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SIGGRAPH Papers 2010


For those of you who have complained in the past as to why I cover SIGGRAPH on this site, I give you the following papers trailer. As I've stated before, that in addition to the Blender conferences held there  SIGGRAPH also leads to new ideas for animation software including Blender.

Note the coverage of  E.D. and Nils Thurey papers. (See the film credits for details)

And yes, I will be at SIGGRAPH this year and hope to bring you some exciting interviews.


  1. Oh, I LOVE those audio-synths :D
    Last year, there was water sound synth. Nice :)

    But also the other things looked very insteresting :)

  2. Wow lots of interesting topics. The brush metal and the surface tension is my favourites. Others are interesting as well. Got to take a look.

  3. Some very cool stuff as always.

    Computer generated Sound effects is a massive deal.

    Things like Echos, and other 3D sound simulation based on camera location and location of sound will really revolutionise the making of films.

    I think some of these effects are used in gaming, but I'm not sure yet if the sounds are being generated in the same way.

  4. a basic repaet of what all have already said
    sound generator is awesome and so is the pan with the brush metal look
    PS the girl in the dance isnt ezaclty ugly...

  5. Alltaken: AFAIK, In games, it's basically an audio-file, mapped to a source in 3D (which is mapped on an event) and every speaker gets an offset-distance that then controls the audio volume and maybe, not sure, also some kind of pitch shift, which also is needed to locate things. That part probably depends on the game...
    I can't know but I'm pretty sure, that echo effects and such are per-area-postpro effects.

    Doing full "true" 3D-audio, including echo and such, requires raytracing which, I think, was discussed at previous Siggraph or the one before that :) - On one hand, you could work on a much simplified scene to get somewhat satisfying results (It's extremely difficult for us to connect a certain sound with a certain shape, a sound wave is reflected/refracted at) but on the other hand, you need full reflection, refraction and, which is very slow, dispersion... - Due to the size of the waves, any opening in our world's size cause dispersion. Soundwaves are roughly as wide as for instance a door or a window. Just that makes you able to "hear around corners". - if our doors would be as small as visible light wave-lenghts, we'd be able to see around corners :)

    Echo is sort of like GI for light: Diffuse reflections. Over and over again. - Or maybe it's like two mirrors, facing each other...

  6. Anyone who complains about Siggraph coverage, should look closer at the whole scene and try to understand why it's well worth covering, I think you've made the point quite well there Tim.

    Thanks for posting.

  7. @Milad Thaha: I remember something called 'vectex', which provides vector based textures for Blender. I can't tell to what extend there the same but it might be worth the look. (It was a post on this forum)

  8. @Yout: Because...? The papers are written in an ancient script? The papers do not apply to reason, sense and logic?

  9. Absolutely amazing.

    is it just me, or did that first cloth sim with the yellow shirt look more like live action with cg replacement of the actor?

  10. "For those of you who have complained in the past as to why I cover SIGGRAPH on this site "

    Really? Ignore those. SIGGRAPH is the reason blender exists. If it was not for SIGGRAPH's free exhibit of CG technology the NeoGeo crew could have never wrote any 3d code.

    Not to mention the exploding amount of creative inspiration displayed each and every year, if you don't want to be updated on that then I don't understand what your looking for in 3d animation and developing technologies in blender.

    Thanks Tim, sorry that I again cannot make it to SIGGRAPH this year. Hope to meet sometime though.
    Looking forward to read your reports.

  11. Mmmmm those video preview papers look amazing (And seem to be showing some blender work!) !!! That would be AWESOME in blender, yum

  12. I was wondering if blender would have a booth there as I hadn't seen or heard anything yet here or on the Siggraph site. I look forward to seeing you, if not blender in whole, there.

  13. yu can wait for some of these new tech appear on blender... but blender today is working again with radiosity all other have at last a well intregrated path tracing ... i think you can wait a long time ...
    anyway, nice video :)

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