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CVSTOS CTR-S Optimus Time


This project was made around November/December at RGB Prod, a small animation studio in Aubonne, Switzerland, where Olivier and I were working at that moment. Blender was used for most of the project, besides all 3D related stuff it was also used for most of the compositing, some FX were done in After Effects.

My involvement on this project included character design (based on client requirements, storyboard drawing and 3d OGL crappymatic, then moved on to model tweaking and materials/lighting, and finally some compositing for the first few shots and render tests. The rest (and most) of the work is made by Olivier Amrein

The software toolkit for this project included Blender 2.49b, Inkscape, Brender (a renderfarm manager made by Olivier), and After Effects.

Pablo Vazquez


  1. Very nice detail work! I understand that it has a tourbillon, however was the word "mysterious" necessary in that description? It really stopped the flow of the animation when I read that, maybe it was just me... Why not say bi-axial tourbillon, or freeballance tourbillion...the client's marketing dept. is definitely lacking imagination.

    Is the mystery supposed to be why a modern watch has it other than for the pure "gear porn" aesthetic... ;)

  2. nothing much to say.... just that its totally aweasome, its so epic and grand. love the details, camera moves, the render, the animation. good work man!

  3. Wow, close-ups are beautiful. Model looks extremely detailed, some materials are awesome. Overall work is "five stars" IMHO, except camera work, that could be improved a bit (more dynamic to match up the music ).

  4. There're seem all up yur arse..., call me different :)

    The main goal is 'to advertise', I would decline it myself as 'good advertisement'.
    The robot built, is mysterious (and long) and the climax is nothing... and the relation of the watch, the main object being the bigger, better 'timekeeper' doesn't really come across...

    Greetings from Holland,

    And yes, of course there's alot to like as well...

  5. Just a thougt;

    If this is a 'real deal'-commercial... An idea would be to use the time for an action-robot which keeps 'running' against all odds.., and THEN folds to 'a being' watch... That would make a better 'symbolic-equation'.


  6. This is really good.

    Can someone please tell me were to get a copy of the music in this?

    Even the name of the music would help.

    It would be greatly appreciated.

  7. It is a brilliant piece of animation blended with a brilliant perfectly matched piece of music.

    The advert will be noticed.

  8. The music doesn't match the motion at all! Too dynamic and really too loud.

    If blendies can try to not use the "Epic"© word everywhere and anyhow, we could believe to their critics.

    The animation is interesting but the render is quite low.

  9. is there a photo real renderer available for blender? I'd love to try a project with it but every blender project I see has the "CG curse" on it. This looks really cool but far from looking photo real. animation could use a ton of work . its to evenly paced and a bit boring, as far as a commercial not really sure what Im watching " hey look at this cool robot and by the way we also sell watches".

  10. OK, let's get a little reality here. You can't criticize Pablo for the concept of the ad, you can't criticize him for the text at the end, you can't criticize him because you think the music is too loud (none of which I agree with by the way). The modelling and some compositing is his, and I think that's sensational. I'd certainly be proud to have something like it in my showreel.

    As for the commercial itself? Well, the aim of advertising is to grab and hold an audience's attention so that an product sales message can be conveyed. Research shows that the intrigue factor is very effective to this end. And this commercial, if it's nothing else, is intriguing. If it came on during a commercial break I wouldn't get up and make myself a coffee until it was over.

    Putting it another way, as a total project (concept, execution, finish) I like it.

  11. @ jwrl

    I agree fully.

    Anyone critising this work, should produce there own so we can see if it is better.

    This entire concept, execution and music match are extremely good.

    Literally I think the author should pitch his ideas towards Rolex for an advert,

  12. jwrl & nemesis:
    I apologize to the both of you, I wouldn have replied if I read the rule to convey to "only kiss-ass replies, no build critic allowth", now I get why you defend someone who wasn't attacked and pass false allegations('Some critizised Pablo for the concept of the ad?') and I have a better perspective that it would be impossible for e.g. Rolex to critisize their ad before making it public.


    @Nemesis: Whenever you critisize music, OS's or whatever, make sure you add the links to your music, OS or whatever... You do know the other end of good is bad, that must make good also come from an 'expert' as you imply to claim...

  13. I have been a animator for 10 years now, Softimage, Maya, Animation Master and currently use Blender in our work flow. Also have been a Instructor.
    I don't understand what the purpose of posting examples of work here if we are not supposed offer our critiques without the readers getting upset if its not all positive. "You posted a negative remark so show you work?"

    We are viewers and we are asked for our opinion whether we are pros or just testing the 3d waters.

    If people can not take criticism of their work then shouldn't post it. Observations make us better. Bottom line.
    If you getting paid its should be as good as the budget allows.

    Now I like the clip, transformers has been done to death but it still looked good.
    The thing I noticed is the head of the robots head is going through the metal part in his chest.

  14. Liked the concept.
    Loved the animation of all the cogs and parts coming together.
    All the camera movements were spot on except one which was overly slow.
    Rendering was reasonable. Honestly, for a project like this, photorealistic isn't likely the goal.
    Music was awesome. I want that sound track.
    Animation at the end was... disappointing. I wanted something to happen as dynamic and exciting as the build up had been.
    Overall, a nice ad with a great build up, and nice look, that just needed a punchier climax.

    Fab work overall.

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