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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. Was just about to post the same 3dtinkerer.
    I like it, Nick did a great job,
    but the resemblance might bring "Lord of the rings rip-off" to mind
    and I'm afraid this might result to bad publicity for the movie.

  2. Christian Storay on

    It won't result in bad publicity. No one is going to think "Lord of the Rings" when they see this. That tree logo isn't even recognizable to most people. Heck, I've seen all three movies and all I thought about was "That better not be Papyrus"

    Just search Lord of The Rings under Google Images. What you see there is what most people think of when they think LoTR. The Sintel design is totally different, Nick did a great job.

  3. I have to be honest, it doesn't really work for me. Nothing in that design tells me anything about the story. Many fantastic designs were entered and this is probably one of the weakest. It feels a little like the 2012 Olympics logo scenario over again, or marmite, people will either love it or hate it.

  4. Although it's nicely done, I'll also chime in as saying it's too LoTR-ish. Nevertheless, congratulations!

  5. Ah yes that one. I liked it but thought it could have a little flash to it. Then again simple and clean is nice too. I still I liked the version of the same logo with the ice background the best.

  6. Keep in mind that the Durian team didn't want the logo to be too complex. They wanted something that could be suitable for all commercial products, shirts, posters, and such. I like it because it's simple.

    Also, if the rest of you want a shirt with a different logo on it, go to and MAKE your own shirt. Stop complaining about the logo, because the movie is gonna be cool no matter what the logo looks like.

  7. It if so simple why the team turn to the community in the first place? this logo is for T-shirt prints and coffee mug.I think it was decided on budget funds not on creative.
    don't complain if the community label blender team "The galaxy quest team"

  8. I happen to love their choice. Its good. Seems a lot of people here have no idea about graphic design. I'm glad both Nick and the Durian team do at least! Would have been a catastrophe if the vocal minority had voted for something really bizarre and stupid - and it got accepted. =)

    Please also remember that this logo is a representation of the movie its self. And since the Durian team has a better idea in this regard than us I'm more than happy to let them choose.


    Forgot to say! The MOST EXCITING part for me in all of this is the fact that the trailer is coming out really soon!!!! YIPPEEEEE!!!!!!!

    Can't wait!

  9. Personally, having thought about it, I now get the woodcut feel and the choice of type, but I think it would be stronger still without the tree symbol, as I feel this element is a little reminiscent of the book industry, and a bit confusing in it's line density (for a logo). The type (with some kerning, tightening of tracking and minor shape adjustments to the S and T) and underline would be quite strong enough on its own due to the line quality of the hand-cut elements. A little bit of constructive criticism is healthy, surely.

  10. I think will work well with still images. Not something I would buy stand alone on a tee though. But thats more due to the ancient style and lack of color in this example I think. On a tee it could use some burning effect orso.
    With the big base it propably works best on the bottom of the poster.
    And I can see a "blender-logo" version work well too. ( tree left, sintel right )

    Cool. Puzzle starts to get finished. Deadline approaching (lol).

  11. Get over yourselves. The logo looks great, as did many other submissions. Congrats Nick, don't let crits get you down, I think it works. It's wrong for us to crit anyway, we are not involved in production and can not visualize how it will tie into sequences.

  12. 'Get over yourselves'. Hmmm. where have I heard that before. There are several separate issues on the go. 1) Yes, the production team do have the final say on these sorts of things, which is quite right, and that final say is quite separate to any opinions posted on this or any other forum. Nothing would ever get done otherwise, so that is sensible. 2) The final submission was posted on this and another open forum, therefore inviting comments as a separate process, the team's way of involving the community. As we are all adults on this, and thus possess our own opinions, not all those opinions will concur, and it is normal and healthy to expect a range of views on any one subject. I'm no fan of flaming or trolling, but a creative forum should tolerate a little dissension otherwise it all ends up as a back-slapping parade which never helps any creative venture. 3) As Blender is taking important steps right into the heartland of professional imaging software, and each production sets higher and higher standards, constructive critical judgement from the community is essential.

  13. hmmm, the kerning is way off, other than that, the type is ok, but would have gone with a stronger typeface, and transfered the characteristics from the chosen type on to the stronger type. Other than that again, i love how you did the rough edgy thing.

  14. @Christian Storay

    I'm sorry but when I first saw the submissions the first thing that came to my mind on that one was:
    "Ummmm, nice and clean but didn't LotR have something similar?" A simple google search was enough to verify it that some LotR fans have even got tattoos of quite a similar design.

  15. sorry for my engrish on

    Yeah, Avatar had a tree in the story, and papyrus font for the name. Too much similarity.
    But i'v hardly seen one movie of Lotr, so if theres something it doesnt bother me personally at all :)

    I liked the version of tree logo, that was similar to a hieroglyph... or a mushroom, or a jellyfish :D
    but dont remember the text under it, was it any good or not.
    And hieroglyphs may make resemblence to other movies so...

    I think if its made Sintel style (put on the brown background and colored dark brown), like someone else has done in the competition, then it looks pretty good, but so does any other logo presented that way.

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