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Mite 1Hello! Last year I made Da New Guys: For The Winnings, and now I've finished Mite! - a short sci-fi comedy about an alien invasion gone wrong.

It was shown at the end of the Suzanne festival at BConf this year which was great for me to see it on the big screen. I've also written a short "making of" on

Blender Artists:

Hope people enjoy it, and I'll be back with another one next year!

-chris burton


  1. great animation! very fluid and smooth. i liked the story as well. the only critique i would make is the modeling detail, hair, and lighting could've used a bit more work, but otherwise, i was pleasantly surprised :) good job


    love the animation and the humour, everything fits very well together...the gags are real it when the alien collided with the bird and all the stuff ..
    brilliant lil movie....

    gotta love the fat bully theme..tho he's used very often for a sort of menacing character, guess thats just his purpose in cg:D

  3. Ha ha ha ha ha... !!!

    Congrat's Chris and Team!!!

    That's brilliant story telling!!!

    Yes there are minor aesthetic improvements that could be made, but they didn't distract from the story.

    The story was scintillating, succinct, and solid!

    Well done!!!

    My only critique would be that it would be nice if you could show a shadow over the boy and street - from the clouds - as if this was from the UFO when it is landing, but instead it would turn out to be from the cloud. But, of course, the UFO could appear to come out of the cloud... as the birds at the end fly almost into it, and show the difference in scale between the two. It'd be a nice way to convince us that the boy may be as initially confused too - that the UFO could be huge (as some say they are in 'real life' =). A second trick could be the shadow over the UFO after the cloud has cleared - but from the boy as he is about to stomp on it.

    But this is a minor critique, a very subjective one, and doesn't degrade what a great story you have told.

    Your team has made by far one of the best short animations I've seen in a long while!

    It wouldn't be out of place as an intro Pixar short before a main animated film screening.

    I hope you are starting your own Pixar studio or putting this on a reel to get a job there - I'm sure they'd love it.

    Brilliant work!!!

    Thanks for making it and sharing!

    ( I'm out of exclamation marks now :)

  4. Great work, Amazingly from time to time we see animations made in Blender much better of what we very often watch on TV....This one is one of them that could easily fit in any 20 minutes ( with commercials ) TV show for kids. Great work 5/5 !

  5. Very well done! The modeling was not that great and the detail in the scenes was not so good, but all that said it was entertaining and very well executed from a directing standpoint.

    Job well done!

    Goes to show how a story, proper camera work and good audio/music can make a film. Special FX cannot make a bad story good!

    Again, well done!

  6. I usually start looking at effects, animation ect, etc.
    But now I have to watch it all over again.
    Got me watching the movie, story & laughing.
    Very entertaining & professional.


  7. gr8 1 after a long .. i saw a movie done in blender like this ... i mean everything is better enough ....awsome animation but output is looking like viewport why so?

  8. for me it's perfect this way; burton.... mmmhhh... like tim burton! mars attacks!
    but now i want a prequel and a sequel!
    the prequel: the other planet with the bad hero (a teddy boy? a loser?) who decides to be our conquistador
    the sequel: he finds his spaceship, makes it fly and tries to explain to the other green men how hard is to play with a child!
    now get the oscar award and pay me for these ideas!

  9. Great animation, music and camera/ editing work! Nice flow!

    Visuals could have needed some more compositing/ color correction for eye pleasure, but rest is very good. I think the pictures seemed a bit flat sometimes. Although there was depth of field, the image seemed to have similar overall brightness and color composition in fore- and background. The main character's skin could have been a bit more greenish to seperate him stronger from the background. Just look at pixars "lifted": in the UFO there is little space and details, but the separation of fore- and background works through the color-/ detail contrast of flat background to the round head structures that are accented by the lighting. In your movie it seems more blended, which may be realistic, but not so nice for the eye.

  10. Hi!
    I've enjoyed very much DNG:FtW :) as also this one!
    Impressive how fast you made it!
    Great Work, I'm anxious to see what comes next. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Wow! What great feedback - thanks everyone!

    This project was a really big learning curve for me, I learnt a huge amount, so I'm glad it payed off. But it's even better to get honest, constructive criticism and for that I'm hugely grateful. I now know what areas I need to work on and hopefully my next film will be a lot better.


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