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  1. The entire thing rocks; however, your monkey and Santa animations are especially awesome.
    great work on your reel Mangojambo!

  2. Great ;)

    I do wonder, though...where did you get that operator panel for facial animation at about 2:15?

  3. There is lots of good stuff, but i think maybe you should cut away some more, it will have more impact, more bang! I would suggest removing the shot with the "Sim"-type characters walks. I enjoyed the animations most, but it is a generalists reel, is it? I think the animations are more enjoyable than the modelling clips, so why not start with animation and put the modelling stuff somewhere in the middle...

  4. So many good things in this one!
    Only felt a little weak in the beginning and the very first transition in the music is unpleasant.
    But the rigs and animations that come later are extremely strong, you should have success with this one...

  5. I've never done it, but have read frequently that one and a half to two minutes is plenty long enough for a demo reel. Think about cutting everything except what you think is the very best of your work. Nice music.

  6. I like it, besides the content also the opengl-concept.

    If you do want additional comment;
    There's two types of proper filmmusic, no music and fitting music, cinematography will learn you; No music gives no addition but also no substraction(!) implying that unfitting music will subtract e.g. take away action, think of a hi-speed car chase with a ballad as main score... Showing e.g. 50 models you made in 4 seconds will express experience while spending 4 seconds on a not-very-interesting model will bring 'so...?'-feel, for the record I'm not refering to 'the old woman'. Don't mute voices in a character-animation, you don't leave out the eyes because it's about the jump... And finally, a e.g. a proper walkcycle is certainly a certain level, however using a walkcycle and not seeing it(variation) is another...

    Hope this helps...

  7. @Keffertjuh: Ik heb Blender al tijden niet gebruikt maar dergelijke 'panelen' zoals je het noemt zijn 'bones' met 'constraints' welke worden weergeven als 'shape'(=>mesh geometry). Het vierkant erom heen is een visuele weergave van de ingestelde 'constraint(s)'. Het 'deform-neus-bone' krijgt bv een constraint welke gebied de rotatie te volgen van een bone in het face-panel(-armature)...

  8. Hmmm I haven't seen shape keys and armatures in such a setup before, but I've only did some low-level attempts with them, so I'll look into that :P
    Thanks for your reply, nobody
    Haha the name

  9. @Keffertjuh: Nope, shape-keys are there for the relative deformations of a vertex-group. What I was refering to is, 'display bone as shape' => 'somewhere in the armature-panel'

  10. Well I can't find it, so if anyone could give a quick show-and-tell of what to do to get that very useful overview or perhaps refer me to a tutorial on it (I seek tuts quite often, haven't come past one of that yet) I'd appreciate it :P

  11. jeepers bru your work is fantastic!

    I haven't seen many modelling reels, but I think your work is good enough to not need those camera tracks. notably in the beginning, they were a little distracting for me (i'm very slow). You also have enough material to only use the very best.

    I agree with RH2, the monkey and santa animations were my favourite !

  12. @Keffertjuh: Basic principle: Start default scene (with cube), add a circle and two armatures. Parent one armature to the cube, assign verts to (default-)bone. Add constraint 'rotation-like' constraint, fill in AR:'the other armature', BO:bone. Now select the other armature, goto editmode, select bone, look for 'display as shape' OB:'type in "Circle"', goto posemode, if you still see the bone, there's a global-armature-option as I recall 'show (bones as) shapes'. Now, rotation of the circle(ergo 'shape') will pass on the rotation to the bone of the 'first' armature... I hope I remembered right...:)

  13. Thank you all for the comments! The good thing about it is every comment here is intent to cheers me up and makes me work better next time. I don't have enough words to thank you all! God bless you all!

  14. You are very talented, mangojambo. Best demo reel for an animator on Blendernation so far. Keep it up!

  15. We really need to see more of that in the community,
    It makes blender shine and prove it worthwhile.
    Keep it up.
    Tutorials? or any books or e-books in the near future?

  16. i wonder if you are a genius or blender is all right
    may be both!
    i don't think that famous animators can do much better than so
    sorry4 my english

  17. I'm not a professional, I haven't finished my demo-reel, I haven't had a 3D job yet. I'm writing lots of text here, but the quantity in this case doesn't imply quality, so take all of this with a grain of salt. Still, I hope some of this will be helpful.

    What I've heard about the making of demo-reels suggest that this is a bit too long. Also, you shouldn't leave the best stuff to the end (the animation in Cherub Crew was lots more interesting than the walkcycles), and that you generally shouldn't show anything BUT the best work. Also, it takes 11 seconds to get to the reel itself. You might want to shorten the logo/walker moment a bit.

    The four great renders in the beginning could have been shown off a bit more. Final image/wireframe/close shots of parts of the models, or something. What you show, people consider hiring you for. The ice cream render(s) would work great in an ad; if that kind of work interests you, SHOW IT OFF!

    The darker lights at 0:34 and 0:36, with the human head, don't work so well IMO. It was a bit too artificial. Unless you're going to light it well (red, flickering fire, for example), it should be left plain. If you left it at a basic all-around light, like it was in the beginning, and added another light (perhaps of a different color) moving around the head, you could have shown off the small shapes and the shadows and so on more easily.

    The rat was great, but the ear-cleaning didn't look like it fitted in with the rest of the animations, for some reason. I think it was because he wasn't moving the ear itself, just "tapping" or "sweeping" along it. It might have looked better if the ear had been affected more. Dog scracthing its ear filmed by a slightly-hi-speed camera:

    The bat went by a bit too fast. If it was difficult to rig (I tried rigging a wing once and had a very hard time, but I was even more of a newb then. It might not be as hard as I remember.), it's worth showing it off a bit more.

    The sheep was GREAT! Especially the fact that the entering and the ending weren't too static. That helped him come alive a bit.

    The truck was shown for a very short moment. It would've been nice to see that one for longer, and the nodes themselves only shown for a short moment. You should emphasize the results you can get, not the amount of work it takes.

    I thought the parkour-like running-towards-a-fence animations were a bit jerky, especially during the original running (2:52). I think it was the run cycle. Also, going through the first fence didn't look very convincing for me, but I couldn't even get close if I tried and I have no idea what of it looks to be off.
    Many of the characters were very Sims-like, as someone mentioned before. I didn't like them, or rather, I liked your stylized characters much, much more.

    The Cherub Crew was fantastic, as I said already. If you'd like to do more of that kind of work, you should put it earlier into your reel. What I've heard of it, people looking for workers look through dozens of reels at once, often muted and with fast-forward, and if it doesn't look good instantly they put it to the "mediocre" pile and check the next one. When they're going through several demo reels, they can only choose the best ones.

    As I said in the beginning, this should be taken with a grain of salt, but I do hope you find some of it useful.

    Janne Joensuu
    studying 3D for games

  18. AllNamesAreRegistered on

    2:13 Holy. Freak'n. Crap. That's alotta nodes!
    And that's precisely what will prevent me from ever becoming anything more than a pipe-dreaming novice.

  19. GothicCyborg64 on

    Wow! that's a nice set of creations you have there.

    You're a great designer Mamgo Jambo. Your demoreel may be long, but it's packed with great works of art.
    I hope you get a job in the industry, you rock!

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