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Buckets Of Blood Available for Windows and Mac OS


VimeoA while ago we posted about a game 'Foreign Legion : Buckets of Blood' which was nearing completion. Now the team are happy to announce that both a windows and mac version are available to buy!

Creative Director of Sakari Games, Pepijn Rijnders, writes:

Hello there,

A while ago I notified you about our game Foreign Legion : Buckets of Blood.
And to give you an update we are happy to announce that it's available for mac
and pc. The mac varsion can be found on gametreeonline the pc version on steam.

ALL animation, modeling and texturing is done with blender :)


There's a video up of the game in action, but we must warn that the video and game itself contain a large amount of violence and other themes which may offend some people, so if you don't like it, don't watch it. ;)

Make sure to check out the blog article as well.



  1. What you mean is “Buckets of Blood Available for Windows and Mac OS”.

    Please don't spread this ludicrous propaganda - Macintosh is a personal computer brand, a PC! Many different operating systems can be installed on a Macintosh PC or any other PC, but this game runs only Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

    I, as a GNU/Linux user cannot play this game no matter the kind of PC I use.

  2. True, pilot has a point Bart. But we know what you mean. It's the other people less experienced that might not.

    Unless this Linux PC can run it?

  3. This is old news but thanks for finally submitting it :)

    And thanks for showing the world once more that Blender is also an excellent software for game models and animation.

  4. Pretty cool game, and cheap too. I downloaded the Mac version of the game. I do sorta miss Blender, but my college uses Maya, so yea. Gundam, i feel for you about the Linux user, as I used an ubuntu PC for a while, I am sorta sad though that I left it in VA when I came to florida. But the sentence you quoted doesn't say "PC" at all, just that you can run it if you run Windows or OS X.

  5. Sorry, but I don't like the idea that you make this crap known even if it's made with Blender. Just shows that you can rerun the brainless atrocities of US troops in muslim countries if you feel like it.

    When I helped to "free" Blender from its commercial roots I didn't imagine that it'll be used one day to produce such brainless shit.

    Sorry, but I had to counter your "news" with this personal statement, Bart. Would you like to have your child "playing" this game in the years to come ?!?

  6. Alex Delderfield (AD-Edge) on

    I see what you mean, the title has been updated. Its written in an identical way, to how I originally had it, on their blog, but I changed it here anyway.

    Check the author of this article.
    Bart wasnt responsible for writing it. :p

  7. I didn't like it as it was announced on BN, and after watching the video I still don't like it (thx for the warning though ;) ).

    The main reason was discussed already ( but now as it is finished I could add that I neither like most of the textures nor the animations. The movement and controls look choppy, too.

    Sorry, but solely the fact that blender was involved doesn't make me go "hurrrrray!"...

  8. @gundampilot - actually, in the gaming world PC is synonymous with Windows. Go to any game store and check out the platform tags - X-Box, PSP, PS3.... PC-DVD. It's not propaganda, it's simply the way things are and the way things will stay until Linux has a far more than it's current 1% marketshare.

    "I, as a GNU/Linux user, refuse to play this game as it's developers won't release their work in a format in line with my political beliefs"
    Fixed it for you.

    @Game devs: Looks like fun! Would be interested in how your pipeline works.

  9. After reading some reviews of the game, I was glad I didn't download it for cash.

    All the articles refer to it as a small demo, which you can finish in 10 minutes...A downloadable demo would be a better idea, so people get an idea of the game, but as the reviews say: this IS a demo...
    But, it looks nice and spreads the word of Blender, so small thumbs up

  10. I think it's also available on Steam for those who prefer a secured payment option (as secure as can be with Windows anyway...), with the added bonus that it will always be available for download if the original publisher happen to disappear, god forbid.

  11. Sorry Bart and Alex, I'm just used to everyone picking on Bart when something is wrong with the articles. I thought maybe it was some sort of ambiguous term used for all submission errors. :)

    Also CorsairX, too bad they always list the minimal requirements, thus invoking Windows as legally required. Otherwise I'd start calling customer service and asking why my bright and shiny PC can't play this here PC game.

  12. Whomever is taking my comments down please stop it. I'd rather read what people have to say wheter i agree with them or not than for them to be censored. All these debates are interesting in their own ways and they always die down in a day or two when the next article pops up anyway. So please leave the comments up.

  13. @Icono: no problem, I'm used to it ;-)

    @random: we don't censor, but we do have a spamfilter. I checked but couldn't find any of your messages in the spam queue though.

  14. Watching the game play trailer I have to say it reminds me of Serious Sam, but Lego sized or something.

    The rocket launcher seems to be a very soft launch, which, I'm sure, the troops would appreciate.

    There are several comments about this being anti-Arab, but the local only seems Arabic, the 'other team' seems to be a generic figure in either a red cap or a another cap. Perhaps some of the dispute is a little 'knee jerk'?

    On another note, I too am carrying the banner of Windows != PC. Macs are PCs. Ubuntu runs on a PC. PC = Personal Computer. Microsoft is trying to make the equivalency. Lets not give into the propaganda.


  15. Campbell Barton (ideasman42) on

    Good to see its released, even if you don't like blood-thirsty games thanks to these guys some animation FBX bugs were fixed for 2.49b, it all helps to iron out bugs & glitches.

  16. Ironic how people shoot down productions with more talent and skill than they can hope to achieve in the next 5 years.

    I think its very professional.
    It just reflects the market.

    all I see is a bunch of low polygon meshes, clever UV mapping, good texture understanding, red sprites...
    What's wrong with that?

  17. *
    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S
    1. Are there any Arab or racist references in the game, at all? No?
    2. Is it not a noble mission to defend the people of a village? No?
    3. Do most of those that knock this game have experience making better? No!
    So rather than knock the Sakari team about the content, quality, or even length of this game...
    try congratulating them for doing what you probably haven't managed to do - ever.
    It may be a little 'bad taste' in the amount of blood, but it appears to have a comical element to its style - the lego like characters, the OTT amount of blood, and the game title. (I like the Team Fortress cartoonish quality.)
    I doubt the game was designed to evoke hatred for any nationality, creed, ethnicity or whatever.
    It was probably made for the same reason most of us want to get a first game out...
    so we can make better once we have learnt dev tricks, built a market, and made some money back.
    Peter Jackson's first film was a 'splatter flick' called 'Bad Taste'.
    But now he has the money to make a movie like 'The Lovely Bones'.
    This achievement may someday allow them to afford to evolve to become Peter Jacksons of gaming.
    This is what we should hope the democratisation of 3D and gaming via Blender helps achieve.
    So put aside whatever you think of such cliche style games... this one appears to be harmless.
    The only damage to Blender and the world will be from people who discourage others to invent.
    Try making a game of this quality yourselves or one with what you consider to have more politically correct content.
    Until then, it is you who knock this game down for cliche but irrelevant 'reasons' who are the 'hate mongers'.
    Someday there will be so many games made from Blender - the growth trend is just popping now - that we wil see games with truly questionable political and moral content.
    Until then, put away your guns, and congratulate this team for bringing a new product showing off what Blender and human willpower can achieve.
    Team Sakari deserves a salute from the Blender community - not a bullet.

  18. I am sad to say that once again I am disappointed in some of the Blender community.
    Open Source does not mean that your political or personal views can be imposed on others.
    Nothing in the blender license saying that you can persecute others for what they make with blender.
    I understand you have a right to your opinions, but please be civil. If there is one thing that will destroy blender and all that goes with it the actions of the community will be that thing.

    Team Sakari has done a good job. Congratulations.

    @Bart & Alex - I see nothing wrong with reporting on blender and related news. Thanks for all your hard work, I don't know how you do it.

  19. @ wolfram

    "Just shows that you can rerun the brainless atrocities of US troops in muslim countries if you feel like it." As opposed to the muslim atrocities in muslim nations or non-muslim nations, or so not to appear nearly as racist as you, any OTHER atrocities comitted by some nations military in some (insert race/sex/religion) country.

    "When I helped to "free" Blender from its commercial roots I didn't imagine that it'll be used one day to produce such brainless shit."

    Yes, because a computer animation/modeling/all the other things it does carry so much importance in this world. Images telling a story. BFD! Just so you know there are a heck of a lot of folks out there right now who could describe 95% of the work done in movies, tv, animation, as "brainless shit"

    "Sorry, but I had to counter your "news" with this personal statement, Bart. Would you like to have your child "playing" this game in the years to come ?!?"

    sorry but I had to counter your "personal statement" with someone else's "personal statement" filled with plenty of "scare quotes" and inconvenient facts.

    You have your opinion, hating an entire nation for what some here do and projecting that hatred onto a game that has NO mention of that nation. Pretend it doesn't exist, ignore it, it will go away.

  20. Alex Delderfield (AD-Edge) on

    Wow, so much hate towards this game! :(

    Thanks for your comment Ajelico.

    @ wolfram
    "Bart. Would you like to have your child "playing" this game in the years to come ?!?"

    Im not sure about how Bart feels about the topic, but I certainly wouldnt mind letting my children play this game (not that I have any yet). But growing up I played many games far worse than this, like for example GTA with all its violence, drugs and sexual references. And I turned out fine, all my friends tell me I'm one of the nicest people they've met. I say I would be fine with my children playing it because they would be brought up, like I was, to know the difference between reality and games.

    Now if you cant appreciate the game itself, at least look at all the hard work which has gone into it. How often do you see a small team of game designers finish and sell a game using Blender for the majority of the 3D work? Theres not many people out there doing it, and this might encourage other people, showing them its possible. Its good to see someone getting there. And they've even helped Blender develop as Ideasman pointed out, I wasn't aware of that.

    Personally I look forward to seeing what these guys come up with next, and on behalf of all their hard work and professional skills using Blender, I will proudly post articles on their future work! :)

    Good stuff guys.


  21. @ysvry

    Is that why I just got my second mac in 6 months. I do believe I am in my right mind, I don't consider myself insane or anything. At least this game wasn't released for just Windows. The more cross-platform games the better.

  22. @Darrin

    Nah, it's from when Microsoft helped "IBM compatible PCs" dominate the market with DOS/Windows. Back then, Macs and IBMs were actually pretty different (not so much now), and when you bought one or the other, you often got either Mac OS or DOS/Windows. After a while, people just started associating Windows with IBM compatible PCs, or just "PC" for short.

  23. Hi my name is Herman and I am from South Africa Kreursdorp (close to key west mall). I want to form a team to create a PC game using Blender GE. If you are interested to join me please send me an E-mail at [email protected]. It doesn’t matter if you are totally new to game designing. As long as you have a passion for 3-D designing and gaming!

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