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Introduction to the Compositor


Learn how to use blender's compositor effectively to produce amazing results.

Since starting Blender Guru a year ago, I have received a TON of emails from people asking for help with the compositor. So I've decided to make a video that answers some of these questions

"Introduction to the Compositor"

During the video you will learn:

  • How to make a killer night time scene
  • The answers to 3 common beginner questions
  • The fundamentals of compositing
  • Why compositing is similar to food production (no really!)
  • How to add eye popping glow and glare effects
  • How to add a background image quickly and easily without re-rendering


  1. First! The only problem I have with compositor tutorials, is that they're usually all the same. You never get to learn advanced stuff or cool tricks/hacks for effect.

    Of course, it's better to learn the basics from a tut like this, and figure out cool stuff yourself. You get more credit that way! :D


  2. Great intro to the compositor Andrew! Look forwarding to reading thru your ebook. Keep up the good work. I have very much enjoyed your previous videos as well.

  3. Thanks for the tut. The compositor was a function in Blender that was a mystery to me, I really never found the time to look into it. Your tut was just what I needed, thnaks again.

  4. Very good, it's straightforward and clear, just what is needed for an introduction to the compositor. Has set me off experimenting which is what you need to do to learn it properly anyway.

  5. MTracer you have to start somewhere! If you pay carefull attention there are the odd nugets of gold here for the more experienced too. A good tut (no matter how basic) can even give you new workflow measures, so all is not lost. Just look deeper.

    Blender Guru is doing a great job with clear instructions that anyone can find usefull, even Durian team members...

  6. Wow, it's about time to have a good tutorial about nodes, my unfinished bussiness! Thank you so much!

  7. Andrew - I have been very dismayed by the negitive comments you have been receiving by a FEW of the idiots that call themselves part of the blender community. I have been following the posts on and the attacks at you and here is a partial copy of what I feel pertains to you:

    Your tutorials are very professional and everytime I go over them I always learn something new. The things I love about your tuts are this (Which is what I think Noobs like Miffed miss):
    1). You offer a complete introduction that prepares me for what I am about to learn
    2). You offer a “homey” analogy that really helps to put things in perspective so that the really technical stuff can be related to in a simple way.
    3). When you introduce a button or setting that is not clear and has not yet been documented by the development team you are not afraid to say “Im not sure what its for but I do know if you change the setting to XXX it works better). ie …. you are not a know it all and have not problem admiting it (unlike your unadmiring critics.
    4). You put a tremendous amount of work in everything you do and then offer what you do for 99.9% of the time free of charge. Your work deserves payment even if its a complement – so thumbs up to you. I will be buying your new tutorial even though I rarely work with compositors for one reason – you deserve it!

    Please keep up the great work - for the overwealming majority of the community you are appreciated for what you offer. For the critics that have nothing to offer themselves they simply need to STFU until they are willing to do do something constructive.

  8. Hey Andrew, great job on making a name for yourself and establishing a brand. As a fellow author, I know the effort and practice it takes. Press on!

  9. Great work.
    Actually using the composer is pretty much the same as doing photo touch up in any image manipulation program (like Gimp/photoshop etc).

  10. Andrew, just a follow-up: I would PAY to see a Blender video tutorial on color grading using the compositor!

    I know color grading is art/theory/science and can be a complex topic, but I've yet to see a decent tutorial on color (ie color grading multiple shots of an HD shoot).

  11. GothicCyborg64 on

    Thanks a lot for the tutorial Andrew.

    It really helped me get a grasp on the composer. I've tried fiddling with it before, but to no avail.
    Too bad Yayfray doesn't support the composer yet.

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