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Lighting in Blender - Tutorials


enlightenedNodes"Kroni has been working on some lighting tutorials and has published two. The lighting setup is done with blender's internal render engine."

the 1st tutorial is the basic of lighting


The second tutorial is about internal lighting.


"The result is awesome and showcases the real power of inter engine with good setup."
abhishek gupta


  1. A little confused. This is specific to Blender 2.4xx and soon out of date?

    Yafaray allows for a linear workflow, setting input and output gamma accordingly before rendering so no need for gamma hacks?

    Blender 2.5 + Colour Management allows for a linearised workflow of lights, textures everything. So no need for gamma / curves hacks either.

    Sorry, maybe I misunderstand, nice looking tutorial but is the process correct?

  2. I've seen the 1st article before, i liked it a lot, helped me achieve a nice setup quite quickly to play with.

    Will look at the 2nd one once I get home :D



  3. Hey,

    just wanted to point out that the yafaray part is still work-in-progress (will update it soon-ish).
    BlenderArtists thread:

    Tutorials are meant to work with blender as it is today (actually, some time ago, i posted the 1st tut. back in march 2008).
    As for gamma correction, yes, You can set gamma for Yafaray (and I do) but it's much easier to tweak it in post-pro without having to re-render. The same goes for any other color adjustments (not hacks ;)).
    And for Blender 2.5, it's nowhere near release. When it gets released, most of the features will be the same as current Blender, because everything has to be ported to 2.5 first, before adding new features. So the process wont get obsolete.
    Finally, I wouldnt look at my tutorials as "Lighting in Blender 2.49rev21419e" ;) I try to show the general workflow having limited functionality (no GI for example). It can be applied to any version, even any other software which can do area lights and AO (and cant do GI probably ;)).

    greets and thanx for including the tutorial here
    - Kroni

  4. Kroni,

    Nice tutorials!

    Your technique will still be valid as in it can still be done in 2.5, however 2.5 already has Color Management. You just have to turn it on. So hopefully no more need for nodes.


  5. He forgot about hemi lights, which is the one I was looking forward to seeing. It's the only light that I'm not sure of a use for, or what makes it different from sun.

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