comment:
    At least these three things I would say;
    - Keywords are obviously cartoon and humor, which always brings exaggeration and contrast in general, this could e.g. have translated to the female-frog to be more 'dolly parton-ish' and the lips really red. The sad-frog/bird-think scene could be fun with the frog in the background doing 'funny-sad-things'. The frog dancing could have used a stick (and a hat) which suits the particular dance and make it more lively.
    - I miss some actual communication between the frog and bird, they seem mutes if they aren't singing, the body-language IS secondary...
    - Don't be afraid to cut scenes and shorten things, a storyline is like 'keep the arc flowing'; Yes, it's a pity if you don't see it early enough but keep the end-product in your vision, don't put scenes in because "It was a lotta work so we're using it"

  8. I found many problems, the frog deforms terrible, mostly in arms, hands,fingers and shoulders. It is a rigging problem ( bones to large ) or weight painted incorrectly in joint areas. Extreme poses are way to slow. Turning his head from left to right should be at least within 6 frames with a breakdown key. Yours took almost 2 secs ( 50 frames at 25 FPS !!! and NONE breakdown key, remember arcs, up-down-up) I don't think you followed at all the EXTREME-BREAKDOWNS-KEYS-PAUSE. The character looks lifeless in the way it was animated.
    Landscape is good, the leaves and camera shots.

    I know it is hard to do something like it. I would suggest to do shorter clips concentrating more on character animation.

  9. Yeah, STORY and volumetric lights rocks!

    But textures aren't good (ground and leafs are awful - need more details and separated textures for diffuse, specular and bump). Also you missed many details in characters' movements. Add more life to it!

    But don't down your heads - you will make better animations, I sure! And actually it's not the best way to fix all problems in this animation. My opinion is that you must investigate your mistakes and go further - do next animations.

    Animaticoide told you the very important thing about animation easing! Try to set all natural (live creatures) movements with "easing". This thing and a proper timing are the keys to success in animation!

    GOOD LUCK and keep working over all your things!

    P.S. Some people tells that rigging is bad - artefacts and etc. I didn't noticed it first so it's not so obvious. Maybe frog's bodies are too shiny and need some bumpy "pimps" at head. Specular amount is identical over the all body - this makes character's look poor. Real frogs are "smooth" and shiny too but not like these. Real world characters' interpretation is a very difficult task.

  10. This is very good, but some work on the timing and movements and it can be great. For me the tempo and the pauses in between the cuts felt to slow compared with Tom & Jerry (old school) or Sponge Bob.

  11. Keep showing thing like this and the people will keep saying it is the best thing you can get with blender....
    Truly Horrible

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