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Alpha Polaris: a Horror Adventure Game


alpha-polaris-3Alpha Polaris is a point and click adventure by the Finnish studio Turmoil Games.

Lassi Pentikäinen wrote:

Turmoil Games is a Finnish game studio, using Blender for all our 3D graphics and animation. We are currently making our first commercial game and released our site with the first screenshots today.

Here's our press release:


Turmoil Games is excited to announce Alpha Polaris, an upcoming point & click horror adventure game for Windows PC.

In the midst of the snowfields of Greenland lies Alpha Polaris, an American oil research station. High above, the ion storm of the century is gathering, bringing about a strange intermixing of reality and night terrors. It is up to Rune Knudsen, a Norwegian biologist, to take on a desperate struggle against fear and death, and to face the primordial force lurking beyond the veiled sky.

“The heart of the game is its restrained horror setting. It allows us to explore a wide range of human themes in a realistic way: paranoia, isolation, friendship, love and so on. To us, that is the core of a good horror adventure.” says project leader Teemu Vilén.

Main features:

  • Mature, character-driven storyline
  • Streamlined point & click interface
  • Puzzles are an integral part of the story
  • 3D characters in beautiful, pre-rendered scenes
  • 1280 x 800 widescreen resolution
  • Expressive, hand-drawn dialogue portraits
  • Atmospheric soundscape including original soundtrack
Platform: Windows PC
Genre: Point & Click Adventure
Developer: Turmoil Games
Available in: mid-2010

Turmoil Games is an independent Finnish game studio founded in 2008 by a diverse group of media professionals. The team strives to combine years of experience in academic game studies, graphic design and dramatic arts in pushing the envelope in gaming and transmedia storytelling.

About the Author

Avatar image for Bart Veldhuizen
Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. What's sad is all this 'no linux?' whining. These guys made a nice looking game with Blender graphics, and decided to publish it for Windows only. They probably had good reasons for that - developing a game is expensive, and I wonder if developing a separate Linux version would ever earn itself back. You're stealing their 5 minutes of fame with all your complaining.

  2. uuuahhhh!!!!! no linux no open source GTFO"!!!!!!
    For fuck sake not everyone are developing games for linux and all content made by blender is not open source.

    Don't make this to the unity tread pls.

    For the game, I need to see more of it before I bye it, but I do love the genre, will have an eye open in the future. Also nice to see more nordic gamestudios, wish em luck.

  3. What's wrong with you guys? It's already difficult enough to develop a game for one platform, so even worst for an independent studio. It might sound sad, but he has said that they pretend to make a commercial game, and commercially speaking Windows is a far better platform than Linux (ages of distance, not just simply better)

    Nice art Bart, but I would consider omitting the "a Horror Adventure Game". It's way too obvious

  4. great news, I grow up playing these games stuff like monkey island, sam and max and grim fandigo were my favs so it is a bit sad to see this genre of games that I loved fade over the recent years.

    Hope it works out for you guys, for a dude that loved these games I certainly hope so

  5. Agreed with Bart. If a game has been developed just for Win it doesn't mean it's c**p. Enough with people always complaining about the same things. I'm a linux/OSX user too, but I really appreciate the effort that people put when they develop something good for a large part of the market!
    Keep up the good job guys, must be hard to live in Rovaniemi at this time of the year, considering that neither in Helsinki is that easy! :D

  6. The graphic is looking to see more.

    This are the nice sort of discussion were i like to say :..... we should burn down a few homes !!!
    I am a linux and windows user and i agre with bart's second comment.( to make it short )

  7. The screens look very nice - both the 3D and 2D stuff! The theme of the game reminds me a little of Penumbra, which i loved! I'll definately keep my eye on this one!

  8. It would be nice if there's also a GNU/Linux version. I am not stealing anyone fame neither whining. I am looking forward to a GNU/Linux port. The game looks interesting so even a GNU/Linux user want to play.

  9. Oh.. I even never pirate any software. And I used to buy many games ported to GNU/Linux platform since Loki days. But it would be best if the game code is in free software. I am willing to pay for the art part if that actually suite their business model.

  10. @Bart: "Would you buy it if there was a Linux version? Or do you expect it to be free?

    What's with the all the prejudice? Four people expressed their wish to buy and run this game on their
    own platform, but you turned it into "whining". Not one person said that they were in some
    way obligated to make the game run on Linux, they just expressed a wish for it to do so.
    That's really more of a compliment than a complaint, as far as I can see :-|

    I don't think a Linux version would earn itself back either, but don't blame a guy for dreaming.


  11. Come on now, folks, this was about Alpha Polaris not another Windows vs Linux where the fanboys dish out on how their favourite OS isn't getting enough attention. Like sENSER said, if you want to run it and you don't have Windows, use Wine. Or wait for an official port. There's no sense discussing all this here anyway, since its highly unlikely that the game developers are gonna read all this.

    I'm glad (although not at all surprised) that this game got a Windows release, since my PC is running on Vista. Although then again, maybe I should keep my fingers crossed, since this might be one of those rare games that c*** up when you run them on Vista. I haven't personally encountered these games before, but all the reverse-fanboys of Vista keep telling me that its only a matter of time ...

  12. Did you know Finland has the biggest percentage of Windows users of whole Europe both in desktop and server despite it being a home country of Linux kernel and MySQL? So why bother?

  13. great looking game! can't wait to see the finished version.

    I for one am pumped that people are using Blender on a professional level.. this is the start of a revolution.

    Way to go!

  14. This game looks real tight.
    They don't make the adventure style games like "they" used to, so it's awesome to see that people are willing to bring the genre of solid-story into the 3D realm still.

  15. Congrats, it's nice to see a favorite genre popping up again. I hope you guys do well :)

    Also very nice to see Blender gaining momentum in the gaming industry. Figure it's just a question of time before a lot of the bigger studios make the switch, even if it's just for economical reasons.

  16. Hi, and thanks! Actually we developers DO read these comments. :) All feedback is important.

    About Linux: We are a small studio of only 5 people. We focus on high quality content and we sadly don't have the resources to code our own game engine. This is our first game and we decided to use Wintermute as our engine because it helps us to focus on content over technology: story, gameplay, graphics, sound world and athmosphere and so on. Wintermute is a Windows only engine, and we can't help that. sENSEr pointed out that Wintermute is Wine compatible: I hope that's the case, we haven't tested in Wine yet.

    I understand the enthusiasm for Linux and open source. I'm a big Blender fan myself and I've also been a Linux user for several years, even doing commercial work in Linux. I really hope someday we will have a game engine that can publish for Linux too.

    The Thing was one source of inspiration, yes. And about Last Winter movie, thats a funny one: We heard of the movie AFTER our script was already done. So we rented it and watched it with the whole team... The setting was scaringly similar at some points! :) But after all, our story is a completely different one.

    And for Jessy about a Mac version: Actually, we will probably use Unity for our next title. :)

  17. looking great already:)
    i love adventure games and this one really looks interesting and cool..hope it will have a cool story and interface:)
    anyway great work and good luck with this project!
    best regards!

  18. Nice!
    As a fan of adventure games, I'm looking forward to it although I'd have to see more of the game (trailer/screencapture?) before I decide whether to buy it or not. A demo version would also be nice so we would know if the game starts in Wine (it does not seem so if you look up "Wintermute Engine" in Wine's AppDB, but those records are a bit I hope it does!)

    I there was a Linux version, I wouldn't hesitate to buy it :)
    (I try to support developers who makes games for Linux whenever I can ;)

  19. Hello to all. Its great to see that Blender is being used to make commercial games. I know its not the first one but still quite exiting. All the best to the Turmoil dudes. Waiting to see a little ingame video. Anyone one knows if there is any commercial game out there which uses BGE??

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