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Blender developer meeting minutes, March 7, 2010


Developer's meeting notes: Need to get good targets for 2.5 beta, additional artists for Durian, micropolygons in the render branch and re-project in trunk, planning for GSOC 2010, and a planned upgrade for the bug tracker so bugs can be searchable.

Ton Roosendaal writes:

Hi all,

Here is the summary of today's sunday IRC meeting.

Next release, 2.5 project

  • Everyone agrees we need a very good target & todo list for the next steps. Ton will work with Matt on a proposal for how to get Blender out of alpha a.s.a.p.
  • It was mentioned that Emmanual Stone waits for review of his Nurbs branch, to get included in trunk. Meeting agrees on waiting with moving this code over until Blender is out of beta.
  • Ton emphasizes that we should be reluctant to add anything 'new' in Blender trunk. All efforts and invitations for help could go to the bug tracker and 2.5 todo list first!
  • Wiki status on 2.5 is highly outdated and confusing. Has to be fixed!

Durian news

  • Pablo Vazquez (Argentina) arrived today in Amsterdam and will join the project for the 2nd half. Dolf Veenvliet will also start here in two weeks, and William Reynish joins the team end of the month! Makes it 10 artists full time in Amsterdam, not counting part timers and online help even.
  • Two very cool new features: Brecht added 'per render-tile subdivision', which gives micropolygon quality displacements. Campbell added a tool to have quick camera-remapping of textures possible, via GIMP even! See for details.

Other issues

  • Google Summer of Code starts again, this week is call for mentoring organizations to apply. Tom Musgrove volunteers to do the application and coordinate the Blender GSoC this year.
  • Blender's bug tracker and projects system will get upgraded, a volunteer from FusionForge will help us with it. Result should be at least that searching in trackers work again!



  1. I wonder what will happened with blender game engine. If it will be still in development or will just die out with all that free UTK- like engines? Anyone have a clue?

  2. Like I wrote on the last developper meeting page, its only now that I'm starting to understand the potential of BGE. Like Naag said above I hope that BGE shall continue to evolve and raise again in quality.
    I'll just like to say a great thanks to the people working for the new Blender. You guys are really doing a great job.

  3. Me siento orgulloso que un latinoamericano (Pablo Vasquez) se codee con los grandes de blender.

    Saludos desde Colombia.

  4. Crowd behavior simulation would be a very nice feature, node based scripting also would be awesome,muscle simulation,connection to external image editing program, that would improve work flow with textures (aka merging blender and image editing program so that you can paint textures in gimp or ps or any other image editing program and they get automatically updated in blender),UV editor adding brushes for smoothing up the uvw's.
    I know that this is not a wish list but I couldn't help it :).
    Blender is by far the best 3d package I've used and I love it really really much. Thank you for all your great work and great ideas.

  5. @turboyoyo

    the boids engine seems to have some new stuff added to it. I don't know how to use all the new stuff, cause no tutorial has been written for it yet, and my efforts to figure it out have failed.

    That said, boids engine isn't all that great for crowds, as complex animation involving many different individuals, as well as getting them to have a good looking walk cycle, would be difficult for boids physics. So crowd simulation would be nice. Maybe intergrade BlenderPeople with all the other scripts?

  6. rickyblender on

    About Nurbs new tools!

    won't be there before out of beta !

    i tough this was supposed at the beginning of beta phase!
    but may be i'm wrong here !

    does it means it wont be there before late this fall or end of the year ?

    hope to see theses new NURBS tools as soon as possible so we can begin to experiment and may be help to debug theses new tools and prepare some new tutorials for theses.

    happy 2.5

  7. claas kuhnen on

    Hope so too that the NURBS will start making it into Blender.

    Everybody who ever worked with good NURBS (not blender)
    should see how much they are great for object modeling.

    This way you can than finally build seriously good cars since
    polygon models cannot produce the same detail and controlled
    surfaces needed.

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