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Ekakiya writes:

Hi!I made a short animation for SICF11(Japanese art event at Omotesando Tokyo).

Here is my post on Blender forum.

I made this animation with Blender2.5A2, used procedural-base rock. Here is the Blend file of procedural-base rock.

Katamari Damacy, anyone? :)

About the Author

Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. Unusual ( demo'ish ? ) and fresh look'n'feel. Excellent works! Congrats.
    Procedural rock ... rocks ;-)

  2. Hey that's one of the most awesome things i've seen animated. makes me feel happy, reminds me of the cool mtv animations when 3d was new and just fun to look at for the sheer fact is was cool new and 3d. =D

    Great job

  3. It's a great reminder that you don't have to make something photo-realistic to make it interesting :) great job!

  4. GREAT!! I like very much the stylisation and also how the music fits! The idea is also good for the short that short.

    More work like this, please! :)

  5. uhm.. why everybody "LOVE" this? I think it's horrible.. because it was made with blender?
    DOnt think it is something to post here. Sorry guys, I disagree with you all...

    SOmeone said: "Hey that’s one of the most awesome things i’ve seen animated"
    Are you serious?????
    It is true it is a ery unique style.. but it isnt a nice style ;).

  6. EMO:
    uhm.. why everybody “LOVE” this? I think it’s horrible.. because it was made with blender?

    No, I think it's good because it's well done. It is graphically appealing and narratively surprising. And it's not something After effectish like the most works seen nowadays or simply a "look at my yellow cube" or "look at my last beartoy animation" thing. Is a weird and beautiful product of japanese traditional style mixed with postmodern decadence.


  7. I second that Raimon.
    This film doesnt need thousands of blah blah's
    And I personally like the concept of the egg at the beginning, at the end
    Sounds like destruction never stops starting with a destroyed egg on a destroyed earth, finishing destroying even the destroyer on a ground that looks like the "destroyed egg" at the beginning of the film.
    I'm more into traditional animation concept but this one looks great. It's simple and speaks loud without words

    Good job

  8. Well since my comment was used by Raimon I may as well clarify. I like what I like, I Like my cartoons because they look different and show me something different than real life. I think you can spend a few years on something with a huge crew and get something like Shrek, or and multi million dollar motion picture.

    That stuff is great and all, but when you think about concepts that are just fun to watch, relatively quick and fun to watch, sometimes i think people can underrated a simpler concept. For example i would totally rather watch this as a commercial than some of the lame 3d i see on tv commercials. (for example i hate the nasonex bee, and some other 3d commercials i don't like).

    The rendering of the ground and the creatures and very fun to look at.

    I don't mean the actual animation is extensive ( it is a walk cycle). I mean the whole video is superb Imo.

    Superb means I watched this video more than once and enjoyed it enough to link this site for others to watch it.

    And I should mention the Music is really perfect.

    Maybe in the end, I just like it because I like it.

    Hey go figure,

  9. Cool animation, i find it very unique and entertaining. I can't see why peope disagree with this its technicly well made and conveys a cool atmossphere. On top of that the artist shared some cool rock procedural with this vid wich is great by itself aready.
    Enjoyed this alot, pull my hat for the maker and say thx for sharing that ressource!

  10. Ekakiya's work is always striving for a unique aesthetic. Certainly, work that smashes so many traditions is unfortunately bound to make enemies.

    Ekakiya's work is always inspiring. He's not afraid to try something new, both conceptually and visually.

  11. Why all the emo-bashing? the landscape elements are quite interesting and a lot of work has clearly been put into this part, but the badly-animated floating particle-hair turd, I'm not quite so sure about. Now, how about a bit of honesty. Not very much time was put into that element. Critical faculties, anyone ?

  12. @MartianR
    No - sorry- it was actually stylistic and pretty good... Help me out, but I didn't read where this said Blender This is just news ("Fresh Blender NEWS, Every day"), not all news is equal- but its news. If you're so eager to give it a movie critic review, maybe you should start your own web-site (and ask for the open-source community to chip in). The issue is NOT critique, but that this isn't really the place for tearing apart work (See the website motto).
    Here are some suggestions: (Forum Software) (US-based, but decent for the money)

  13. @Rez
    Thank you for your response. I respect your opinion regarding the film, even though I disagree over a few elements in it. My post was perhaps a little mischievous response to so many (subjectively, to my mind) overly positive reviews. In my view a little more critique and balance would actually be more useful to the people brave enough to submit work to this site. Creative work needs a bit of challenge now and then.

    You may be right that a more formalised review type area would be a clearer place to critique things, but then I would be confused as to the nature of the format of this page, which is posted work, with a forum thread under it. If this area were indeed just news, then surely there would be no thread.

    I meant no malice in my post. I just think there should be a tolerance to differently held personal opinions, which is basically the content of these community forums. After all, objectivity can be very subjective :)

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