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First Blender 2.5 Tutorials?


addbutton7bAre you trying to get the hang of the rearranged 2.5 User Interface? These tutorials offer some help.

Blender Guru: Where'd that button go?

Andrew Price wrote:

I noticed a lot of people were having trouble finding some of the commonly used buttons in Blender 2.5, so I've written a comprehensive guide to the interface changes titled: Where'd that button go?

Totally Blended: Surviving Blender 2.5 Alpha

Adam writes:

Hey Bart, I made some observations and workarounds for the beta release. I hope this comes in handy for all, I got past most issues.

About the Author

Avatar image for Bart Veldhuizen
Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. i think the first wave of tutorials must be in the same key, just to help making the migration as gentle as possible :)
    thanx to Andrew

  2. joshw: Not in the form of 2.4x. But that's not to say the capabilities of radiosity (ie. GI) won't be back, in some other form.

  3. The initiative deserves a kudo :)

    Is there any official page for this though or a wiki at Or could this page be integrated in some official documentation?

    Such changes are not trivial and should at least be well documented I think.

  4. If it's a choice between work on bringing old radiosity back and work on other things like final gather, global illumination, photon mapping, screen space GI (probably my favourite node in the history of awesome) and so on, the choice seems fairly clear to me.

    Thanks for the tuts. :)

  5. Cool tuts. I really think that this kind of post should probably be formalized and either be included as a PDF with the installer or as a link to an online resource in the 2.5 splash screen, because I'm sure there are many blender users that don't visit bn or bg to find it.

    I agree with Ben on the SSGI, especially if they can get it to work in the GLSL viewport :D, but I'm doubtful that it will replace a proper GI engine, as you'll be missing out on a lot of scene information. As a preview tool it'll be great.

  6. I haven't used radiosity in about 3 years and I'm actually surprised people want it back! Surely Luxrender surpasses it in every way possible?

  7. man, totally nothing about emulate numpad...
    I'd gotten through pretty much everything and I was getting used to it...
    withOUT switching views on the keyboard!
    I was like, moving the mouse to the view button, then clicking view numpad 0, oh man....

  8. pfannkuchen_gesicht on

    the new GUI of Blender 2.5 B0 is a bit buggy.
    sometimes when I want to scroll along the panel with middle mousebutton the font suddenly gets huge...
    what the heck is it doing?

  9. Does anyone know if "Invert mouse wheel" option for Zoom will return!?
    After 8 years working that way, now it annoys a bit wanting to zoom in and obtaining a zoom out... but is a habit thing I guess :)

  10. Thanks for the info - very helpful.

    I'm pretty annoyed by the spacebar to shift-a thing, but this isn't the best place to complain and I should probably figure out how to remap it...

  11. Can someone help me with how to set up background images properly Please. I know i have to open the image in uv editor. i'm having problem setting up two views with two different images(front and right). This is making my hair fall off, Please help and thanks in advance

  12. Just some other Tom on

    Any chance most of the additional features, minus the layout overhaul, can be ported to 2.49x? Having to relearn the blender basics and interface is much too time consuming.

    I primarily bailed from other products because they had this style of wasted space interface. perhaps if 2.5 could be set to make use of multiple monitors (but isn't that against the core "non blocking interface" ideas?) I could adjust quicker, but having to resize everything constantly or scroll down the long list.

    Once someone mimics the 2.xx series layout perhaps it might be useful.

    maybe I go to school for genetic engineering I'll look at the RNA stuff and try to decide if I can make 2.5 work, forever stick with 2.49, or start looking into shelling out lots of cash and switch to another program.

    I ALMOST managed to get it set up nicely on dual monitors by changing window type on a render window, but as soon as you render it converts back. It was almost going to be useful.

  13. @Just some other Tom:

    You know the upper-right and lower-left corner where you click and drag to split a window or join it to another? Hold Shift when you do that and it will duplicate that Blender window into another separate operating system window that you can put on your other monitor.

    You can also press Ctrl-Alt-W to duplicate all the current Blender windows into a separate operating system window.

    And no, they're not going to put new features in 2.4x. When we get the final 2.6, or maybe even sooner, there will be UI scripts and keymaps available to bring 2.5 closer to what you're used to.

    You sound like you're just overall not liking the direction Blender is going. It makes no sense to say that you'd rather spend hundreds of dollars AND learn a new program's UI than to learn 2.5's new UI.

  14. I watched the interface and I really like and I started getting used to, there are things I do not understand but good is a matter of time, would be very good to document everything and what is keyboard space.

    I think this new version makes it much more intuitive management tool, at least for beginners.


    Estuve mirando la interfaz me gusta mucho y ya empece acostumbrarme, hay cosas que no entiendo pero bueno es cosa de tiempo, seria muy bueno que documentaran todo y en espacial lo que es teclado.

    Creo que esta nueva versión hace mucho mas intuitivo el manejo de la herramienta, por lo menos para los principiantes.

  15. That's a first tutorial ! and that also the first thing to do when entering 2.5 :D
    So great for that editable shortcuts table !

    that a new life for blender, and we see it born ! a legend...

  16. Why was the Add Objects button changed from Space Bar to Shift + A anyway? Once you knew what it did the old Space Bar way was the most intuitive out of all the 3D Apps I've used.
    Looking at Blender 2.5's interface is like going home from work to find that you house has been totally remodeled. It looks awesome but you have no idea where you room is now. lol
    It will certainly take some getting used to especially since I was a noob to Blender 2.49 to begin with.

  17. Those will be very useful =D

    For those people who are complaining that space bar switched to shift + A, apparently shift + A was add in the previous versions as well. This search function will be extremely useful in the future =)

  18. @XeroWolf Blender has used Shift-A for the add menu since at least v1.5. That is the oldest manual I have for Blender. And I don't see the Space bar mentioned there at all. (I could have just missed it.)

    @rogper You can remap the scroll wheel in File>>User Preferences>>Input Map:View3D view3d.zoom and view3d.zoom (yes, they seem to have the same name) I set the top one to 'Wheel Down' and the bottom one to 'Wheel Up' and all is better :)

  19. Anyone know a way to turn off the texture interpolation in viewport? In 2.4x turning off mipmaps helped, but not anymore. Can't figure out a way to do it and it's really only thing holding me back.

  20. Does any one know if the button (') which is the same as the question mark (?) is occupied with something!?
    I mapped the Add menu back to the (space bar) and attributed to the (?) button the search menu.

  21. Is there a way of zooming out the buttons like in previous versions? These buttons are huge!

    By the way, I just realised that you can do Euler rotation keys as opposed to quaternions - thanks dudes!

  22. @dyebon: After opening the textures in the UV editor, switch to your view and press N for properties. There should be a tab for background image which you check. Then you can select the image from the field below it. I myself didn't know until you mentioned opening the image in the UV editor first, so I thought I'd return the favor.

  23. This is awesome but...the select object command (apple+lft click)doesnt work on my (and a few friends)macbook osx 10.4.11..any ideas why..and if so..where in the user prefs can I change it.

  24. @Jryvn Hey Dude I Got The Background Option In Properties... That Is Under Option "N" But Im Not Able To Import The .Jpg File From The Folder........So Please Can U Reply Be A Step By Step Procedure To DO This....Coz Im Really Stuck With It And No Other Tutorials Shows This.....Please Help Me....

  25. i have large scene with about 40 characters and i open it up in 2.5 .. now when i tried to find missing externel data for texture ...i went to the path and press find missin files then save the file and close it ... and when i open it .. it has no textures till.... any idea? is that bug?

  26. when i press numpad0 key and go into camera view, im having trouble seeing anything, place the cam in front of the object and still the object seems to be missing. blender 2.5. pls help.

  27. 4 anyone who is still having problems with background images for references.

    This is for Blender 2.55 Beta

    pres N to bring up the properties tool bar, scroll to to background images, Add new image --press this and you get a new box-- you can tell Blender what view you want the image Side/Front view, <-- above this option is a little arrow and the words Not Set (click the arrow) now you see that there is an option to add your image, click the Open button to open the file viewer. Now HERE is where I had issues. Widows 7 likes to hide files in libraries so I could not see the images in mydocuments\mypictures so I made a folder on the C: drive. Im sure there is probably a way to get around that with a windows setting, but Im more interested in learning about Blender than my OS!

    One more thing you will not see your image in perspective view. You will need to be in Ortho ( your current view is indicated for you on the top left corner of your 3D view port) press 5 NumPad to change the view. Also 1 NumPad will get you the FRONT view and 3 NumPad will get you the Right view. CTRL 3 NumPad will get you the Left view and so on.

    Hope this helps anyone out there!!!

  28. Hi,
    I don't found export m3g file in blender 2.57b, where is it? Have file 3d for java game without m3g file? please tell me, thanks!

  29. I'm a beginner on

    I have problem with blender 2.57b I can't import background image.First i launce blender and the i press N i scroll down and found background image i press add but there no new window open that should give me to choose the directory of the image.Please help me.
    And can any1 give me a tutorial about blender 2.57b.

  30. @ I'm a beginner, I was also having the same problem with blender 2.57b, but I have followed KernelCorn's instructions on importing background images and they work.
    @KernelCorn thanks a lot.

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